Tuesday, March 29

b l a n k

Been thinking of something smart to write......all day.
But c'mon who am I kidding?! First day back to work after 7 days and I'll get time to blog/post? No way??!
*ehem! Don't count this... I'm kinda staying back after work to finish some imp. stuff + posting! :D*

BTW - I didn't go to any Holi function.... *boooo - I know!* There is always some excuses or the other and so I have stopped making any excuses. If only I had a car - hey! wait a minute I do have a car, but I'm still on Leaner's and thus I cant drive without a resposible adult, with a Full License, next to me. My driver's text was weeks ago.. but I have been postponing it like forever! (Just dont get the time to practise!)
....see more excuses - when will I stop!!!

It was a relaxing weekend -
  • 4 hours drive to Great Ocean Road
  • Picnic at the beach with friends
  • Slept a lot!!
  • Had 1 Chocolate Easter egg! - *couldn't resist coz it was Chocolatier* :P
  • Called home - got a scolding from Mommy for calling after 3 weeks!!
But today at work has be HECTIC - so busy..its mad!
I just want to go home.....!!!!!
But no!! When I get home, I'll have to make dinner..... :( *why?! Please God why???*

My head is B L A N K.

Tuesday, March 22

Colors - festival and life!

Holi is coming.... I know because friends are getting excited about going to the Indian temple on the coming weekend, where there is gonna be a huge Holi Mela with most of the Indians here in the state of Victoria attending the celebrations. Don't know the exact date.. coz havent called mom this week.

And ofcourse, like Diwali or Dandiyaa, I have never been to a single Holi function here in Oz. Why?
Well there used to be soo many reasons.... now the reasons have faded, but the habbit continues. And when the day passes by I winge and cry and complain how I have missed another Holi!


I can't fall asleep, we have to get up early in the morning and go to the nearest crossroads 'chauraha' near my place and roast the sugarcane tops!!
I can taste the sweet nector, the seet sugarcane juice that we will drink the next morning after playing with colors and then having a bath.... in the sticky 'ubtan'.

"Ohhh.... Is my water gun 'pichkari' oiled and ready to use Mom?"
"Yes beta, go to your room now and sleep, or you wont be able to get up on time!"

I run to by room, and jump on the bed. The excitement is too much. Dad will put the music system out in the garden in the morning so when the relatives start to come... there will be lots of colors, lots of music and lots of dancing!!

And then we will have the sugared 'gujiya'...yumm. My mouth is watering at the thought. And then holi mela. Babaji with take us to the relatives.
And all the money I'll get! This year I will not take anything less than Rs.10. I am a big girl and if the kiddies get Rs.5 I should get Rs.10
I have to remember that line to say to any stingy Aunty or Uncle who tries to hand me a Rs.5 note. .! :D

How many choclates can I buy then? How many Maggis?
Oh! I cant sleep....


The night before Holi.........
I miss you soooo much...

Monday, March 21

You tempt me!!

O! Easter holidays... the long weekend!!
4 days of total fun - masti - forecast of warm sunny days, a trip to the beach...

You look sooo tempting on my calender, but I know.... you will dissappear in no time.


And another thing that is soooo tempting this time of the year is the chocolate easter eggs and chocolate bunnies!!! They are right on your face...no matter where you go... gocery shops - coffee shops everywhere!!


*But I'm trying to be a good girl!*

Friday, March 18

Got an education!!!

This one is soo silly that I had to post!

Another one for the boys and supposedly educational for us chicks!

-- Forwarded from a male colleague at my work place! Poor guy who gave it to me!!!
He dosen't know what he has given in the hands of a female!!!
*evil grin!!*

Rules from the Men's side

(All are numbered 1. on purpose)
1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You are a big girl. If its up, put it down. You dont hear us complaining about you leaving it down.
1. Saturday = SPORTS. Its like the full moon or changing of tides. Let it be.
1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And No, we are never going to think of it that way!
1. Crying = Blackmail.
1. Ask for whatyou want. Let us be clear on this one -
-- Subtle hints don't work.
-- Strong hints don't work.
-- Obvious hinsts don't work.
-- JUST say it!!
1. 'Yes' and 'No' are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.
1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. thats what we do. Sympathy is what your girl friends are for!
1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem - See a doctor.
1. Anything we say 6 months ago is inadmissable in an arguement. Infact, everything becomes null and void after 7 days.
1. If you think you are fat, probably you are. Don't ask us.
1. If something we said can be interpreted in 2 ways, and one makes you sad/angry, we meant the other one.
1. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done.
-- Not both.
-- If you already know best how to do it, do it yourself.
1. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during the commercials.
1. Christopher Columbus didn't need directions, neither do we!
1. We only see the 16 colours, like Windows default settings.
-- For eg. Peach is a fruit not a color. Pumpkin is a fruit.
-- No idea what mauve is!!
1. If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.
1. If we ask what's wrong and you say "nothing", we will act like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying but its just not worth the hassle.
1. If you ask a question you don't what an asnwer for, expect an answer you don't want to hear.
1. If we have to go sumwhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine - Really!
1. Don't ask what we are thinking unless you want to talk about - sex, sports and cars.
1. You have enough clothes.
1. You have too many shoes.
1. I am in shape, Round is a shape!

