Wednesday, January 11

Just for laughs....

Its so crazy down here that I cant even begin to explain.....

So while I sort things out - here's a joke I found at work in the engineering department wall stuck by the only Indian/SriLankan guy in the department for the rest of the white fellas to see. Some may have read it elsewhere.... but its here today - just for laughs!

Dear white fella,
Couple of things you oughta know
Firstly, when I'm born, I'm black!!
When I grow up, I'm black
When I get sick, I'm black
When I go out in the sun, I'm black
When I'm cold, I'm black
And when I get scared,
Gee, I'm black
And When I die, I'm still black

But you white fella...
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you get sick, you green
When you go out in the sun, you red
When you get cold, you go blue
When you get scared, you yellow
And when you die, you purple
And YOU got the cheek to call ME coloured??!!

Wednesday, January 4

*waving madly!!* I'M HERE!!

The stupid lappy broke last week. :(
---> Hence havent been able to come online for a while and not had a chance to reply to comments or come around your blogs.

New boss at work.
---> Hence not much time at work to do anything else online - except work!

28 days to go till I fly home.
---> Hence shopping like a headless chook and packing like crazy lest I forget something! :P

................but I got a moment of peace this afternoon so writing here today and I am jumping on the blog-hop ride and visiting you every once in a while whenever I can - so you shall she me appear and dissappear in the coming days - But I'm here folks and will be updating as often as possible!!

Till then - Tell ME - What has the New Year brought for you till now?!