Monday, February 28


so tired today!
I had a busy weekend as it was 'his' birthday on Saturday. All the cooking for the little get-together and cleaning up later has made me exhausted!!

so geeky today!
I am occupied with a SQL server database that I had created that saves transactions via an ASP.NET web interface. And the query is not working.

so foolish today!
I can't seem to remember anything... where are the reports I printed on Friday?!

so fit today!
I have worn my dark green suit whose trousers had become tight after a month or so. It fits perfectly again!

so pretty today!
I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and it just feels wonderful~!

O Summer, please stay!!

*coz my summer is going away.*
People of the southern hemisphere - Do you share my concern?!
And all you people in the northern hemisphere - Are you ready for spring yet?


shodZ said...

post the querry n the error. should be simple

Prasad said...

me feeling so saaadddddddd today!!!
the reason being, monday is back... and 5 more days of work before the next weekend :((

bablu said...

Wish him a happy b'day from my side. Have Fun :)

Nupur said...

@Shodz: Hey Thanks! But I figured it out!! :D

@Prasad: Oh Cheer up!! You wont even know and Friday will be here!

Nupur said...

@Bablu: Thanks I will...
You have a good week too!

manuscrypts said...

hmmm, summer over, clothes stop xpanding, huh?? ;)

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Uff uff! Did someone cook?! :O) OMG wonder how people managed to eat? :p At least b'day ke din to "oonko" maafi milni chahiye thi Nupur! :D Kidding...

Hey btw happy belated b'day to 'him'! :-) Waie why just b'DAY.. may be happy b'YEAR or happy b'DECADE. :-) And may be after a decade I'll meet you both again to wish you another happy b'DECADE!! :-)

shub said...

i can swear i commented here this morn! :-/
damn, where did it disappear?!
have a great week ahead girl!

Kaps said...

its snowfalin here..:(..spring spring come soon..

Nupur said...

@Manu: Stop expanding?! I thought clothes shrink in the summers! ;)

@Fundamental: Oye! Oye!! Don't you say no nothing about my cooking Mr.!! I'm a very good cook I'm told. :)
B'Year and B'Decade - Hey please don't say that in front of any Cards or Gifts company coz if they get the idea then it'll mean more money spending on such occasions.
*ofcourse I don't mind receiving them! hahaha*

Nupur said...

@Shub: :O Your comment got lost! Hmm... wonder how!
Hey you have great week too!!

@Kaps: Snowfalling! Brrrrrrr!!!

Is there any raaga you can sing,
to call the Spring??!

Oh! It rymes..!!! *hahaha*

Khushee said...

I don't mind summer going away. I quite like Autumn. It's just been so hot over here in Sydney the past week!

Nupur said...

@Khushee: Autumn is good... but here as you know Winter = Rain and thats no good at all!!! :(

Pallavi said...

I love spring :)

Nupur said... spring will come again in Oct!!