Monday, October 31

Blog....blah blah blah....!!!

OK.... officially this is it.

One colossal year for this blog,
One dwarf year for the whole of Blogsville!!!

Many milestones have been achieved and left behind, as the journey still continues.

The blog that was opened, originally due to desperation - to comment on a friend's blog. And then...... curiousity took over me and "When even I don't know..." got its first post - "I have no idea..."

Time teaches you the survival skill - "Bloghopping"!
And in your journeys you come across some excellent blogs, some nifty published apps, some cool templates and so much more......And then these tips and tricks are shared between strangers - but they are strangers, only till you write the first comment/tag and then as soon as they reply - Viola!~ You have found a new mate!!

And you join forces to conquer yet unseen, undetected, undiscovered, unobserved, unpercieved territory (yes I plundered for those words! *hehehhe* ) of the "Land of Blogdom"!!

And my partners in crime.....
my mates in this battalion are -

AmitL - The first mate, I found in the middle-east.
Enjoying, these days everyday, the Ramadan Feast.

His categorised posts - so sizzling yet simplistic,
The endjokes - hilarious, and thoughts of the day - realistic!

Anubha - The lady called A-N-Zee.
Some even know her as Honey 'Busy' Bee! :P
She's into organisation..... events n all......
Her creation 'Bloggeratti' - much loved by all.

Anumita - Ma'lady, she's here and she's not.
Some times I doubt that ma' blog she's forgot.
But then you come to know of her secret escapades.....
The naughty dealings with her hubby and goss' with her maid! ;)

Ashish - Mate, what shall I say.....
Many a times, I've seen him away.
His Blog-reviews making waves to lands a far,
But dude, where've you gone? I'm looking for my car! :P

Ashtrix - This mate, I eavesdropped from a long while,
I saw his awards that crossed Filmfare, by a mile.
I lost him and I found him all b'coz of his 'Easy Prey'.
"Pray, dear friend, where did you dissappear away?!"

Colors - My girlfriend, my 'bichdi hui behen' in Blogsville,
This gal, my friend, is not ur ordinary run of the mill.
She hails from the land, high up in the Himalayas,
And is so caring and thoughful - beyond all her years.

Cynic - This lady's template was the first of its kind,
At the time when I saw it - it was imprinted on my mind.
She's funny and she's silly and she's crazy in her ways!
And her recent matrimonial dealings will crack u up anyday.

Deepak - DJ, the intellectual, the academic, the rational one,
He's works of fiction are one of the best under the sun!
His reviews, his interpretations written with such poise,
And to top it all off - DJ enjoy's debates and Lata didi's voice!

Divya - She's a darling who loves quizes online,
This girlfriend from southern lands - is truly divine.
If life's a dance - this lady knows how to at'tune',
For the good sport that you are gurl, hats off to u!

Fundoo - OK - I don't even know where to begin.
This hilairous, comical, boffo guy - is my 'blog-kin'.
He works in lands where they give "bhejitediyaan phood" :D
We've had some pretty funny times on blogger and on orkut!

Ganga - One of the most genuine guys I know,
He's absolutely down to earth, that his posts clearly show.
Amazing - the research into each post that he writes,
Tallest female, human fruit and many more such delights.

Gaurav - How many times he has made me J in these months,
and its due to his travelogues of lands where he's had fun!
Some very intuitive posts he's written in the past,
And his insightful research of social topics - sure is a blast!

Hagrid - The Hoogie-woogie bear that we know,
He's recently gone past the Atlantic where soon it will snow.
His funny and thoughtful comments, very genuinely real,
Lets pray his Mrs. get to him soon, to cook him a hearty meal!

ITNL - I met this mate, at a VBM oneday,
His funny posts and his pun will get him in trouble someday! ;)
The thoughts that he expresses are a pleasure to read,
He smiles and he smiles and he smiles - in times of need!

Invincible - The 'dude' who was up all night,
And all because he found the Indi VBM a delight.
Some really funny and intuitive posts he's written.
To tell us about himself and the life he's living.

Kapil - The mate that got me into blogging ages ago,
My real friend in life whose many secrets I know! ;)
He's genuine, he's sweet, he's great fun to be around...
And I wish him much luck and happiness to be found.

