Friday, February 25

I just wanna...

coz you're making me feel alright!!

Happy days are here! *or soo it seems for many of us* And I'm 'happy' for that!! =)
Recently there has been a lot of good news from all sides, including the buddies from Blogsphere! First it was Gaurav - returning from a trip, Shub - with news from family, Pallavi - going on a trip, and finally Arvind - back into the blog world with a BANG!!

*Strange how their post titles are 'Yeeehaaawww!', 'Paaraam Paaraam Paaraa!', 'Deliriously, insanely happy' and 'And the Adventure continues' - wont the title itself bring a smile to your face?!*

Thats the way - aaha aaha - I like it!!!

Me out of my cold n flu! Hey... the way I was busy answering the questionaires, I didn't really let anyone know did I?! ;)


I was reading an article earlier this week in the Staff Cafetaria on my break named, "Forever Happiness - Are you really happy?", on a local magazine. The writer had an interview with a scientist who had been researching on happiness for the past 20 or so years. I don't remember the exact details..and I tried to find the mag today, but its gone.

Some things in particular that I remember about the results of this scientist's research are -

=> Women are usually happier at age 20-25, while men at 30-35.
Reason: These years are the peak times for their lives.

=> People who are married are generally happier than their unmarried counterparts.
Reason: Marriage makes people 'content and fulfilled'!
*now who was complaining about marriage again?!*

=> People in Switzerland are among the happiest in the world!
Reason: The social and economic life style.
*any Swiss resident looking for someone's hand in marriage? Please contact ASAP!! ;)*

And many such quirky ones. Its a shame that I cant remember any more and that I cant find the article to quote some more.


Now I want to know -
What has made you happy - today ??


shub said...

reading this post ;o)

Manpreet said...

That today is last working day of this week... :)

weekend is near.. i can feel it :D

Ricky said...

Ask me what made me mad today? You coming to my blog and just leaving a 2-liner...:'(...I wrote all those answers while having a headache and *BAWALLLLLLLLLLLL*...Me angry, very angry....

bablu said...

I dont agree that men are happy b/w 30-35.I can vouch for that. I was more happy b4 than I am now surely. Im unmarried so have to get married to b'come happy ha? God find me a Swiss girl...
Reading ur Blog has made me happy today. CHEERS !!!!

Ricky said...


Pallavi said...

hahah Fridays... babe !!!
Fridays always make me happy ... yipeeeee

and good to know that you are feeling better !! :)

Parii said...

Married people are happier!!!???!!!!!! I've been married 10 years and I have yet to learn that!!!

Well that sure made ME happy today, to know that I'm happier NOW than I would have been if I had been single!!!!!!!!!!

Puneet said...

What made me happy … ER…. That I got to Sleep 3 and half and hour the extra Crucial half and hour more…K mean a lot ……

then ... got less bored in the lecture ... thats also a happy point.. ;)

Some hindi movie cliché dialogue “Marriage who ladu jo haiye who pastaye aor jo na khaye who bhi pastaye… “

For men being happy at 30-35 could be true may be it’s the Self-Actualization age ..;) maslow lol …

Prasad said...

Oh swiss ppl.... any gal out thr in the blogsphere from swiss!!!!! if so.. mail meeeeeeee
u gotto get that magazine and write the entire ones..
this is fun.. :))
have a wonderful weekend.. bye...

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Uff uff... looks like *that* magazine is already in demand! Was there any mention of which part of the world has the most welthier gals? :p

Ummm.. ok what made me happy today! So many things actually...

*Phone call from an engineering college mate - super surprise

*Words of praise from clients in front of my boss - well not so surprising ;)

*Seeing snow on Tokyo streets - felt like running on the snow mountains and have a snow fight :-)

*Getting 50% discount on subway sandwitches - loyalty pays haan!

*Last but not the least opportunity to laze around for next two days.Hurrayyy!! :-)

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Heyyy btw good to know that you are out of flu. Those poor flu bacteria are saved. :D

Nidhi said...

Hey Nupur!Wat is this bcomment and hcomment ya??Sorry i might sound stupid but my G.K. regarding blogs n all is really bad!:(
Nice ques. on Ricky's blog... time permitting i'll also visit some other blogs of ur friends!!:)
Gosh i'm really getting addicted to this yaar...but its fun...n u guys rite exceptionally well!! Wish i too was gifted with the talent...*sigh*
Yesssss....smthing really made me happy tday....
Hua yeh...heyyy tumhaare blog pe toh word limit naheen hai naa??
:-? Nooooo i dont want to take a chance....wat if this bcomes long n then....toh isliye another comment.........

