Wednesday, August 31

There is magic... the hands of a healer.

Wish I knew Reiki or Physiotherapy or similar skills where people are healed by the hand.

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything.
-- Thich Nhat Hanh

Pain (any pain--emotional, physical, mental) has a message. The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific, but it usually falls into one of two categories: "We would be more alive if we did more of this," and, "Life would be more lovely if we did less of that." Once we get the pain's message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away.
-- Peter McWilliams

Tuesday, August 30

I am too young.... be suffering from backaches.

*That is what I keep telling myself!* But ofcourse none of us are exempt from it. Especially stupid, bad posture holding people like me.

Caution- This post has been identified as 99.5% on the Rant-o-meter.

So many of you sent your wishes...and I rested. I swear I did... only came online a bit when I was bored out of my senses. But yesterday back at work and back came the back ache. (3 backs in one sentence!) So have an appointment with the physio today. Hopefully she will find out whats ailing me and rub the pain away!

If discomfort was not enough, this Sunday that just went by, saw me miss my first Mid Year Party at my workplace that I was supposed to lead. I was voted the President of the Employee Social Club at work about 3 months ago (youngest President, if I may add). And I had been working hard to get my first social club party as president a great success. But as God would have it: Backache + Cold/fever = No Party!! :((((((((
Now I will just have to content myself with the pictures of the party...... which I hear turned out to be one of the best ever!

I don't know....if its some kind of lesson God is trying to teach me or what!! What have I done?! God please tell me!!

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhh* :|

Please all - No pity.
No comments.

Thursday, August 25

No Health, No Beauty, No Diet!

Gardish mein hain taare!
*my stars are in ...gardish? ummm... a bad time!* Best I could do in this dazed state.

Yesterday morning at work - got a shot of pain in the lower back while running up the stairs - rushed to doc - strained muscle - told to go home n rest - whole day in severe pain ad grogged with pain killers.
Today - second visit to doc - pain a little less but continuous n very uncomfortable - advised to take rest of the week off from work.
At home - caught the cold from my bro - even sneezing makes the backache terrible!

Now eating medicine for back n cold/flu!

Lets not even talk about it....I look terrible!!!

Feeling so sick that don't feel like eating anything. Only have a little something before my medicine.

Been laying in bed all day to rest. Sooo bored... so here to eat ur heads!

Tuesday, August 23

Of Beauty, Health and Diet!

All of you boys who after reading the title have gone...."Oh! A girlie post again!" read on. As I think there will be stuff that even you will find useful. ;)

This weekend that just passed - I finally gathered courage and decided to put eggs on my hair! And considering the fact that I'm not such a huge fan of eggs and their smell used to make me nauseous for definately was a big feat for me to undertake!

And all that for what? - for silky, shiny after effects!!

While making my mind about the whole egg-thing...I struck a conversation with a punjabi friend. He used to be a sardar till about 2 years ago. And I thought if anyone would know about hair - he would!
So, I told him my plans and he said, "Hey! I'll tell you what, use Beer!!!"
I was like :O "You gotta be kidding me!"
But he was very serious. He said that he had used it many a time and his locks would turn out absolutely great. And he'd recommend it to anyone who was willing to try!

Yet another girlfriend told me - "Use black Tea!"
Then she went on to explain that hair rinsed with black tea that has been cooled down (to prevent burns!) gives instant shine to hair! An excellent trick for last moment bling to your tresses!

Wah!! I havent tried the beer and the black tea trick yet - but all those who have known about it or better still who have tried it -Please concur!! :)

The above two incidents gave me an idea! I thought that with sooooo many blogger-mates that I know in blogsville, surely some might have awesome tips n tricks like these. For Beauty - Health and Diet!

So I Call Upon Thee,
O wise Blog-mate of mine.
Write down for me,
Three tips that'll make me shine!

:D So, your choice - Give one, two or all three kind of tips if you know any or have been imparted the wisdom by your Granny!!

Mine -
Beauty: Use Vitamin E (in capsule or serum) on your face to get smooth skin and lighten acne/cut marks etc.
Health: Leave work during your lunch break - put on your running shoes and have a jog around the block everyday.
Diet: Make sure to have atleast 2 serves of fruit per day!


