Saturday, April 8


....mere ghar ki - mere shehar ki......

Isn't it true to no matter where you go, and however long you go for - the smell of 'home' is always special and unique. No other place in the world can be like it - no one place feels like it - no other place can ever be 'home'!! =)

We took the express train from Ludhiana to Kanpur. Hoping to catch some sleep on the way, as it had been a hectic time - the wedding and then so many places that we visited after that! But that was not meant to be. While my brother-in-laws were busy putting away our luggage on the top berth, I had to wake up the two girls who were sleeping on the bottom berth - so that M and I could sit. And as we settled in our seats facing the two girls it dawned on me that they were both my school mates - one my senior and one my junior. What a small world..!! And once we got chatting, M and I continued till we got off at the Kanpur station!

It was a fantastic scene. 4 cars full of people to recieve the two of us!! =) Bouquets and garlands. Someone would have mistaken it for the arrival of a Bollywood star. ;)

The sweetest bit was that NA - one of the group of 5 best friends that we were at school, had come to the station to recieve me at 1am!!! I was soo happy to see her and ofcourse all my cousins - specially those who hadnt been able to make it to Punjab and hence were meeting M for the very first time.

I can say one thing - right from that moment till we left Kanpur - I think the only time I got time with my husband was when we'd finally retire to our room at some crazy hour of the night after my family/cousins would be sick of seeing us yawn - as we'd usually start at around 8-9pm (being past midnight down under!!) ----- And that was solely because I was in "my" hometown and I was "totally out of control" as hubby dear would say. ;)
And why not - I would retort! I mean.... this is my city - my house - my room!!! LOL!

*I must admit though - that
I did kinda ignore M those three fabulous days. But I didnt think he minded a bit, as he was surrounded by his 'sis-in-laws' all the time. If it wasn't my cousins, it was my friends - NA and VD. And I took as much time as I could to spend with my Naani and all other cousins and the huge bunch of Mamas and Masis that I have!!*
*Even Mom was jealous!:P*

One tip for all overseas Desis - when visiting home after a long stint - Try and have a big function/celebration at your place or *better for the pocket* get home during someone's wedding (even your own! like me!! ;) ) or holidays when the majority of your "Khaandaan" is there in one spot.
==> This saves a LOT of time! You get through all your relies in one big blow and then you have time for the special ones and best mates etc.

The "Kirtan & Dinner" that Mom organised was great. I was kinda doubtful about how M would get through it as it was his first live Kirtan (with Krishna ji and all the old crowd going wild and dancing etc. - I know I know....I freak out about silliest of things!) - but he loved it!! =) So that was a + !

The three days were gone in no time as we entered the final leg of our trip.

Brother was returning to Melbourne early because of his uni, so Mom n Dad and the three of us left for Delhi. Then the same day M and I flew from Delhi to Mumbai - the final destination on Circuit India!
We were so silly that after checking out baggage in at Delhi airport - we forgot to go back to the Visitor's lounge to say Bye to Mummy and Papa. Poor Mum and Papa waited and waited.... and we just flew to Mumbai.... *It was a blessing in disguise I guess -
Mummy and I skipped the whole crying episode!*

Being my first trip to Mumbai - I was bubbling with excitement!! "The Bollywood city" And the final two girl friends of mine
RA and NT (yes her name is the same as me!) were coming from Banglore and Pune respectively to catchup with me! :)

Little did I know that the change of water 3 times in 24 hrs (Kanpur + Delhi + Mumbai) was going to make me really really sick.......