Monday, June 27

Inertia - *Move... d#$% it!!*

in·er·tia (-nûrsh)

  1. The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.
  2. Resistance or disinclination to motion, action, or change.

Today is one of those days when things are out of whack for no reason what so ever! And there is nothing I can do about it either.....

I mean,

- Homesickness is engulfing me like a dark blanket and I cant for the life of me think straight any more.... I want to go home right now and every news/rumor of someone going back to India makes me ache inside. I think - "Take me with you. In your luggage or something...anything!!"

- There are things *I think* 'I need' to buy for myself.... (for a while)... but cant. Because I'm afraid that I'll feel guilty later... that I should have postponed it a bit more. Since when did my bills and financial commitments become more important than "my peace"??

- I have to start working out a plan for my career...what I want to do in the coming months - continue where I am or move on. Being where I have been for almost 5 years.... the thought of leaving is very frightening. I don't remember being interviewed for soooo long!!

And I cant run away, because I know that I'm the kind of person who needs stress to feel alive!! Its ridiculous and its just pricking me from the inside.

There are goals but they seem so far away -- almost out of reach.
There are tasks to be completed -- almost impossible to be finished.
There are things to be said -- almost unable to form them into words.

There are .........oh so many things... -- don't even know where to begin!!

Friday, June 24

simple and relaxing weekend... a very very busy week.

See you all soon!!

Monday, June 20


mile·stone (mlstn)
  1. A stone marker set up on a roadside to indicate the distance in miles from a given point.
  2. An important event, as in a person's career, the history of a nation, or the advancement of knowledge in a field; a turning point.
MS Project: A task with the duration equal to 0!

And I guess, for me this much anticipated milestone of my life has come finally. It has been long overdue and now that it is here...I don't know what to do!!
YES - I expect to pass all my exams and graduate with (a-hem!) flying colors!!

Does it feel different you ask.
Well, to be honest, I do feel light on my shoulders, but that is a wierd feeling I tell you!

I just go home and think, what do I do next? I am not stressed..! Why? Am I forgetting something? Should I be doing something rightnow? Did I miss something? Whats going on?.....and these questions are making me crazy!! I am getting stressed because I am not stressed?! What that $%^#^!!!


The first thing I did when I finished with my last exam was took a tram to Crown Entertainment Complex, bought a large size Protector Juice (Orange, Caroot, Ginger and Apples) from Boost, and 3 tickets to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith with my girlfriends!!

My take:
-- Story was okay.
-- Action was not very impressive.
-- I liked Brad and Angelina! (woh! come? I dunno, may be coz she didn't pout too much! I know thats how her lips are...but I thought she was better in this one than many she has done. And yes there is the very obvious chemistry between them. But I'm not the one who likes celeb-goss so I'll let that be.)
-- I liked the humour in the movie - the husband n wife arguing away to glory!! :D

You can see it once if you like!


Whats next? - Please don't ask me that question, not just yet!

I'm trying to bask in the sunshine of freedom!! :D


Internet at home....died! Oops!!!

So.... can only post from work!! ;) *hehehe*


I need an action plan - and then put the plan into action.
Like they say, "A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." -- so I need an action plan with lots of goals.
Achievable ones, thanks!

What? yes you..... tell me because I'm lost.
What should be my next goal??!

Tuesday, June 14

catching up...

with Sleep:
Been sleeping all weekend...and *dang!* does it feel good!!

with Cooking:
Been making some great stuff... like pani -puri! *that I just popped out of the box, boiled some poatatoes and added water n jal-jeera masala to the chutney provided! :P* And posted 3 kinds of Kad-hi!

with Shringaar: *now how do I translate this one!*
and what did I do? Had my very very long overdue hair cut.... now they are 2 inches shorter, but hopefully they will grow faster! :D

with Movies:

I call myself a huge science fiction buff. Seen all the sci-fi movies at the local Block-Buster and ABC video. But for some very wierd strange reason....I never saw Star Wars!! I just dont know why..just didn't. So on the long Queen's birthday weekend I saw Star Wars I and Star Wars II. Finally I can say that now I'm ready to see Star Wars III.

