Saturday, January 29 there's no tomorrow~!

Hey! My kid bro can cook...! And not just silly Maggi or Tea/Coffee, but proper food - glorious food. Boy, am I glad. :D

I found out last night when he prepared the spread that included "Kadhi" (the one with besan dumplings not the lazy papad or aloo one!) with steamed rice topped with cucumber, tomato and sprouts salad.

He made it all using the recipe book that he got from India. When I had seen it in his stuff and given him an amused look, he had said, "I don't know anything in this book but I read it on the plane and it sounds not that bad!"

I found this great blog with yummy recipes, Shiok's Site. I'm trying to prepare a collection of such similar or other various sites in the "Good Stuff" section of my blog. Lets see as the lists grows...

Suraj is in the kitchen again make 'Poha'.

:) Boys.. can you cook? huh?
Girls... are you suffering with saucepan-phobia??!

P.S. Oops! Sorry Madhu, hey all, the blog is called "Chef's Notes" not Shiok's Site! :D


Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

I love cooking when I am in the mood. I can cook Butter Chicken (yummmy), Aalo ki sabzi, Dal, Chawal and even I try new things from receipe books and websites. I generally goto for my receipes. It has receipes mostly by NRIs, so the stuff is easier to find around here. What will I make tonite..hmmm...I invented a recipe...sausage with scrambled eggs...yummy...

Take care

Nupur said...

1 Boy - 0 Gals

@Ricky: Good on you! I think most boys overseas learn to cook, and they are good it it too!! :D
You invented sausage and eggs??! I find that hard to believe..but you can have your 15secs. of fame!


Ricky said...

Boys always win, what are you talking about gal...ha ha (kidding but true...). I mean sausage and egg you can buy everywhere..right?...but they cook it seperately. I mix it when I am scrammbling my eggs...which makes it more exciting mix...;)


manuscrypts said...

the only thing i can cook up are stories.. dont know if that counts :)

Kaps said...

i hv 9 days n nites to learn mom wil teach me. I NEED TO LEARN!!..
i can make tea..and maggi..
do i hv a future?...umm a bright one?

Gaurav said...

I can cook maggie..prepare tea..i can make rice, pulao,aalooo ki sabzi..Bachelor's Poha..Fundoo dal fry..thats it..
cool na???

Anonymous said...

Do let me know how the recipes turn out.


Madhu (Ze Chef)PS: The blog is called "Chef's Notes" ;)

Nupur said...

@Ricky: hoho! Too much confidence insn't good for ur health!
Well...good for you. I wouldn't know whether eggs+saus. is good ot not coz i'm a veggie! But u enjoy! ;)

@Manu: :D Wah~! And you are too good at that. So... ummm.. but sorry that is not considered food for palate! Food for thought may be...

Nupur said...

@Kaps: Oh man! You surely need to learn..otherwise if maggi and tea become your staple shall surely disappear!
But I'm sure once you get the hang of the chopping board and the frying'll be googling for recipes from around the globe! Kapil? ;)

@Maverick: Good on you mate! You abt to turn pro?! :)
Dal fry and pulao sounds when u inviting us?

3 Boys - 0 Gals

Nupur said...

@Madhu: Yes Sir! Will do..!!

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Aree you don't know it's a big scam...sausages are actually vegetarian...ha ha...*wink wink*...

Ricky - The scam buster

Nupur said...

@Ricky: You Serious??! :D
Nahi... don't pull my leg mate! I think I'm tall enuf~!
You have the choice...for your career. One day if you wake up and realise that u hate ur work, just turn over and become a 'chef'!! ;)
Good naa??!

w00t? said...

Can Cook:

Maggi - it always takes more than 2 minutes, am gonna sue them sometime.

Tea - with sugar, without sugar and also with Equal (sugar free sugar.)

Rice - If instructed

More Info

Nupur said...

@GSharma: Hey! See what I mean...Maggi and Tea. So what happens when you are home-alone and there's no one to cook for ya??!
Cooking is the most important survival skill for 'man'kind!!

Ok...4 Boys - 0 Gals. said...

Even I can cook little bit, and I guess I got to take cooking classes from mom…. before… I decide for my Masters lol…..

I guess people probably become expert cook who …..go for further studies and have to do the cooking …

Nupur and that uni I asked about earlier was not central queensland .. its UQ uni of queensland Brisbane one…
and thanks for stopping by my Blog

w00t? said...

"when you are home-alone and there's no one to cook for ya??!
Cooking is the most important survival skill for 'man'kind!!"

Find a good (or may be a bad) resturant, nahi to santoshi maa ka varat.

QuaTros said...

Hey QuaTros cooks some stuff too! I've tried my hand on stuff ranging from simple sambar(using the sambar powder stuff) to pepper chicken,thai prawns,caramel custard! ;-) And yes,Madhu's site rocks. I am inspired to try out some of the stuff he has recommended! :-)

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Yea, I was very serious, just give it a (I am being sarcastic here...ha ha). Well I would'nt had pulled your leg but I am a big fan of "tangdi"(punjabi for chicken's leg-piece). Sorry, bad joke. Chef and me...why do you wanna bankrupt some


Nupur said...

@Puneet: Guess you're right... and even if you don't take classes from ur mom, and go away for ur post-grad you will somehow, eventually 'learn' it.
Majboori sab sikha deti hai!!! ;)

Abt UQ, unfortunately I haven't heard much abt it. Its also probably because I'm in a different state. Tho' I have a friend there, may be I'll ask them.

@GSharma: Maata ka varat!!! :D
You sure must have got all your wishes by now then...! Ain't it?

Nupur said...

@Quatros: Wow! We have a winner here! Sambar, Pepper chicken, Thai prawns and Caramel custard!!! You have to invite me to your place....ofcourse after you practise a few more veggie dishes that is!! ;)

@Ricky: Fine! :D But remember it can always be an option!! You could call it 'Rick'uisine!
...I know my joke is worse!!

5 Boys - 0 Gals
Take it away boys! You win.

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Thanx for telling me that it was a joke....phew...I could have taken it seriously ;)


Nupur said...

@Ricky: :D

Anbu said...


Gaurav said...

Gals have not opened their account yet...
Guys only guys are cooking these days!!

Nupur said...

@Anbu: Ok...for what??!

@Maverick: I know! Either they are too busy in their kitchen's or 'khana banaana to door' they are too lazy to even comment!!!

sanaja said...

hey..I can cook (and yes they are edible). Although I have to admit the guys I know cook much better...and bro cooks awsome ...He used to try out new stuff, while I never stepped into the kitchen..Coming to U.S made me learn cooking (couldn't stand junk food for too long)...My first semester consisted of boiling vegetables and adding all the masalas i had..hehe

Nupur said...

@Sanaja: :D Well... we cant stay away from the kitchen for too long can we??!
And that is the easiest and the best trick - 'Boil and Fry'. Some great dishes like Sambhar and Daal fry originate from that method! ;)

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