Kaush - The lady who'll one day fix my teeth,
She's jovial and bubbly and very thoughtful underneath.
One of the creators of the idea - V.B.M.
Don't talk to her in English - if you are an Indian! ;)

Khushee - My girl friend from 'the land down under'.
She used to post everyday with tits bits of daily banter.
These days she's been busy with new job and new car.
One day u'll visit all those places in the postcards of lands afar.

Lean Dude - This Mr. is as moody as they come....
He knows how to enjoy life and have loads of fun.
'Absolut'ly crazy and hilarious when he's in the mood,
I dunno about lean n mean but I enjoy this dude's attitude!

Manuscrypt - The man of many many words,
For months his stories have haunted all souls of blog-world.
Every time I read his work, I think to myself - 'Wow!
How did he think of that!' - wish I could somehow.

Meen - She's been away from her homeblog a bit,
As she's busy with hot Spices plus Miso and Sushi.
I used to enjoy the little pictures on her space,
and now with the new recipes - they'll make u race!

Neelima - So colorful this girl friend writes away,
and the pictures and the songs - such a beautiful display.
She's the teacher that kids love to have at school.
A funny little lady with many stories in her pool.

Nikhil - another one, thats gone with the wind.
This guy loves jamming and making new friends.
It was fun knowing him and reading his comments.
I wish him luck and happiness - till we meet again.

Pallavi - Ma'lady, whose templates are awesome,
she changes them like seasons and fresh new blossoms.
Recently she became the author by the brook,
Multi-skilled, multi-talented, the 'bike' road she took!

Prasad - The quiet-achiever, I say.
So many heart-felt posts he's written to this day.
He hails from Kerela, how I wish I'd see.
Hidden behind 'Dennis' - a cool guy definately.

Puneet - Another blog mate, met during my rounds,
some really cool and fun stuff this guy has found.
Now he's added to the list of bloggers - overseas,

And here's wishing him luck and may life be a breeze.

Red - We love to call her lovingly, 'Red ji',
A light-hearted and cheerful gal - nice to know thee.

She can find much logic even in the simplest of ads.
C'mon gurl lets play - no rewind or fast forward - so relax.

Ricky - The Blog Prince - the Birthday Post King!
And much much more...... all day I could sing.
'The' most thoughtful person I found in the Blog-world.
Stay the same dear friend - unshaken, unwavering and unfurled!

Saba - She loves to share her two cents.
Cooking meating point that she shares with her friends.
The second master mind behind the Bloggerati awards,
Hope to hear from her soon, her personal posts n all.

Sanaja - My dear friend in the U S of Ayyy,
I havent heard from her in a while - but hope she's okay.
Loves dancing and camping - no spare time she'll waste.

And hilarious stories she tells of - cut, copy n paste!

Sherriff - The funny guy who writes with a flair,
At times thought-provoking, at others with witty air.
His anecdote with the misses are hilarious n cute,
Mate, did I say, your opinions I don't refute?!

Shub - The smiling writer, I've read for so long,
Her blogger tips and tricks got many bloggers to throng.
Now in Singapore, she misses all things home,
My best wishes for you gurl - enjoy life as it comes.

Sir Rocks - Come n gone, gone n come this guy,
When he's in the mood, he's witty and he's sly! ;)
His descriptions, his ideas, his thoughts are so jolly,

I hope he'd write more about life and its follies.

Stone - Not the stone he likes to be called,
his wit clearly shines thru his comments n all.
These days he's missing - gone somewhere walking?
I'd hardly call him - the bad man talking.

Surinder - Mr. Garfield or Mr.Marriage guy?
He posts multiple posts a day - all in a fly.
Many of them funny and many words of wisdom,
I enjoy the witty humor, in his own, when he writes some.

Vicky - What's up Doc?! I'd like to say,
We share things 43 things n places to go away.

So bright and interesting his comments always,
In the blog world I know I found another mate!


I know this is not all.... as my list of blogmates grows everyday.

So please excuse me if your name is not written above.... as the above list was plucked from my Blogroll - which hasn't updated in a month or two.


And before I finish -

"The Seasons BEST wishes for you and your families.
May this coming year bring with it
much prosperity and happiness........"

