Sunday, January 9

A little help... goes a long way!

Sunday is nice!

Woke up a minute before the alarm. We went to the "World Vision" office today as we had volunteered to help out with receiving phone calls for donations for the Tsunami affected areas. Thankfully it was busy with lots of calls after last nights Charity Concert. The centre made $20.5 million since last night 6pm...!
One sweet boy not more than 7 or 8 yrs called, coz he wanted to donate his $5!

BTW... I kinda like playing the Gocarting game on the steering wheel..!! I think I'm gonna get hooked up to those racing games just like my bro!

Ciao coz I got to...Wrrrrrrrooommmmm!!!!


arvindiyer said...

Ahhhh...good good...well I couldn;t donate anything here..but then I was a volunteer in the tsunami hit areas for one week...It was a TRANSFORMIN experience...

Nupur said...

Hey Arvind! Good on you. :)

The charity match today... how good is that~! ROW has made 344 runs which means $344,000 from the '3' a TeleCom Company they said they will donate $1,000 per run in the match. Plus $50,000 for every six from Toyota Automobiles!

Are you guys watching? Asia will start batting in half n hour.

manuscrypts said...

i started with roadrash, and that was a long time back..vrooom!!.. i have been told that my driving has been more aggressive ever since i started playing :)

Nupur said...

@Manu - So true!!! Imagine playing 'Hit and Run' all evening and then going on the roads in the morning. With the peak hour traffic...I might as well just 'Hit' and 'Run'..!!

Nupur said...

The charity cricket yesterday made $14.6 million!! Wow..good huh? There will be a second charity match again next month.
Hoping that the support for Tsunami victims will continue for the years to come, unlike some victims in Earthquakes etc in previous years where governments promised millions of dollars but never delivered after the media and public attention moved away.

Vishnu said...

Yep,the match was the best thing to have happened.It was kinda nice to see people like SRT coming in as the 12th man and carrying drinks just to be part of the game.

What made me happy was the fact that players were really serious about the game and did not consider this as another charity match.They were really fighting for the tsunami victims.

Nupur said... true Vishnu!
True Sportsman Spirit.!!! We want to see more of this for a while.

I'm proud to be a sports fan! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Nupur
Just dropped in to say ello

Cynic in Wonderland

Nupur said...

Hey Cynic..
a very warm ello-ello to you too :D

Parii said...

You're certainly growing up, beta. :-))

Nupur said...

Hey Wingie..!
Should I take that as a compliment??!