Wednesday, January 12

I was shopping for my wedding...

Mummy was saying that maroon is the best color for me. And Didi also had a maroon lahenga so why do I want to go for something different. But I just wanted something that was a blend of conventional and unconventional... be it colors or design or style.
Some one go explain that to her!

I was rushing in and out of shoe shops. Nothing that I like fits me. Didi used to say, "Sarr bada sardaar ka, pare bada gawaar ka!" Her size was 5.1/2 so its was easy for her to say.. she got the Karishma Sandals and the Rani Shoes...and... all the nice shoes that used to come..!

Its so hard to guess what my groom will look good in. I am searching for silk ties.... I love a pink tie... with blue stripes or something. Need a matching shirt to go with it too. How about a bright white with thin pink checks..?

I'm very nervous abt the whole "in-law's" thing! I'm so nervous..I get the jitters.

I open my was a dream.

I have been having similar dreams recently. And its well... intersting... coz a little being inside me believes that I have good sixth sense. So...something may be on the cards...
And another half is nervous...because I have heard things abt dreams.

Plz tell me -

  • Is it bad to dream abt weddings? I didn't see the wedding..just the prep.
  • Should I be more career focused...not thinking abt marriage. (I just turned 22.)
  • What color lehenga should I go for...
Just kidding abt the last one!~ :)

Somebody...anybody...!!! Help!!
(or is it normal...pre-marital stress ;)

I'm crazy...tell me!!!!


Sumit said...

Savour the dreams.. while they come.... Dreams are always better than reality.. ;-)

Ad astra per aspera said...

Pink tie! with BLUE stripes...Lmao.....I don't know about crazy but you are definately funny! Chill gurll, dont worry about the color of the lehenga, but think a 1000 times atleast before you choose your groom. Thats more important, thats all I have to say. That's all that REALLY matters at the end of the day!

arvindiyer said...

ROTFLMAO @ Karishma Sandals and the Rani Shoes...
heheheh...SIMBLY out of the world...heheheheh

Nupur said...

@Sumit: I get the most creative ideas in my dreams..u know..!
*sigh... savour them..I shall.

@AAPA: Have you not seen a pink tie with blue diagonal stripes? It looks great on guys with nice built. You have to look out for that..for sure...preferably baby pink with sky blue stripes.
(I think a guy in pink tie looks very hot!)

@Arvind: You dont know how sad I had been when those sandals that Karishma had worn in one song came out and they didn't have my size. :(

Nupur said...

@AAPA: Yes...I understand you perfectly when you say that the groom is what matters.
Hmm...I feel lost sumtimes though. Coz there are moments when I know..and then others when I'm not sure.
*long deep sigh*

shub said...

yeeeeesh!!! 22 n thinking bout a wedding already!!! :)) in a hurry aren't ya?!!! ;o) i'm assuming ur quite crazy bout the guy, so that's why!!
a) it aint bad to dream about weddings!! i do that all the time ;) daydream tho!! :p
b)career-focussed....hmm...depending on how ur doing!!! i mean its not like this enthu bout wedding is affecting ur work rite!!! :D
c) go in afor a peacock blue lehenga! :)

Prasad said...

jus got to ur blog.. nice one....
guess u r too much stressed thinkin' about ur marriage..
its ok to have dreams abt that, dreams r always wonderful!!!
And reg ur career, now that marriage is on the cards for u, thats one thing u'd have to talk to ur fiance & decide on that..
and no comments reg the 3rd qn ;)
Happy shopping n dreaming.... :)

Vishnu said...

Will the blogs stop after marriage?????? :-?

Nupur said...

@Shub: Chalo... thank God, I'm not the only one who dreamz abt weddings..! :P
Well, I'm good at what I do at work, I like computers n good at 'em too. And have sum nice opportunities coming my way soon..hmmm.. I love challenges, so if something very exciting comes along then.. surely there will lots of talking to be done.
n are you serioud abt the color for the lehenga? :)

Nupur said...