As a kid who was scared of fire-crackers *to an extent*... Diwali was always a time of the year when the house was beautifully lit with diyas and candles. It is a tradition, *if I remember correctly* to light diyas in each and every darkest dingiest corner where you would'nt usually think of lighting them. I used to follow Mummy as she's go around the garden and in the back yard.... spreading the light.

I have always loved the glimmer of the little lights, that brighten up such places. And that is how I still celebrate diwali... with little tealight candles around my tiny apartment! :)

So.... hoping that this year we may all find light - in the darkest corners of our life!

God Bless!

Please Take Care!

I know that my Blog-niversary post is due - but while I scrabble for time to actually finish it.....

All you people in India - PLEASE take care.
I hope that none of you or you friends/family were harmed in the Delhi bombings this weekend. Its imperative that you guys take caution anywhere you go in crowded/public places.

My prayers for those that died.....
Its so sad.... their family's Diwali has ended even before it began.

Friday, October 28


"I have my hands full" - will be an understatement.

This week has been so crazy, and I am just glad that its finally over. At any other point in time... it wouldn't have mattered. I would have not posted anything for a few days and no one would have even noticed - But I had to proclaim my great Blog-niversary and vow a "one post a day week" and then get myself caught up and........................ *Blah blah blah blah*!!

Lets just FORGET IT!

Okay, festive season is well and truly upon us and you may like it or not but that means - Loads and Loads of Sugary sweets and Fatty feasts! And nothing wrong with enjoying the festive season to the fullest - but - what that will do to the waist...... we all know!

I had been thinking about this for weeks and well, I have books and quite a few of them if I may say so, about healthy lifestyles and good diets and Detox plans etc. etc..... but I never really applied any of it to 'myself'. :) I used to just give my expert advise to all my girlfriend's here and they would go, "Wow! You're right... I should do that!" "Excellent idea. I'll try that." etc.

And it was not until my back injury, that I really realised what I was doing to myself. I was in a job where I sat on my bum the whole day and then I'd go home and stuff my face with anything and everything. And excercise?! - No way!!

When my Physio asked me at our first meeting, "What sort of exercise do you do?"
I was silent for a few seconds and then I blurted -
She just smiled and said, "Hmmm.. well... We're going to have to fix that - won't we?" :)
And I was like,

That was 6 weeks ago.

And today I am proud to tell you that I had my final visit to the physio this morning and she says, "You're cured!" and I feel it too!!

The credit of it all goes to:
* the swimming lessons - that my physio pushed me to join (and was something that I had wanted to do for so long)
* the cool swim gear - that my girl friends help me find.
* the evening jogs - with 'him' or my bro.
* the new wrist-weights - that I simply wrap around my wrists and tone my arms while I jog!
* the new hi power juicer - that 'he' got for me! (it motivates me to drink lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juice everyday) :)

*sigh* I feel a whole lot better.......

It has really been amazing - this transformation, and I want to continue this spell.

So I have decided to document this 'lifestyle journey' in a new blog called,
"Peace-Calm-Harmony" . Here on this blog, I shall keep track of my weekly progress with my diet and exercise routine. I'll keep a record of my 'healthy' recipes from time to time and *hopefully* nice pics of my 'healthy' self as I go along!

A glimpse of that new space is here for you -->

All you ladies, who would like to join me in this journey are most welcome to drop by from time to time. :)

Tomorrow *Thank God! finally!* is the D-DAY. The day that I have so shamelessly been raving about for sooo long! I am not going to make any more promises about my post or my surprises etc etc.........

Like someone said -
"The course of life is unpredictable,
no one wrote their autobiography in advance."

And neither can I.

So.... Sayonara!
See you....when I see you. :)

Wednesday, October 26

Thats it!

I'm just sooooo tired....
Every muscle in the body aches.....


*this unfortuantely is my Blog-niversary Celebration post for today!*
Somethings are just totally out of one's control... and "this" fatigued - drowsy day is one of them.

I promise to be back tomorrow with *hopefully* a double surprise.


Tuesday, October 25


...that I found!

*As the Blog-niversary Celebrations continue!*

One year ago, I was going about my business.... oblivious of a parallel universe.