My review: (Keeping it simple and short!) Star Wars (I hear) was actually a kids movie that adults liked a lot...and so the first one is quite interesting and kiddish fun!
The second one, I hear was not such a huge hit and I can see why. The story has a love-story which may have not appealed to the kids and the adults...for the obvious reasons. Though I still reckon that if you are into sci-fi then the story is good and might make sense to you too!
So... next weekend after the exams - Star Wars III - The revenge of the Sith!

Also bought 'Mai aisaa hi hoon + Company' DVD. -- MAHH is the Bollywood version of 'I am Sam' as many of you may already know and well.... the bollywood masala twist at the end was IMHO quite stupid!

And talking about stupid Bollywood movies - also bought 'Jo bole so nihaal'.
And please this one was not my choice, it was 'his'. And being a pakka punjabi that he is, he had to buy it no matter what I said.
"Arrey, Sunny Deol hai aur woh bhi sardar banke - to dekhne to hai hi!!"
(Its Sunny Deol and acting as a sardar - so have to watch it anyways!)

movie - is all I can say!

Friday, June 10


I am angry! *very angry!!*
This may sound just a little out of place coming from a gal who knows nothing about raising kids, so those who do have little bundles of joy please don't mind my point of view in this post!

I know an Indian couple here with a very cute daughter who had her first birthday a few weeks ago. Now this kid is the first offspring and as expected the parents are more like kids themselves who are not really sure at times what to do with her. But sometimes I see them and am appalled by the way the treat their baby!

For example --
- The mama forgets and dosent start preparing the baby's food till the she cries her eyes out.
- The daddy plays video games while the baby is crying - hungry/thirsty/just plain needs attention.
- The mama beats the baby if she is angry at the daddy.
- The daddy angry at the mama (that she hit the baby) also hits the baby to show that he is very very angry at mamma's behavior!

What is going on here?!
Now the couple love each other a lot (been in love 8 yrs before getting married!) and have the martial "tu-tu mai-mai" (arguements) a lot as well. And I know that they adore the baby...but why do they treat her like this?

If only they were not 5-6 years elder to me I would give them a piece of my mind. I mean... am I missing something here, because I cant stand seeing them treat the baby this way! What am I to do? How do I tell them - Grow up!!!!

Tuesday, June 7

2 gone! --- 2 to go!!

Today I had the first two exams - morning n afternoon.
And even though I complained to no end - how it sucks having two exams in one day, now that its over, I reckon its not that bad after all. It very scary when its approaching, but when two of the hardest subjects go by, in one hit -- its swwweeeeet!!

*17th June - Here I come!*

Laloo prasad yadav - made to it the local Melbourne paper today!

I saw a snap of little 'Lalooji Dolls' in the "What in the wierd!" section of the paper. It seems that little Laloo look-alike dolls are sweeping Bihar, and Lalooji is one of the biggest fans of these dolls. :-/

*what the.....*


My blog has reached - rather - crossed the 10,000 counter hit! And I have to thank each and everyone of you, very sweet n very *wela* people that come here day after day to listen to me!

I am honoured indeed!!


Saw on TV in a current affairs show that cooking in Non-Stick pans could be extremely hazardous to health!

The fumes that come out of the pan after it reaches more than 250 deg. (thats heating a pan for 2.15 minutes) are so toxic that they can kill birds! And ofcourse all kinds of problems like cancer or liver troubled for humans..!!

*ohh! my golly gosh!!!* :O


Thanks also to all the lovely people who sent me the their wishes before these two exams. Hold on people...just 2 more to go on the 17th and then I will be as free as can be!!!

Wednesday, June 1


6 days to go for my first exam;
I don't have the printout of any lecture notes......