@Prasad: Thanks, gud to have u here. I am stressing out unnecessarily I guess. Like they say, "This too ...shall pass."
Abt my career surely I'll be working for some coming years, then I guess... unless the job becomes really challenging...or sum thing else comes up.. I might happily step down to be 'the lady of the house'. :)

Shopping that I can do anywhere... even my dreamz aren't void of those!

Nupur said...

O Vishnu!
Not tying the knot till the end of the thats a long time to go. n stop way!!! :D

Surinder said...

: )) .. well u r not crazy ...

u r a girl ;)


manuscrypts said...

ok, u're crazy... but u r nice too, so that evens out... and nothing to worry about, 10 years down the line, while u're driving to drop the kid off at school, u'll think about all this and smile.. :)

Nupur said...

Hey Surinder... you got it perfectly on the dot!

Manu.. soo sweet! Thank You. :D
Smile I shall... coz what else will I be able to do then..huh?

*sigh.. my kids.....
Kidding kidding...!!! ;|

Gaurav said...

Hi..First timer here..
First let me thank u for visiting my blog..keep visiting..
U getting married!! CONGRATS!!
Now u r answers..
1. In this age too are u superstitious??
2. That is purely One's choice!!
3. Do u really want me tell that??

Congrats again..
will keep coming..
Gaurav (Maverick)

shub said...

very serious bout the color of lehenga:)

Nupur said...

Hi Gaurav,
Thanks to u too for popping by.

Yes I guess I will get married...eventually! :D
And well..ya I do get superstitious sum times...u don't want the invisible forces against you... not in such matter you?!
Take care...see u around.

Hey Shub!
Will ask mom what she reckon's! She has this awesome knack abt such stuff..I have always been the Tom-boy, so when it comes to Indian Feminine stuff..she is my styling Guru!! :)

Rajat said...

Ur dream is a sign that u were hallunicating abt getting married :-D ....nothing more and nothing less.....

It's great to have dreams...i can't remember the last time i had a dream [something must be wrong with me!]

Anonymous said...

If I were you I would go for the maroon tie :P
(kidding too). Tell me, reassure me ,you WERE kidding about the pink and blue silk tie *swoon*. And thanks for visiting :)! ~ JW

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur, "Congratulations". It seems everybody is getting married these My cousin wore a cream coloured lehnga for her wedding coz she wanted to be different but I guess whatever suits you. I think it's pretty normal to think-dream-get jitters when your wedding gets so near (not that I have an expereince or Take care and my blog is

I don't use my blogger's account to post...

Nupur said...

@Rajat: Hallucinating..?! ho!! Not too despo yet...just curious/intrigued by the whole thing now that its almost my turn!
I dont mind dreams as long they are good ones! ;) Thanks for coming by..see u around.

@JW: Nahi really really I am serous abt that pink/blue tie! Ok... when I see one I'll take a snap and upload it here for all of u to see. It looks really good beleive me!!

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Thanks, for dropping by and for the suggestion with color! See alteast one guy gave me an idea (even though it wasn't ur own!) with the lehenga.

And yes...seems like everyone is getting married ..isn't it?! hmm..wonder why!

Parii said...

Before marriage, one keeps dreaming of life after marriage.

After marriage, one keeps dreaming of life BEFORE marriage.

Sigh, its a motichoor ka laddoo.

The Reporter said...

:) and to think only the day before I dreamt of meeting a groom and his mom at our house ... and i told the lady .. 'i don't think i'm ready for marriage yet ' and that lady went away in a huff and i got scolded by my mom! I was SO glad to wake up!

Nupur said...

Yes I've heard.
But I wont believe till I taste it myself ;)

Nupur said...

Hey CC... nice dream!! :P
Do u think u will go for arranged ???

Poonam said...

very interesting! I am very happy for you! A lot of my questions from your newer post is getting answered right here:). So now from what I understand is that you are having a love marriage, right? I think dreaming abt. marriage is not bad at all ( i do it myself :) ). Neeraj and I are also engaged, but waiting for his sister to get then we can get married. I think its great to think about your future life..and even abt. what you want in your wedding..because it does happen only once. its an exciting time and an exciting phase of your life..enjoy it while it lasts! :)