*A universe where you met a new friend 24hours a day and seven days a week.
*A universe where you can pour out deepest feelings and not be scorned at.
*A universe where friends are found and kept for a lifetime.

So to day I send, MY BEST wishes for my very very dear Blogmate on his birthday today.

RICKY!! Many many happy returns of the day, mate.

Ricky...... I didnt even know who he was.
Ricky...... poured in his comments to every post.
Ricky...... he made my weather-chic into a weather-bloke.
Ricky...... he found humor even in my quirkiest of posts.

Ricky...... I thought he was my age.
Ricky...... I heard him on VBM one day.
Ricky...... sang the 'Lakshya' song.
Ricky...... he had the solutions for every problem.

Ricky...... showed his luggage for his weekend trip.
Ricky...... he told the secret of 'Lord of the rings'.
Ricky...... he was "Sania" fan from day one.
Ricky...... he was always fun!

Ricky...... why do I write as if its past tense?
Ricky...... you're thinking I make no sense.

Ricky...... mate, it started as a flashback.
Ricky...... now I'm coming back on track. ;)

Ricky...... mate, I'm honored to know you.
Ricky...... the one of the most thoughful people I know.
Ricky...... mate, did I say, "You Rock"?!
Ricky...... this one is for you alone! :)

All the best for everything in life!
Take is easy...... and I pray that your 'her' is found on ....soon! ;) LOL!!


Monday, October 24

EFIL - Life the other way round! ;)

Post II - in Blog-niversary Celebrations :)


When you think of all the important turns your life has made, when you think about all the milestones you have crossed in your journey, when you envision all the scenes of happy days and sad that have passed you by..... you are either thinking too much - or are probably at the verge of old age! :P

Because living life to the fullest, is all about looking forward - to the unexpected and not worrying about things till you really have to! Ofcourse the little devil misanthropist inside me wont ever let me take anything lightly - till I prepare myself - conjure a backup plan, a Plan B for that unforseen worst case scenario. And tho' some might find this trait of mine a little annoying, I know I will have much success with it in my career! *I have inside information that people get top $$ for planning for times when $hit hits the fans!!!!*

Ahem.... no we are not doing any of that here today tho' *Sorry!* :)

Hence, the discussion today is about not what we should do in life - but rather what can we do "without". What I think I want - out - of my life and what you think you want out.... *of your life..not mine! ;)*

1. I reckon, I can do without - keeping stuff in my heart!
Symptoms => Sleepless nights - Crying alone when no one is watching. :(

2. I can also do without - Guilty feelings when eating things with lotsa bad FAT.
Symptoms => *white angel in the head going - "Hey! What is wrong with you?! Put it down! I say put it down!!"* and I go, 'munch! munch!!' :[

3. I can definately do without - Procrastination. *oh man!!*
Symptoms => Job to be done ASAP - me making note in my calender for a reminder tomorrow! :P

4. I can surely do without - SitComs *Godness how much % of my life has already gone by in front of the Idiot-box! grrrr!!!*
Symptoms => I have to make dinner - I see 'Coming Up Next = Survivor' - 2 hours later - I have to make dinner!! *Oopsie daisies! :P*

5. 6. 7. 8. 9......... And many many more.......
The list is endless and the whole week will pass by while I whine n grumble.

Let it be told to all ye blogmates of mine, I, Nupur, solemnly swear to not do what I'm not supposed to do and not grumble and complain that I did what I wasn't supposed to do.

And I know for sure - that you also do what you are not supposed to do - *hehehe* - so whats there to hide?! Tell me.... I wanna know.

UPDATE - Halo comments playing up BIG time!
Pliss to be using Blogger comment today. :[

Sunday, October 23

A week of celebrations....

Is it some sort of divine intervention..... that the festive weekend has fallen at the same time as this blog-niversary! :)

So while everyone is busy shopping and cleaning up - I thought I'd take this time out to entertain you online. And hence, the coming six days will be - 'One post each day' week with different ideas, different styles of posts each day till the finale on Sat, 29th Sept - the D Day!
I realise that with the amount of talent thats around's a huge task -but I shall try my best. And you... yes "you" - please don't be mean *and please don't "Booo" me!* :P

But before I begin - I have a huge concern that I'd like to bring forth here on my blog.

