Saturday, January 22

The girl has a game and the boy can shout!

If you read my last post, you may have known my mind set yesterday at work. I was ready to run out of my office screaming, "Mummy!!!!!!"


So I settled for Mummy's son. :)
My bro, called him home.

"Suraj, what are you doing?"
"In the kitchen, washing some dishes."
"What are you making for dinner?"
"Arrey behen, you have to make dinner that is why I'm washing the dishes!"
"What are you making for dinner."
"I won't wash the dishes, if you don't make dinner!!"
"What are you making?"
Oh! I love getting on his nerves...such a stress releiving excercise! Sachhi!!
Ignoring me completely he said, "Today is Sania's match."
"OK, whats the score?"
"Hasn't started yet."
"Let me check the schedule of play on the net." After a few seconds, "Oh! its on right now, they are starting the warmup!"
"Behen, lets go see it! Pleeeeaase! We will cheer for Sania and make her win the match."
Kids and their undying faith! I wanted the believe the same, I think.
Btw, I'm a kid too! *hehe*

Anyways, I said, "Fine, finish what you are doing, then come to the city. I finish work in half n hour, see you at the Ticket sales thingy outside Vodafone Arena. We might be able to make it."

45mins. later.
"Come on, Saaaaniiiaaaaaa!!"
We made it, but were pretty late. Could see quite a few Indian flags in the arena. That in itself was enough. I was happy, very proud indeed.

Sania played well... we all know. We have obviously not seen the end of her. She has a game. She put up a fight...tried and well...she's 18. Has a long time!

Suraj was just awed by the fact that he was in a International Grand Slam match! :)

All I heard till the next match began was, "Awesome!" "Amazing" "Unbelievable" "This will take me 5 very long mails to explain to all my friends in India."
and "Behen, dekhna Sania will beat Serena next year, right here in the Australian Open. You wait and see!"
Love the guy! Did I say that before?!

If Sania's match went for 50mins. next one went on for 4hours!!!
Swedish No.11 seed Joachim JohanssonVs Spanish No.24 Feliciano Lopez.

There were almost 100 Swedish supporters dressed in the Swedish flags with all the pompoms and horns and drums etc. Shouting away to glory.

And Suraj like many of the remaining Indians in the arena started rooting for the underdog Lopez! If you see that match, the marathon rather, that went on to 5 sets the last one upto 13-11, and hear a guy's voice yelling "LoooopeeeeZZZ" That is Suraj.

Honest, for the whole first two sets, I was hiding my face everytime he would yell out coz everyone around would turn to see him.

But shamelessly, so enthusiastically, Suraj kept going.
Clap - Clap

By himself for a while...then as Lopez picked up his game...all around us started joining in!
I did too. :P

I think the Swedish crowd got to Lopez at the end, Johansson won, 6-3 3-6 5-7 7-6 13-11. Way after 11pm our time.

Was a great game. Great evening.
Cheers again to Sania.
Cheers to my buddy-boy Suraj.

He can barely 'croak' this morning!


Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

Wow you guys are so lucky. Why can't Canada have a grand-slam match...:(. There is just one major tournament here and that also in bloddy Toronto (3000 miles and 3 time zones away), but then I guess Aussies are pretty sporty people (so are Canadians but they can't get over there ice-hockey like we can't get over cricket). Wow, men's tennis is great to watch too because it goes for much longer. I am a tennis-junkie sorry.

I am glad you had fun.


Nupur said...

@Ricky: Yes, I was great.
I am very taken by the Aussies myself, their love for outdoor and sports plus their sportsman-spirit. I guess, I am lucky... will be looking forward to the Australian Grand Prix 2005 here in Melbourne next! :D

Anonymous said...

Mehak Says : lucky to c that match.. said...

i didnt knew who Sania mirza was untill suddenly.. the newspaper got flooded... i did watch the match..on tv. but watching live is altogether different experience

hopefully might get to see Live next austrailan, hey BTW do u use messenger (my yahoo : puneetworld ) or can i have your email if possible. coz

wondering if i would have your opinion about,RMIT and queensland uni

Puneet World

Nupur said...

@Mehak: Thanks :) It was good to be able to cheer her.

@Puneet: :D Good for you, congrats.
I myself am a RMITian so I'll surely take its side. I don't know if you mean Central Queensland uni..?!

shub said...

yeesh...i see i've missed some posts here!!! wow u were at the venue!!cool:)

Nupur said...

@Shub: Hey gurl!
Yes, it was fun. Wish you were here! :D

Poonam said...

you have a brother named Suraj????? So do I. :) Elder brother.