Saturday, January 8

After days...

It was a brighter morning,
The sun was finally out of the clouds.
Music was coming from the other room,
The eyes didn't hurt so much.

It was a warmer morning,
The weekend had finally arrived.
Saturday brunch was on the mind,
I actually felt like cooking.

It was a calmer morning,

I obviously cant write in verse. I tried...see I did, but I just cant.

Well... I spoke to family in India yesterday. Thankfully they all semmed a little, a very very little bit calmer. Ofcourse my eyes welled up when I spoke to Jaya (Anant Bhaiya's kid sister), Mamaji and Mamiji. But they are handling things okay..I guess. Mami was sedated with medicines so she just kept saying, "Nupur tum kyun nahi aayi.. Kyun nahi aayi".
I could only whisper, "Mami aaungi as soon as I can Mami...I promise!"
Then she just said, "Kuch nahi...bass tum khush raho"..!!!


On a lighter note -
Suraj is soooo into PS2...that he dosen't like my XBox here!

This morning after having lots of different pakodis.. Aloo, Onion, Pumpkin etc with coriander chutney, Suraj proclaimed that he wanted a PS2!!
Arrey!!! Whats wrong with the XBox. The games are practically the same...who cares if its green(XB) or blue(PS2)!
These boys!!
On top of that they come with all sorts of reasoning on why its so much better for 'me' to get a PS2 on top of the XBox. NO! You play the XBox..a'ight!!!

He was happy after 2 hours of loitering in the Game stores in the city when we found 3 games that he liked in XBox... 3 games is better than a new console! With them we also got that steering wheel thing and the brakes and accelerator box for the car games!!
*I know... I am spoiling him! But its so hard to say no to that inncocent face!*

How many of you feel that no matter how hard you try to hold the dollars, just try to be sensible and save but...they always find a way to slip through the tiny gaps between the fingers?

Any bright ideas people.?!


Surinder said...

i know the loss that ur family suffered is huge .. life wont be the same .. but just hope things start to get back to some extent soon .. especially for u r mami ..

Surinder said...

and i know how it feels with the dollars slipping (rupees here)!! i have laaaarrrgeee gaps between my fingers .. :((

Sumit said...

No point..saving.. They are going to slip away anyhow.. Always a futile effort.. I gave up on it long ago.. and the Xbox thing - I guess we all were like that at some point in time and perhaps still are.. Only the objects change..

Nupur said...

@Surinder - I heard lots abt the prices these days in India.. things that cost me Rs.5 or Rs.10 are Rs.50 now! Woh!

@Sumit - I'm in the XBox thing now!!! :) No escaping... is it?

Sumit said...

Escape is always difficult.. My grades reflect the hours spent playing NFS on LAN..

Vishnu said...

Well i tried this trick.I tried to save 10% of whatever i spend in the weekend and then give it over for charity.I thought i will realise finally that iam spending too much.But what really happened was more spending and more & more money to the charity(which is kinda nice...).But then i have to live right. :-(

Right now,the aim is to live happily.

manuscrypts said...

hmm, dont keep them in your hand ;)

Nupur said...

@Vishnu - Live happily! Well said.
But then... everyone's definition of 'happily' is different too! Wish someone could save some money for us..without us knowing. Then one day...hey! you have $1000!!!! (But then that would be spent in a day again! hehehe)

Nupur said...

HA HA! 'Dont keep them in ur hands!'
Manu, my pockets have holes too..! So where else can I keep it??

Twisted Fate said...

You could stitch on some skin to create webbed fingers! just like frogs or ducks...that way its a damned sure way of not letting money slip outta your hands!;-))
Nevermind me...I'm just extremely delirios after a 3-day stretch of sleepless nights...been slogging my a** out!..need caffeine!!!help!!!

Nupur said...

Hey girl! Wish I could use ur idea. ;)
Why the hard life..? What are you upto that has lead to sleepless nights? huh?

Thanks for dropping by tho'. n ur blog has some really great pictures!