I am being neglect by my blog mates! :(
And I have proof!! 2 VBM's that have been announced recently have not taken into consideration the times here in Oz.

Sunday Evening IST= Very very Late Sunday night AUST.
=> I can not attend them!

So please... all future VBM organisers, be kind and consider bloggers like me too. My suggestion, please organise VBM on Sunday morning IST, so its only Sunday afternoon in AUST and Saturday night in Europe and Americas.

*phew* OK... now that thats out of my system, my first post for this week --

Quotes - old ones that I quoted before. *now lets see of they can make new waves!*

"Teach me to care and not to care....
in this brief transit where dreams cross.... "
- By Anonymous
"It's a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do."
- Walter Winchell

"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable,
you disconnect yourself from what you truly want,
and all that is left is a compromise. "
- Robert Fritz
"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos
- the trees, the clouds, everything."
- Thich Nhat Hanh

"Pain (any pain--emotional, physical, mental) has a message. The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific, but it usually falls into one of two categories: "We would be more alive if we did more of this," and, "Life would be more lovely if we did less of that." Once we get the pain's message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away."
- Peter McWilliams
Quotes - ...and new!
And I have found some silly and serious quotes on birth, age and death - for this blog has seen me born fresh in my happy days, age in my tired days and die in my shitty days....

"Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child.
She must be found and stopped."
- Sam Levenson
"When I was born I was so surprised, I didn't talk for a year and a half!"
- Gracie Allen
"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age."
- Lucille Ball
"A man should not leave this earth with unfinished business.
He should live each day as if it were a pre-flight check.
He should ask each morning, 'Am I prepared to lift-off?' "
- Diane Frolov and Andrew Schnieder
"Never knock on Death's door: ring the bell and run away!
Death really hates that!"
- Matt Frewer
Tally ho!!

Tuesday, October 18

Home and Away......

pata nahi crazy kyun wilayt layi,
Punjab ich saariyaan kuwaariyaan.
Phool koi wilayt wala lay gaya,
hor chunta mai reh gaya kiyaariyaan......"

Firstly apologies if my Punjabi written above is not correct, but thats what I was able to make of a punjabi folk song that I heard a while ago. The rough translation by yours truly is written below for those who arent familiar with the language.

* dont know why crazy for foreign lands,
are all these maidens of Punjab.
The flower's been plucked by the man from foreign lands,
and I am left, picking at the flower bed....*

And I quote this song here today because this idea is whats been running thru my head - off and on......for a while now.

India, the developed nation full of educated females and (ahem!) decent boys... but you still come across a female every once in a while who just cant wait to get married to a guy from foreign lands and get away!! And I dont think this is the case with 'Punjabi' females stated by the song above - and although I am trying my best not to use the lyrics out of context, the idea still rings true for a lot of young adults in my homeland.

I'm not sure what irks me more -
* A Bollywood star flaunting a US of A flag shirt...
* A advert with prefered partner to hail from US of A or Inglaand or Canedda!
* A desi mom in India talking to her 3 year old in English and not feeding the kid his porridge till he says 'Yes, Mommy!' ..

I wonder......
-- Why dosen't the 'Bollywood' star wear the Indian flag shirt with just as much enthusiasm ? - *on a day when India is not playing a cricket match!*
-- Why the first preference of a possible mate from foreign? And will the girl compromise with a uneducated or useless foreign boy instead of an educated and self-sufficiant guy from next door?
-- What is going on here? Does 'Yes, Mommy!' make the kid more lovable or let the pompous 'Mommy' have another thing to brag about to her kitty friends?!

I do not understand........

I admit that I wanted to study overseas since I was 14... it was the most exciting idea my teen head could comprehend! And I was proud of myself when I finally accomplished that dream three years later. But when I came here and met other Indians from my homeland, I realised that some had very different and some even totally wierd perceptions and views about India. And because intentionally or unintentionally I fall in the same category as them - I fear of being categorised as the 'females who cant get enough of foreign land!'

I am not practising what I preach.....
I am going to turn into them - even if I'm not like them just yet....