Now are you girls thinking what I am thinking.....???!!

*Phew! I'm tired of typing this out.... unfortunately could not Copy-Paste from paper!!*

Thursday, March 17


Guys - Please shed some light on this one!

From the time that I have noticed boys, I have observed some thing.
I would like to put it down before you people - Don't, I repeat don't take it critically as its just a silly little observation...and I'm curious to know if it means anything.

Indian guys with glasses are less afraid to approach girls than those without!!
*there said it!*

I will give you 2 recent examples -

----- My sixth year in Oz, and it has never ever happened that an unknown Indian guy may have spoken to me in Hindi. But this changed last week, I was at the Immigration Office to pick up some forms (no no! I'm not getting deported - just visa expiring!) And as a lot of International students have their visa expiring end of March, there was total chaos and confusion at the entrance. And from nowhere this Specy guy came with his mate and said to me, "Tumko yeh forms kahaan se mille?!"
I was shocked for a few secs. No, he wasn't bad looking - just the fact that he spoke to me in Hindi! When I came out of my initial shock, I pointed him in the appropriate direction 'in English' and he walked away, turning and smiling in a strange way!

----- I was in the city this Monday with Suraj to see the International Auto Expo thingy at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. We toured around the place and then decided to walk through Crown (a five star Hotel + Casino + Entertainment Complex). I was convincing Suraj to stand next to a big Golden Bugs Bunny outside Warner Bros Showroom for a picture ...and this Specy guy came and asked me pointing at his mate, "Can you please take our picture [with Bugs]?"
I didn't offer as I let Suraj take his camera.
*I know...us chicks and their attitude problem!*
And when the pic was taken and Suraj returned his camera, I was standing quite far away,and still the specy guy turned and gave me a huge grin!


I told Suraj about this observation as we walked away, telling him the first incident to support my point.
He simply replied, "I also wear glasses, how come I am so scared to approach chicks?!"


Wednesday, March 16

Broken - then fixed!

My blog has been having so much trouble lately. And I'm sure that its not just mine, many others are having trouble with blogspot.
If I had been busy myself...then I may not have noticed, but when I had a post in mind and I could not put it up.... for the first time I was desperate!! I tried everything... mailed Blogger support that my blog could not be accessed. I tested many other blogspot blogs and when I thought that it was just mine that seemed broken, I even tried swapping the template in an attempt to troubleshoot the problem.

*sigh* well...it seems ok today!
:) Desperate times need desperate measures.

Friday, March 11

Bollywood Dilemma

The movies.....

Expectations have this strange thing about them. The more you expect the less you receive and the less you expect, the greater is the chance that you may be surprised with a better outcome. It specially means much more when its your precious time coz time is Money.
*Foolish me!!*

What are the odds of watching 2 Aishwarya Rai movies in 3 days and terribly hating one while liking the other?!

Bride and Prejudice OR Balle balle Amristar to LA (now who ever came up with that??!!) Honestly I admit to being naive and thinking the similarity of the movie name to Jane Austin's 'Pride and Prejudice', was a coincidence.
No...may be not. May be I knew that the Bollywood version was inspired by that story. But each and everything? 4 sisters, Mom eager to get them married, Sensible Father, Rich suitor Bingley, his friend Darcy... And I can go on and on.
To make the long story short - Gurinder Chadha I expected something a liiiiiiitle bit original from you!!

Shabd - The trailers that I had seen when I went to see Black seemed a bit promising, and although it started out slow. With loads of visual effects...graphics all over the screen etc.. the end justified the means! IMHO..ofcourse. You can walk away from it thinking..yeah, what were the odds of that?!

Great Expectations indeed!
(yes...go on...say it! - Nupur, stop being a fool!! - You are taking Bollywood way too seriously.
But I like to see good films you know... I invest my precious time and energy into them..!!)

--- too much energy..!!! *a bulb lit!*


For those wondering, "Urvashi" will come in future... but I think I'll keep that as a surprise. When I know what I'd like her to do...I'll let you know.


Time for me to go home......
Tell me, what have you pretty people been upto this week??

Tuesday, March 8

Women and Women's Day!

Every morning when I go to work, I walk 5 mins. from the Parliament Station to my office. Somedays I catch the tram instead of walking 3 tram stops...somedays, when its nice and beautiful, I just walk!

And there is this lady, this old Oz lady (around 50 yrs old.) who sells this mag called the "Big Issue". This mag claims to have current affairs with a twist! A bit of humor and laugh etc. And well.. I'm not sure but I think its a weekly mag for $3 or something. I never buy it.

Why I'm writing about it today... because every morning, I see this woman and I see her every evening when I'm walking back to the station. Not matter if its summer/winter...no matter if its rain or storm she's there. She greets most of the people walking by. She smiles and they smile back.

But she never smiles at me. Never ever!!
I tried smiling at her a few times when she was looking my way, but no! She just stares. Looks at me up and down and then I have walked past her.