Nidhi said...

Hmmmm.... toh wat made me happy today....
I got a call frm mom dat she's coming down to hyderabad for a week....oh my god!!I was thrilled!!Now wat else would've i asked for at this point of time wen things are going pretty rough at my end....

Nihar said...

The smell of moist earth after some early morning rain :)

Nihar said...

does it mean that a 33 yr old Swiss man married to 23 yrs old Swiss woman make THE happiest couple?

Anonymous said...

Hey .. sometimes u know we go through that time zone when we hear everything good and thats the fine time ...
well according to me i agree that men are most happier at the age between 30 to 35 coz till that time they have achieved a good deal in their jobs and have become focused and have set their ambition paths :) hehehehe.. well that doesn't mean i am 30. heheeh i am way younger .. hahahha :)


sanaja said...

Whats made me happy...This week is finallly over and its friday..and its my brothers b' short..partyyy time...

sanaja said...

hey...i've also posted my 5 questions...(finally)...

ur blog looks gr8 now...High time I updated mine..;)

Kaps said...
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Kaps said...

meez happy all the from home..made me happy! mom's writing emails to!!..btw i may not blog for a

Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

Ok, me back in a happy mood today. What made me happy today? Ummmm...the news that cricket season is starting and I have to goto practice on Sunday. It's time I honed my yorkers...yipieeeeeeeeeeee


anks said...

hi nupur, i found sum time today and am visiting all the blogs that i've been wanting to visit.... and a trip to urs was loooooong due!
absolutely love the new look......
and the five questions? interesting!!!! i have just one - How did you come up with such an idea?
what made me happy today? unexpected cancellation of my meeting - that gave me soooooooo much of free time!!!

Nupur said...

@Shub: :D Then I'll do my best to keep you ha-ppy!

@Manpreet: OH! Thaaatt..!
;) Weekend happiness... u are easy to please.

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Beta.... patience rakho.
Beta...patience rakho.
Beta patience rakho..


@Bablu: You b/w 30-35?
You better find yourslef a Swiss ma'am soon dude! ;)

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Thhaand rakh thhaand!
Your comments are posted boy!!

@Pallavi: Ypu are also so easy to please Pallo. Friday ...thats it?! :) Hope ur weekend is ROCKING then!!

Nupur said...

@Aekta: 10years..?!
You sure dont look it.
And where's ur hubby... I have some things to tell him!!!

@Puneet: "Self-Actualization age" oooooOOOOO!!! Big word man!
You will have to tell me that when you get there...ok?!
And another easy pleasing chap.

Nupur said...

@Prasad: Hey! this is not the classifieds dude!! Plz no matrimonials here!!

@Fundamental: Seems like your day has been "Happy-licious" indeed! :D
And guessing the weekend is goin just as Rockin too!!

Thanks for your concern for the bugs! :) *hahaha*

Nupur said...

@Nidhi: We will have to still seperately so I can go thru the Blogging-basics with you!
But yes, I am definately surrounded with some very talented writers and "pen-men *ehm* /women" indeed! You should try too.

And Aunty in HYD!!! Thats a huge surprise. Wow! You are surely lucky. Wish my mummy would get an opportunity to visit me!
Happy for you!! :D

Nupur said...

@Nihar: Did you get to smell it today?! :) Waahh!

And yes, that's the jist of it all. The perfect match made in heaven!!

@Bhargav: I could disagree with you and say that men are happier at 30-35 because that's when 'Men grow up!'
But then... thats just me... and I don't know many men that age that well!!! :D

Nupur said...

@Sanaja: :D Another Weekend wanton!! Enjoyed ur bro's b'day??

And girl...those were 'some' ques. I have posted your replies.
*still thinking for the answer to ur last ques.*

@Kapil: I WISH I could get my mom to write me mails.... it would be sooo much easier and faster... but Mummy naa..!!!

Nupur said...

@Ricky: *hahaha* Indian Boys and their Cricket! Lucky that your summers are around the corner... mine are about to be over. :(

@Anks: Welcome back! It surely has been a long long time.
Ans: I did not some up with the idea. Rather got trapped by asking someone else 5 ques! :D
No meetingS! How good if that'd happen all the time. ;)