Thursday, January 20

No News is good news - Really?

Hearing of all the bad news of my home country really puts me down and I cant even begin to imagine what it is like for those right there, watching/hearing it all first-hand.

But I tell myself, all is not that bad. People are still living their lives enjoying, acheiving, working hard and then playing/partying hard. That is what we Indians know best -
To see life in the eye and overcome whatever it may bring forth!

Three days ago I hadn't heard of the name, but today I know Sania Mirza like any Indian living away from India would (i.e. by searching online). And she makes us all proud - the girl who made Indian Tennis History.
Her next round with Serena Williams will probably be her toughest so far. And probably the odds are against her but if she does it, it will be amazing! I'm happy for her. Wishing her the best.

In search to find out more 'good' news about India - the news that we hear the least, I found this site, aptly called 'Good News India'. The country's successes - although marred by illiteracy, poverty, exploitation and corruption - are reaching new heights, surely someone, somewhere is doing something right!!

I make peace with myself.
I am happy and content.
I wont point fingers.
I will spread the good word.
I belong to the good nation called - India

Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake!



Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Very beautifully written article Nupur. I wanted to write about our girl "Sania Mirza" too but you have already mentioned her. I have been following her career since last two years and I knew she will come on world stage one day and she is so cute looking too (that's the second reason for following her career....he he). I was listening to one american commentator here when the Australian open started and he was saying who is this girl called "Sania Mirza" and what is doing here, noone knows her. Now apparently a lot of them will know her...ha ha...

I love the positive vibe you are sending about India. Keep blogging...


Nupur said...

Thanks Ricky!
Its motivating, for me to write it and hopefully for readers to read it.
Yes, Sania is probably the next 'in' girl for India! :D Not many people here know her either, including me (till a few days ago.) There is no photo for her in the Official Australian Open Website either.

shub said...

"To see life in the eye and overcome whatever it may bring forth!" :) :) :) niiiiiiiiiice!!!!

Nupur said...

Thats true tho' Shub isn't it?

Surinder said...

wow .. beautifully written :) ..

and yeah .. India is goood .. even if its marred by "illiteracy, poverty, exploitation and corruption" .. it will always be the coountry i want to spend my life :)

Nupur said...

I agree with you Surinder,
No matter where I go,
No matter what I see,
No matter what I do,
Home (read India) is where I want to be!

:D rhymes!

manuscrypts said...

amen!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts :) ~ jabberwhacky

Sir Rocks said...

Hey I read a few posts and at the end of it wanted to read more but gotto get back to work so... till next time. Take care, great blog, nice upbeat cheery stuff :)

Nupur said...

@Manu: Amen indeed! :D

@JW: Thanks.

@Sir Rocks: I try... to be cheery most of the time. And its not too bad I must admit. ;) Thanks for visiting, see u around.