Friday, August 19

The ninteenth day....

of the month of August of the year 2005..

Today we celebrate "Daffodil Day" in Australia.
This day we support and help Cancer research by buying Daffodils or Daffodil pens or pins etc. and all the money collected goes into funding this great cause.

My sixth year of support...and today it has a special meaning.
My "Naanaji" (my mum's father) has been diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago and he is undergoing treatment for the same.


"Rakshabandhan" is here again!

A brother come,
A brother lost.

The first rakhi ever....without Anant Bhaiya.
And the first rakhi after five years, when Suraj is here with me.

A time of mourning? A time of celebration?

My best wishes to all the brothers and sisters out there!!

Tuesday, August 16

The VBM that was......

record breaking,
timezones spanning,
highly entertaining
and best of all so much fun!!!

A very big Thank You to all my dear fellow Bloggers who were able to make it to the Independence Day VBM that I hosted this weekend! My thanks to all those that came even after I left.....hours after I left!

The VBM went on for over 14 hours!! And that is definately a record in the number of bloggers that came from a number of countries in the 3 continents! The whole outcome was just massive to say the least. And I could not have asked for more.

When I had thought of the ID VBM - having a meet where bloggers could meet, no matter what country they were in and what time zone they fell under - I had not even in my dreams imagined that the VBM would literally "follow the sun"!

Just amazing how bloggers came and went, cooked food, had meals, did their work, chores around the house, took naps, even some who were up all night and continued the VBM on!!

It was just simply soooo convenient and so much more than I had expected it to be!

We definately have to do it again. A long weekend maybe...*oh that'll be a tough one!* where more than 70% of blogger-mates are able to make it.
And we can call it the 24 Hour VBM!! Who is up for it???!!!! :D *evil grin*

I wish I could thank individually each and every one who came.... but I don't have the full comprehensive VBM script just yet!
But I'd like to give my special Thanks to -
-- Ricky my co-host who did make it to the meet on time. :)
-- Kapil and Invincible for staying up all night.
-- DJ, Amit L and Anubha who kept the whole meet going for hours.

Love you ALL!!!

Until next time............

*my Oscar-style speech is over!* :D

Monday, August 15

My best wishes..... all Indians, in and outside India!

Thank you so much to all of you who came online yesterday and made the first ever Independence Day Virtual Bloggers Meet, such a great success!!!

It was a lot of fun. And I'm still laughing reading the whole meet's notes as I am going thru it to make a post about how the meet went. :) You guys... you're hilarious!!

Will be back with the post soon! Till then....Take care! Cheers!! :D

Friday, August 12

VBM Agenda...

Hmm......ok people. The countdown into the last 48 hours to the first ever Independence Day Eve - Virtual Blogger Meet has begun.

And most of us know what the VBM launch was about, what the VBM Info had detailed and who our lovely VBM Attendees are - so its time to figure out what the heck are we going to talk about in the VBM itself!!!!

Before I forget, a couple of quick things...
  • It appears that most of us VBM attendees have the latest Yahoo Beta - the one with PC to PC calling and I'm told that it does support Voice Conferencing very well. So lets all make sure that we are updated to Yahoo beta before the VBM begins. (I shall probably test it sometime on random.. chatting with whoever is online ;) )
  • All VBM attendees please make an effort to get urself a PC mic and headphones so we can yell out..and make ourselves heard!! (have no idea how I'm going to control a rowdy rowdy crowd as this one *sigh...* but I shall give it my best shot :P !!!!)
  • All late comers have been added to the Attendee list this afternoon. And any one later than today may not get added to the list any more. We will have to leave the intro's to the VBM itself and there the people can post their blog addresses and get other attendees to check out their blogs as we go. Please bear with me on this one...if I get the opportunity I will most definately add late comers here in the list.
OK...where was I ? The VBM agenda..ofcourse...okay!

