Tuesday, November 30

What that...

After a week of haggling, whining and nagging which movie did I go to?
"National Treasure" !

It was actually my own decision in the end, because I surfed the web for the reviews of the movie and NT sounded very interesting. So, I made a plan with another girlfriend Sarah to go see 'Veer Zaara' this coming weekend instead.

So Saturday arvo was NT day! and well...a bit of action mixed with a seasoning of humor with a dash of a couple of thrilling scenes with a side of popcorn and coke is good enough for me anyday!! *giggle*

Then Sunday was to be "meet some long-lost friends"day. So we came to the city and then were to go to their place and instead to my (hidden) delight I was literally dragged to the Hoyts to see "Veer Zaara"!!!
I complained that I don't want to see it yet coz I have plans with my other girlfriend, but my cries fell on deaf ears and the bucket of popcorn was shoved in my hands.

And when the movie was over and everyone came out...I looked at the faces and said, "Now! Was that painless or what...??!"

Saturday, November 27

How will a girl live without watching a "Chick Flick" once in a while?!

So many days have gone by.. weeks actually.. no! probably months and I haven't seen a single 'romantic-comedy' kind of movie.
I wanted to see "Shall we dance", "Bridget Jones - Edge of .." etc. etc. But (sigh!) I have missed them all.... And a hindi movie in the cinemas.. forget it!!

Who made the "Majority Rules!" rule in the first place??
Seriously, if I ever find that guy(/gal) I'm gonna have a lot to say!!

So, this week I tried a new scheme.
Mon: I said, 'I want to see - Veer Zaara in the cinema'.
Reply - Ok.

Tues: Will we go and see VZ in on Sat/Sun?!
Reply - we'll see.

Wed: VZ has had great reviews, I'm so looking forward to the movie on the weekend!
Reply - (silence!)

Thurs: Oh! only 2 days till the weekend! (humming a tune!)
Reply - Yeah.. oh also "National Treasure" released this week.

Fri: I'll check the times for VZ online. Should we also buy the tickets online itself..you know just in case?
Reply - Oh! btw which cinemas in NT up in? Check the times, no?

Sat: 10AM
I said, VZ is on at 4:20 or 8:20, which one?
Reply - Do you really want to see that movie?
I said, "Ya... what have I been talking about?"
(So much for my scheme!)
Reply - Oh you know, 3hrs.. and what is the name again 'Weear zehrah' ?!
I said, Veer is the guy - Zaara is the girl!

Sat: 12:30PM
I said, '4:20 is good for me, coz I can come right after work and then have a nice dinner'.
Reply - You have said thousand times about VZ this week!
I said, Surely not a thousand!
Reply - NT sounds like such a great movie. Lets see that instead.
All join, "yes yes..!"
(stomping my feet!) No I want see VZ, I have been saying for ages! Why am I ignored all the time?? What the h#@$!!!

(These people!!)
Sat: 2:55PM
I'm in my office..writing this blog. I don't know what movie am I going to see this arvo/evening.

And you know what... I really don't give a dang any more!!!!!

Friday, November 26


It's a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do.
- Walter Winchell

Summer is so not my season!!!!!
God...please save me!

Wednesday, November 24

Thought provoking ~?!

Teach me to care and not to care....
in this brief transit where dreams cross....

- By Anonymous

Saturday, November 20

Tea and Toast!!

Saturday... who likes to work Saturdays??!
No one...huh?!

Well...I used to do Saturdays till last month because I had uni on Thursdays and it was the fair swap as I myself asked for it! Then when I finished my exams - No more Saturdays! *hurray!*

My manager sent a mail out to all saying "No IT personnel on Saturday's any more as its too quiet. Not worth it."

And suddenly all these people who never even knew I used to to be in on Saturday's as they never rang me for any IT issues now say.."We have to have an IT person! No way can we let work with out IT support on Saturday!!" Even high management got involved including the GM!!

I wanted this coming Monday off as I will be in Sydney, so I asked my boss, "Should I apply for leave for Monday?"

"Why don't you work this Saturday and take Monday off...that way you'll save an annual leave for your overseas trip!"

And here I am working Saturday....
Did I say working...???!

The only silver lining in this cloud is the flight tomorrow morning that flies north to the sunny Harbour city!!

Dropped an axe on my own feet (Apne hi pairo mein kulhaadi!!) by starting saturday's during uni?? - Yes I think so!

Now, its just me and my Tea and Toast!!

Wednesday, November 17

"Niente", "Rien".........

Hey...Its my birthday.
And what am I doing "Zilch", "Nada", "Nothing!" ......

ummm...actually I will go to Sydney this weekend....
Will write about the trip then.

Tuesday, November 9

Hero - You have to be quick!