Its been months now. We even look at each other now - right in the eye and stare, or may be just I stare at her. And I walk away. Its as if she dosen't like me, for something that I don't even know what?! *wierd!* Those eyes saying, "I am watching you!"

I don't dress different, I am usually in a work suit like most girls at offices are.
I have never even spoken to her, so its not possible that I have offended her.
Then what on earth is it?! Whats her problem?

Is it because I'm not Australian? Is it because I am, where I am, dressed as I am and she is where she is, dressed as she is?
Discrimination? Racism may be? *big words those!* But why?!!
Havent we grown out of all that? Or may be its just her and few like her. They will never change. They will never accept.
Is it just a female thing! That one female just cant see another do better. But what the hey! Guys are like that too... so its a human thing!! Oh whatever it is....... even I dont know what it is..why I'm writing it down... have u felt anything like this..ever?!

Fine, I will walk past her this afternoon.
*My eyes are watching you!!!*

A very Happy International Women's Day to all you beautiful ladies out there.
We ROCK!! - Don't we boys?! ;)

Monday, March 7

A face to the name

Just felt like posting my pic!

Friday, March 4

Feel Pretty!

Sorry to all my dear readers.

Just like everything else that I rush into...I rushed this post and now regret it.
Please accept my sincere apologies. I will not be boring you with any stories...atleast not for now.

After thinking over it a while I thought I don't have to do anything just coz everyone else is. That is so silly. And its gonna become Blog-Story overdose in the Blogosphere if everyone starts writing stories. Phew! So I have realised that I should withdraw from the blog-story writing arena while I still can.

Chickened out....hmmmm!!

Original Post:

When I'm totally steaming with anger and frustration....
I remember Adam Sandler in Anger Management!! :D

[AS] I feel pretty,
Oh so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and gay,
And I pity,
Any girl who isnt me today,

Jack Nicholson: Lalalalalalalala

[AS] I feel charming,
Oh so charming,
It's alarming how charming I feel,

Angery Driver #1: Move your ass dip shit!

[AS] And so pretty that I hardly believe I'm real,

Jack Nicholson: lalalalalalala

Feeling pretty yet?! :D

I don't know if I'm any good... but what the heck!
Now that I have tried my hands on Poetry [and singing] then Story writing.... whats the big deal with that?!
*ehhem - All you big high and mighty writers.. please disregard the last line. Thankyou.*

And so............

Her life has been so predictable till now. Nothing has been out of the ordinary - ever!
She had been a good daughter, a better than average sister and good student at school and university. Never got into trouble...for anything.
Everyone who met her, praised her. "So soft-spoken", "Such a delightful girl!", "Great singer", "Such a graceful dancer!".

And now she was 22.... and her grand parents thought it their last chore in life, to find her an agreeable match. But they didn't know what future had instore for them. All their efforts were about to go in vain. For the turn that Urvashi's life was about to take, even she didn't know!!

That's all folks!
Let us take this ride through Urvashi's life...starting on the 10th March 2005.

Till then.....
God Bless!!

Wednesday, March 2

Excited to the extremes!

Woke up this morning pretty excited! There was a F1 Road parade happening here in Melbourne in wake of the Australian Grad Prix starting this week. For the first time the F1 cars were coming to the roads in the city touring around streets!!

And I am not working! Yaayyy!!
It meant that I could bunk a class at uni and run and see the cars.... and no railings between me and the cars to spoil the view. Just some road blocks... but not high enough to marr my enthusiasm. I am all smiles.! :D

I tried to take a few pictures... but you know how fast these cars are..and although my position was good, near a turn, so had a better coverage..but still. I even tried to make a few videos, and I think all they have is the LOUD LOUD *sweet* noise!!! :)
(Might upload one if its any good.)

While waiting for the cars to go past... I started chatting with this Oz chick next to me. When the first car whizzzzed past and everyone shrieked and yelled and clapped, she said,
"Man, what have we girls turned into? We are getting our kicks by looking at cars?!" :D


Every one must have noticed, especially the dear Doddle-buddies that our beloved Doodle has DIED! And we have been orphaned...forced to look for new Chat-boards.

I am trialing the flooble-booble... whatever it is. Lets see if its any good. I wasted an hour or so on google and haven't found much choices.

Had dumped Taggie for Doodle and now Doodle has dumped me!
Very VERY frustrating indeed!!

When did we became soooo dependent on Doodle?
Why isn't there any board out there that comes close to Doodle's comparison?!


Don't feel like going home................

Tuesday, March 1

For feelings, thoughts and all those things!

Feelings that you feel,
that make this life so real.

Thoughts that you think,
that make long distance shrink.

Ideas you create,
that life may imitate.

Imaginations far and wide,
that make the days so bright.

Why do I say - 'I cant!'
when I haven't even tried.

Why do I tell a lie,
for my jury will decide.

You come and go this way,
and nothing I can say.

To tell you what I feel,
how this is just as real.

My feeling and my thoughts,
are bent towards that door.

And when you will walk in,
those ideas in within,

The imaginations running wild,
and cheers the inner child.

I will not say - 'I can't!'
For that will just not do.

I will not tell no lies,
cause I'm in love with you!

My first poem - dedicated to 'Him'!