Tuesday, January 18

The case of false birthdays!

Yesterday was my birthday again!
..yaa again. And you wonder, how come? Didn't I just have one in Nov?!

OK, tell me.. how many of your have heard about false DOB in driving licenses? In gym membership cards? Photo IDs? Club Cards? Credit Cards?
..And what about at school?!

I'm one unfortunate gal whose DOB by mistake went on the school admission form as 17-1-19** instead of 17-11-19**. (achha baba..its 1982..happy?!) Back to the matter at hand. Just a mistake of 1 and 11's.
Oblivious of it all I celebrated my birthday for 12 years at school, religiously at that, on 17th Nov. And no one ever said a 'chu'! (I'm a proud scorpion! Ji haan..thankyou very much!)

Then...when I was returning from Delhi in the car looking at my passport and my school records filling my forms for OZ.

"Mummy.!! Papa!!! My dob is incorrect in my marksheets!"
Then Mom ventured to explain. Apparently I was an over-bright kid at pre-school (a geek I presume). They made me skip classes. But when it came time for admission to Year 1, I was below the required age group. Minimum was 6 years. So a deliberate fraud was done! I was made 10 months older. Nov-to-Jan only so I could sit for the entrance exams.
Hmmmm....And then Papa, just went and got my passport made with my correct dob.

So I had two conflicting documents, my marksheets which I need for my university admission and my passport which I need to get to the university!!

Nice one guys!
Took us two days up and down to Lucknow Passport office to change the dob on the passport as thats easier to get changed (by saying its a clerical mistake by the clerk!) than to run to education board and get all the educational documents changed!

Now I am 10 months older every where on papers! I got b'day card and lottery scratchie from work yesterday. (ofcourse I didn't win anything..my luck!) And b'day wishes from work collegues. Ab kisko kisko samjhaaun!

But on a brighter note...I got flowers from 'him'! He likes to see the brighter side of the (ehm!) fraud!! And I made muli ke parathhe for my bro and him as their treat!

Happy B'day to me!!
Bolo naaa....!!!


Vishnu said...

Happy bday...!!!

Should i sing a song?

Gaurav said...

Hi Missnupur...

Happy B'day..i mean..belated..
nice post ..fortunately i have just one and that too original date on all my docs..16th March'81..and now dont forget to wish me that day!!;-)

Btw..have posted something on my blog,...


Kaps said...

hello!..Happy Birthday :)..ab kaam ki baat..wherezz my treat?? hehhe..
btw..me still at home...are u jealous? :(

Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

Happy Birthday t(w)o you!! Just as a coincidence it happened with me too (almost exactly the same thing). The board guys changed my year of 1978 to 1979 (by mistake...haha) so had to goto Bareilly to change the DOB on passport just like you...phew...Apparently my dad noticed it quite early but never changed it thinking that it will help me by having a 1 year advantage in Government jobs...ha ha...(he is so funny sometimes...:))


Surinder said...

wow .. 2 bud-days in a year !! .. lucky lucky :)

HAPPY Bud-day To you :D ..

but that also means that u get older twice :D ... whats ur age now : ))

Nupur said...

@Vishnu: Yes please! *hehe

@Maverick: You are lucky then...and Happy B'day to you too (in advance) that is..you know just incase I forget! *oops!

@Kaps: Ofcourse I'm J!! What do you think?! Have missed so many festivals and celebrations etc while I've been here. You'll know now when u get to US.

Nupur said...

@Ricky: See I knew it! There are many unfortunate kids who have had to go thru this tragedy!! :((

;) A year advantage?! *haha did u get the fruits of it?!

@Surinder: Don't say that... Hey what happens to those who have b'day on 28th Feb. Their b'day comes once in 4 years...so they must be very young even after years n years!! huh..??

Anonymous said...

:O So you are not a capri??!! Your loss...:D!!

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Sorry about a little "senti" article but actually it has been 4 years since I have been to India (never went back after coming here) so it's a bit emotional for me too...:(

As far as age-confusion helping me..ha ha...What a joke!!..I came to Canada with my actual ae intact so I am back to normal...ha ha...:)


Nupur said...

@Anon: Ho! I'm a proud Scorpio!! Couldn't care less abt being a Capri. ;)

@Ricky: Still made me all homesick anyways!
And hey.. how did u fix the blunder?! ..huh?

sanaja said...

Belated Happy B'day!!!...

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

The blunder was unblundered by having some top-level contacts in CBSE...;)

Also, my blog is updated, I promise it won't make you "senti" but it's my most controversial blog ever.


Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

Well I was able to unblunder my blunder by having contacts in CBSE ;).

Anyways, my blog has been updated and it is my most controversial blog ever...:))


Nupur said...

Thanks Sanaja for the shies and for dropping by.
Hope to see you around.

@Ricky: Oh! Mine is doomed to stay this way for ever now. Too late to change anything! :(
But koi nahi... I don't mind double presents ans double wishes!! *giggle*

Nupur said...

'shies' ..what was that? I meant wishes.. *rolling my eyes to heaven!*

The Reporter said...

arre .. two different sets of people .. two different birthdays .. at two different times of the year! What could be cooler? The glass is half-full :)

puneetworld.indiablogs.org said...

Hey nupur Hi
Have been reading your blog regularly but always was in hurry didn’t have time to comment.. Finally get to leave a comment after a long time

I though this DOB ka problem only happened with me… didn’t knew it was so common.. lol its funny…. In my case its just two months difference between my school DOB that’s in October. And actually in august… in this case can say lazyness didn’t bother to get it changed and been following … same.. lol… damn but I get gifts only on one DOB .. isn’t fare… :’( god must be a women

Puneet World

puneetworld.indiablogs.org said...

btw is your native place lucknow.. ? mine too just been there only few time.... its nice place to visit :-)

Nupur said...

@CoolCat: I would say so too, had it not been for all the confusion that it creates...! :D

@Puneet: See...its so many of us! I wonder now if its just us Indians or more people around the world!! hmmm... food for thought!

BTW I'm from Kanpur. Last time I was in Lucknow was like 10 years ago!!

w00t? said...

....& I tht. it just happened to me :|

Actually I was reading ur blog (got link from Puneet's blog) from my college but didn't have time to comment & then u commented...

What a coincedence...not that u commented but that I too was born in 1982 and my DOB was also screwed up by my famous-infamous school (yes, I am a dipsite - not rkp tho :p) They just substracted 6 mnths from my zindagi.

Y does it always happen in 10th class....?

I 2 have my Indian driving lic. with my 9th aug. DOB (the rong one) but the year is not fake :P. Its valid till 2021....thats so cool.

anumita said...

...and my real birthday is 18th nov!
Officially it's 18th jan and that's when I too am flooded with mails and wishes!