VBM will begin at 2pm AUST sharp-
  • After the first 10 minutes or 'Hello's n 'Hi's all VBM Attendees at that point in time will sing the National Anthem - "Jana Gana Mana" , and officially start the meet.
  • All VBM attendees will go alphabetically - post their blog urls and give a brief intro on their microphones. *So you better not have a sore throat that day/night!*
  • Various topics to be discussed on the VBM are - What do you think about India's progress in the last 5 years? Why have you left India - study/work/play? OR Why do you want to leave India? Don't you think you have a moral responsibility towards your nation? How many truly think that they are satisfied with the way their life is right now?
  • Then we will take a 15 minute break by singing patriotic songs like - Vande Maatram, Nanha munna rahi etc.
  • More topics on India will continue like - What has a greater effect on the Indian youth - Bollywood OR Indian Politics? Do you think Aishwarya is ever going to commit to one guy? What is the inspiration behind Ekta Kapoor's serials? Will Big Brother series ever be run in India?
  • Then we will have a game of Antakshari - only patriotic songs allowed.
  • Then all bloggers outside India will beg for money - credit card and paypal accounts accepted - to collect funds to visit India.....

:D Ohhhoooo!!!

What we are going to talk about in the VBM - who cares..!!

;) All I know is that it will be great. The best part is that there are a lot of new faces *ahem* bloggers - among all the old familiar ones. And that just makes it all the more fun and exciting!!!!

So.... in short - BE THERE or BE ..........

Monday, August 8

Independence Day VBM is almost here....

Thank you so much to all of you who have sent their wishes, support, "Aye's" and emails to attend the very first Independence Day Virtual Blogger's Meet on Blogsville ever!!

For those who want to know what is going on - check the VBM launch and the VBM Info page. Coming in a day or two is the VBM Agenda. *God knows what's gonna be in it* :)

Last minute things to do -

* All VBM attendees - Please check out the blogs of as many attendees as possible before the meet so we all know who the others are.

* All Indian Bloggers (VBM Attendees and non-Attendees) - Please check out the following link - A very very comprehensive list on Indian Bloggers around the planet. It must have taken Mukundan and Magnus ages to do this thing. And I reckon they deserve a pat on the back for their efforts! :)

Independence Day VBM Attendees - Include emailed, commented, and tentative Aye's.

Amit L - Dubai

Anubha aka Anz - Delhi,India

Ashutosh aka Cliched Elk - Washington D.C.,USA

Colors - New York,USA *late addition*

Deepak aka DJ - Nepal

Divya - India

Fun-da-mental - Japan/Mumbai

Invincible - Palau

Kapil - Chicago,USA

Krishna - Banglore,India *latest addition*

Meenakshi - Toronta,Canada

Navneet - India

Neetie - Delhi,India *late addition*

Neha - Mumbai,India

Nirenjan - Chennai,India *latest addition*

Nitty - New Jersey,USA

Poonam/Neeraj - USA/India

Prabhu - Chennai,India

Prakash - SriLanka/UK

Prasad - Banglore,India

Princess - New York,USA

Puneet - Mumbai,India and here

Rajjan - Conneticut, USA *late addition*

Ricky - Canada

Sameer - Mumbai,India

Sanaja - Tempe,USA

Sree G - India

Sumit - India *late addition*

Vab - New Delhi,India

Vicky - India

Vishal - Melbourne,Australia

This list is still growing.

I am soooo excited and utterly nervous as well. I was thinking on the weekend - what if Yahoo dies? Or what if my internet gets disconnected?! Or What if no one comes? Or What if I forget to make it? :O *haha* Thats'll be ;)

Any more takers please email me at nupur dot forblogs at gmail dot com ASAP so that I can add you on the list above so that all attendees may check out you blog before the VBM.

Tuesday, August 2

RSI scare.....again.

The weekend that was......

  1. Sat/Sun was painful. Right wrist in a lot of pain.
  2. Friends who came to dinner on Sat saw me cry for the first time!
  3. Could not make chapattis (due to pain) so they had rice only with aloo dum and paneer butter masala.
  4. Doc says inflammation of the joints in the wrist.
  5. Monday off from work to rest.
  6. Back to work today.
  7. Staying away from kbd/mouse as much as possible.
  8. Surprised how much more work I can get done by point no. 7.
  9. Emails for VBM are pouring in. - Thanks for all the support!!
  10. VBM attendees list will be up soon with blog urls for all to check out.
  11. I am still around people.... coming to your blogs.... slowly...slowly......

See yo'all laters!