Is this the beginning of an identity crisis for me?! Are any of you out there in foreign lands facing a similar dilemma? Are you the people of my homeland thinking - what the hell is she complaining about? .......??

Friday, October 14

New Chapter....

...for the petals of my life!

Thank you so much to all you dear blogmates - This month I will complete my first year in Blogsville! And what an exciting year it has been.

* I discovered blogging.
* I discovered new templates.
* I discovered free web services.

* I found a pool of new friends.
* I found my writing skills.
* I found the best past time.

* I was amazed at what people can write.
* I was amazed to see the most beautiful web-spaces ever.
* I was amazed when I saw the literary genius of you people!

There is still a fortnight to go for my Blog-niversary, so I thought that I will take this time to reflect on this past year.....what it has been for me and what I have written, ranted and gossiped about.

But - please to be not thinking that *FLASH BACK* has begun, so time to be going to make that dinner or to wash those dishes or to clean that garage - for new petals will soon appear as new blossoms bloom. :D

Could not have done this without you!
*muaaaahhhh!* *blushing!*

Friday, October 7

New Beginnings......

Life both offline and online is taking a turn, going around the bend, about to reveal something unkown and unexpected...! And someone who loves to be surprised (good ones ofcourse~!) - I am just enjoying the 'joy ride'!!

Just to name a few things that are going on-

Online-> I pay attention to my cooking blog again!
Offline-> I begin to learn Japanese (read+write).

Online-> I start a new Blog Event: If thoughts could cook....
Offline-> I shop for my swimming gear as I prepare for my first swimming lesson ever!

Online-> I have found a very beautiful new template for moi blog...the unveiling in a week's time.
Offline-> I prepare for my trip back home in Feb06.

Online-> I'm getting involved in e-debates!
Offline-> I'm planning to update my resume and go for a tour around handing them out....

Its wierd..... how things stay motionless for so long and then suddenly the heavy creaky machinery called 'life', starts to give way and turn and then things just start rolling one after the other....

I'm having a gala time - to say the least.
Just hang on guys... for the fun has only begun! :)

Thursday, October 6

Here n there.....

While I try and take the reins of my life back into my hands, here's something to keep you occupied. :)

Found this on Puneet's blog.
My Cyborg name - and somebody please explain....becuase I just cant understand it! Ultimate Repair?!! LOL!

Networked Unit Programmed for Ultimate Repair

And then more from Divya's.
Do you guys believe in this stuff?! I mean... it does make sense at times........

The Goddess of Magic and Peace. You are a born
star. Always supportive and influential, you
the centre of attention and you are
exceptionally friendly. You are a classic

Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Dominant Personality: Understanding

Good Traits: You gravitate towards people,
and are a shoulder to lean on. You give advice
at any given time.

Bad Traits: You aren't close with any one
person. You immerse yourself in other people's
problems and forget your own.

People see you as: Friendly, secretive, and
popular. People envy you, and may try and use
you as a tool

You're most like: Grace. You both have
positive relationships with people. Neither of
you have close friends, but unlike graceful
people, you try to help people out and aren't
as arrogant.

You need more: Solitude. You hardly get the
chance to breathe when you take on the world's
problems. You can't take other's
responsibilities or put them before your own.
Be selfish once in a while and discover who you
really are.

What's your dominant trait? (10 unique results)
brought to you by Quizilla

Take care guys.......
I shall be back!! :)

Tuesday, October 4

wanted to say.....

I wanted to say..... its alright.
I wanted to say..... its all good.
I wanted to say..... things put me down.
But I'm up and running, as I should.

When the mind is saying.... thats it.
When the mind is saying.... its enough.
When the mind is saying.... hang on now.
I'm saying - I've just started up.

Its wierd ..... this blank within.
Its wierd ..... this hollow deep.
Its wierd ..... how life is in a maze.
And I stop myself from falling asleep.

Just when things..... are picking up their pace.
Just when things..... make no sense at all.
Just when things..... are taking a crazy turn.
I feel as if I'm about to take a fall.

I want to say.... I'm here.
I want to say.... hang on.
I want to say.... don't worry mate.
And thanks for cheering me on! :)

I'm simmering away!