After a long time I went to the cinemas to see a movie (hey! but I saw 'Collateral' not too many weeks ago - ahem - anyways..). I think that the producers of 'Hero' purposely mislead the general public and I'm very very dissapointed about that.

The adverts on telei said its a "Quentin Tarantino" movie but it wasn't! Dunno if it was a mistake or a fraud- on purpose! The adverts also did not indicate that the movie is in Chinese (yes, the whole movie!!) and to follow it the audience have to read the subtitles. I was still okay as I'm used to reading very quickly, so I could still shift my attention fairly quickly to what was happenening on the screen, but many in the audience couldn't and that they found rather frustrating. And I have to agree, I mean, if you really have to read the whole movie you might as well go home and sit with the the novel...isn't it?!

So, if you can handle the subtitles, and the 'flying in the air - walking on water' fight sequences with one sub-story repeated 3 times in different costumes and background colours (Red, Blue, Green) and are a fan of "Jet Li" then this is the movie for you.

I understood the actual story of the movie in the last 15 minutes...so I still thought everything fit in fine and I probably got my money's worth(hmm - almost), but my friends that I went with thought it was a waste of time-energy-money!!!

Friday, November 5

An Indian and Indian Food

When I think of food, I think of -

  • stir-fry noodles
  • pizzas
  • and......
  • and.........
  • idli sambhar
  • kadhi chawal
  • pani-puri
  • chaat

See.... no matter where I start I keep coming back to Indian food. And though there's nothing wrong with it, I some times say to myself, "Don't you feel like having some thing else today? Just for a change!"

Today the food at the staff cafetaria was no good. Veg Frittata - full of eggs! (I don't mid eggs in cakes/pastries..but a meal full of eggs!) So, I went down to the foodcourt. I was ready to pay $8 for decent meal in the foodcourt than get away with a crappy $1 frittata. And its a decently big foodcourt with many international cuisines. But when I reached the Indian booth, my legs just froze. I started going through the menu.

In this Hyatt food court, the Indian chef Cleo, changes the menu everyday. He keeps one veg, three non -veg curries, rice and some simple starters, pappadums and pickles. Veg today was Eggplant-Pumpkin curry. I could have easily made it at home..no worries. So the first thought came, "Move on Nupur, find something else!" and then, I asked the girl at the counter to call Cleo from inside.

I said to him, "How come you don't make nice veg curries, like paneer etc... why veggies?!"

He goes, "No Nupur, this is nice today. Lots of eggplant and pumpkin, very tasty!! I'll give you some, you want to try?"

And thus today lunch was "Eggplant-Pumpkin curry with rice pappadums and pickle".

Thursday, November 4

And I thought this was the end.....

I don't really have many thoughful thoughts today.....
Sorry, I lie.

I have been thinking about something all morning. I have been thinking about the vacation that I'm planning, the friends/family I want to see, places I want to visit.... I just have 2 weeks and I want to be at two places at the same time!
The itinerary is laying on my desk....all the routes confirmed... but a stray thought, "There is much you can do if you don't go!". But I want to go!!!

Stop thinking.....
just don't think......
but the thoughts wont pass.....

I hate being a grown-up tied down by responsibilities. It was never like this before.......

Wednesday, November 3

Getting a grip....

Okay...my second blog. I have been through a blog tour and now.... I am sort of getting a grip of what this site is all about.
Its like my life.... I'm slowly getting a grip on it as well, as I learn more about myself and about people around me.

I always thought that I was a very extrovert girl(and I was to an extent) and then 'bang!'
Reality check.... I get nervous and shy around people who can see through my extrovert bull****.
I used to have loads of mates at school... thought I was this friend-magnet. I had more than I could handle and then when school was over and I walked into the real world 'bang!'
Reality check.... I have made...what.. 2 friends in my 4 years out of school. (many mates at work, but thats all on a Hello Hi basis..no more and no less!!)
Same can be said about the professional field that I'm in. I thought I was a very creative gal who would make fame in the world of webdesigning etc.. and (yes ! again) 'bang!'
Reality check.... I've chosen a Business IT degree after a huge arguement with my multimedia tutor during my diploma..swore never to turn back to multimedia again!

Similar has been the case with many other phases of my life. Making a long story short, I somehow keep following dreams that I think are best for me...till I fall on my face or somehow I'm shook hard by reality only to find that I'm actually the opposite! (or better if I followed the other way!) It would have saved me so much time and energy if I knew in advance what I'm supposed to do..where I'm supposed to go... instead to walking into deadends all the time.

And then...I think if that was to happen, I would still find myself writing another blog complaining... why is everything so straight forward...why don't I have the opportunity to take risks...take chances. So I stop.

Days go on.... and I try to hold on to my beliefs but still making new ones as old ones get shattered by 'bang!' Reality check!!