Monday, January 24

Vrrrrooooommm! In a real car.

I love the Carting game on my XBox, especially using the steering wheel and accelerator/break thing... very real(yeah!) and thoroughly entertaining.

But..when it comes to real life, the last time I drove something with wheels was more than 5 years ago, in India. I had my own Bajaj Spirit - deep red in color. For those who haven't heard the name, it was your typical girlie, Sunny type bike. I used to go to my IIT coachings in that. Made some great friends *smiling, thinking of those times* because of that bike.

Ok..ok.. back to present. So, I have a full Indian driver's license with a dodgy date of birth! It says I'm 2 years older than I actually am. *yeh mera India, I love my India* ;)
Anywho..! So, when I came here to Oz, a year or so later, I gave the Learner's Test on the Computer and passed with flying acquire my legitimate (read correct DOB) DL.

Another 2-3 years passed. I still haven't upgraded myself to P Plates!
(Here is Oz after a min. of 6months on Learner you can give a driving test by actually driving a car and get to Probationary License, which then goes for 3 years, till you get your Full license! Unless, of course, you have a legit overseas license which can be upgraded directly to Full License after the computer test.)

Much gyaan... back to the situation at hand. Achhaji, I found this great car, at a great price in a great deal. Done all the paperwork, and when I went to pick it up on Saturday afternoon. They go..."Errr, you have a learner's?"
"Umm, yeah!"
"Sorry mate, you have to be atleast P to buy a car."
"Oh! I have an overseas Full license (praying in my head - *God plz don't get them to ask me for it coz it had dodgy DOB*) and I'm about to get my P's soon."

After 10 mins. of contemplating and discussing and arguing with the issurance and finance guy.
"Promise us, you will get your P's in one month and we'll give you the car now!"

:D *Yiiipppppeeeeeee*
I sign the papers and my designated driver *he* drives me home!

My first car!!!!!!!
And I'm oh! so excited about the long drives and the cool trips that I'm gonna take and oh! so nervous about the P test that I have to prepare for before I can take those long drives and cool trips!!

*Pray for!*


Surinder said...

wow !! congrats on ur new car :D

and we dont have to pray .. we know u'll pass that test too ..

so when can i come for a ride and later have some of the good idli :D

Nupur said...

Sure, you also don't have to ask. Come to Melbourne and I can make you some nice idli and a ride in my 'gaddi' !!

Kaps said...

arrey..i was busy..had no time to blog :(..u going excellently many new!..hv to read all of them..aur woh deep red color ki Bajaj Spirit..UP78 X???..number yaad nahi :(( was fun..:) cr..bye

Anonymous said...

P is for praying ( for the people of Oz:P!)

Nupur said...

@Kapil: Ya the 'busy' excuse!
Wow! You remember the 'UP78 X'...even I didn't think of that. :D Well... what are your dates for US?

Nupur said...

@Anon: Amen!

Anonymous said...

Wow!A car in the kitty ah.Now i know whom to contact when i land up in Ozzzzzzzz!!!!

And thanks for the insitence on posting!!!I dont have much fans,iam scared that you guys will run off if i continue posting!!!!

Vishnu said...

Wow!A car in the kitty ah.Now i know whom to contact when i land up in Ozzzzzzzz!!!!

And thanks for the insitence on posting!!!I dont have much fans,iam scared that you guys will run off if i continue posting!!!!

Nupur said...

@Vishnu aka Anon: :) Hmm..look forward to seeing u And I asked for new posts, coz I was bored of checking ur blog only the same post again n again. ;)
We like to hear from u mate! Keep posting.

manuscrypts said...

*gulp* @ the latest set of wheels on aussie roads ;)

shub said...

whoooooooooooooooooo!!!! new set of wheels, way to go girl!! :)

sanaja said...

congrats!!!! I haven't even learnt to drive yet..Almost crashed my friend's car the last time he tried to teach me..hehe..

Nupur said...

@Manu: :D Hey! Atleast have some confidence in me mate!!

@Shub: Thanks. Much awaited...finally here.! ;)

@Sanaja: :O but don't worry its very I think. (see I'm so confident right after my first driving lesson).

Start now before its too late. My kid bro Suraj has been driving Papa's Opel for the last three years. He's 19. So...I guess I had to learn, out of embarrasment more than anything else!!

Anonymous said...


absolutely love driving especially when the one in ur passengers seat is 'cool'.

but always buckle up okay?
have a safe happy driving!


Gaurav said...

all the best to u and ur new car maa'm..

w00t? said...

congratz.... wots ur car's name - Blueline? (dilli wali)

Your Bajaj Spirit remindid me off my Kinetic Pride...*nostalgic*

w00t? said...

ohhh BTW forgot to ask did u make it to IIT?

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Yea, XBox and PS2 is fun. Even the last time I drove was 4 years back in India. Here though I can drive on Indian license since I am still a student here. Yea, I remember "Bajaj Spirit". Not to make you nostalgic...check this out

Ha ha...why do we two have the same kinda DOB troubles. In my licence the stupid guys have over-wrote 1979 by 1978 so it looks like I have messed it..:(

We call that N-plate in Canada that you call P-plate. By the way what's the make and model of your new car??


Nupur said...

@Angel: Oh! So true. I don't have any choice now though. *sigh*

@Maverick: Thanks. :D I need it!

Nupur said...

@GSharma: :O Thats not very nice!
I'm a good driver..ok?! (my driving instructor says so! He reckons I wont need too many lessons!!)
And I sucked at Physics... so I made a pact with papa. I would go anywhere where they would teach me computers without having to study stupid Physics!
So here I am in Oz doing BBIS.

@Ricky: That is it!!! That was my sweetie, my Spirit! OH, how I miss those long fun rides with my friends!!!
Well... Canada n Oz are very similar in lotsa things. :)
My new sweetie is a Holden Vectra, sedan in mettalic dark grey. Very smooooooth!!


Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Wow your car is really cool....


Nupur said...

Hmmm... thats the one.. just a darker grey!