Friday, February 11

Analogy or Anomaly ?!

A new word got added to my everyday vocabulary today. I call it 'new' because I haven't ever really used in everyday speech.

Analogy - Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.

Analogy: Where can I use this word? Analogy...... Analogy......
I think of 'him'. (I have mentioned 'him' too many times recently...Haven't I...?!) Well, I think of 'him' anyways.

'Things that are otherwise dissimilar' - that's us. And still there are similarities. Like:

  • We both like Sci-fi movies.
  • We both like Comedy movies.
  • We both love 'my' cooking!
  • We both like Chillout music.
  • We both like Jagjit Singh.
  • We both love to go on drives...on a rainy day with nice music in the car on a freeway somewhere above 100K..!
  • We both love to travel.
  • We both enjoy each others company.
  • We both have a temper.
  • We both know that when one is angry the other should shutup and let the 'angry devil' calm down.
  • We both are emotional.
  • We both are water signs - hence we both love water: sea, ocean, river, lake, get the drift...
  • And so on and so forth.....

These are the analogies between our otherwise anomalous relation.

Anomaly - Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.

I say anomaly not because of any obvious differences but because of our very silent, subtle distinctive traits. Things that an outsider may not really be able to notice (you might, after you have read it!). Like:

  • He prefers action movies; I like Romantic ones.
  • He prefers Roti - Sabzi; I like to try different cuisines.
  • He prefers 'WWE'; I like 'Survivor'.
  • He becomes loud when he's angry; I go quiet... simmering inside!
  • He cools down in 2 mins.; If engaged, I have to rant and rave about the topic of discussion and all the topics before that.
  • He says, "Lets forget it"; I say, "Lets talk about it".
  • And the like....

And then, we try to find balance.
Time probably has done that to us. Now every 'roll of the eyes', every 'frown', every 'twitch of a muscle', every 'silence' is recognizable.

Friends we had been..... found, learnt, loved - encouraged/hated - argued. And here we are today, planning a life together. Don't know yet when that day will come when I shall be Mrs. The thought is uplifting and scary all at the same time.
Want it ASAP? Don't think so. Looking forward? Yes, definately.

Why am I becoming all mushy and romantic today......?!
Probably because its 3 days to Valentine's and "Love is in the air!"

Do you think Valentine's is a bad thing? Does it mean that one can get away with 'NOT' being romantic the rest of the year?
For you Valentine's or No Valentine's you are romantic all year round..??!!!


manuscrypts said...

was with you guys till point 5, then too many anomalies cropped up ;)

bablu said...

Nice post. All the best for your future married life. Cheers

Anonymous said...

hi nupur,
hey remember me?
looong time no c...rite...
how is ur bro... u never tole me his name... had thought would meet him in college...chal anyways u would have told him my name?
anyways how r u these days. whats been happening?
i have moved from my previous blog since quite some time.
this is my new page


AJ said...

You can be romantic any time in a year...but valentine day means
1.To celebrate another completion of year of good realtion.
2.Can try to fix up spoiled relation.
3.To make ur dear one's feel that u still love and care for them,though u were busy all the year around.
4.To make up new relations.

Nidhi said...

Hey Nupur..
Lovely blog yaar!I really really liked it alot..n u wont belive it but reading u're blog is now becoming an irrevocable habit.
To be very frank i never used to like this concept of blogging coz i always used to feel that one shud never share his/her feelings n emotions with an outsider..
I myself write diaries....but i must say u're blog has shook my strongest beliefs!!
The best part is that now even i'm kind of giving into the temptation of writing a blog!! *grinning*
What say??
About u being romantic....i think u have all the valid reasons for it...i mean if i would've been in u're place...head over heels in love with somebody,i surely would have behaved the same or maybe would've gone beyond this...
But u know something...its quite hard to take the fact that a person like U would be soooo deeply n emotionally involved with someone coz i've always seen that tomboy at school who used to crack jokes during the classes,make fun of teachers(remember VJ&daddu & miss Trivedi...),participate in races & Tug-of-wars & always play the role of boys in the skits n dramas...toh the picture that i have in my mind is of that Nupur at S.M.C.,but it feels really good when i try to fit in the picture of the present Nupur into that old one at school!!

My gosh!! Too much for first time..isnt it?? Chalo now that it has become a habit,i'll keep visiting u're blog n will also leave a comment...i promise!!

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Nice! Touching for sure. Would always pray that every day of life is no less than V day! :-) Ooopzzz ya ya V day minus the expensive gift that is :D Good work pal... your blog is awesome!

sanaja said...

woweee...awsome post!!!...loved the anlogies and the anolomies..hehe...all the best for ur future...I think Valentine's day is good thing. Nowadays plp get busy and although we might love that special someone, we might not always get the time to show it out..Atleast, from what I've seen, this day lets to you do that...But I'm all for finding a guy who will make my everyday a V day..sigh...heheh

have fun...

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

I love your analogies and anomlies. Let me see what do I like/dislike among all of these:

Likes: Comedy movies, chillout music, Jagjit Singh, long drives, travelling, roti-sabzi, different cuisines too,

Dislikes: Sci-fi movies, WWE, Survivor.

No Comments: About your

As far as Valentines Day is concerened, well I think the negative way to describe it would be "A day to make mockery of single people and make them feel bad about themselves". Positive way "It's all about love".

Anyways, unlike India here V-day is a family thing with everyone wishing each other and giving V-day cards to your family memebers as well as yor significant other/watever.

Happy Valentines Day to you though and May GOD Bless both of you and your relationship.


Twisted Fate said...

hmm...ever heard the song "lets call the whole thing off", by Ella Fitzgerald featuring Louis Armstrong? really like it.

Gaurav said...

Hmm...its clear that u have put some thinking while writing this post...

I too know the meaning og Anomaly and Analogy..but where is the one to compare with!! Sigh...

Sangeeta said...

Came by your blog through ur comments on Anand Viswanathan's blog.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Vaentne's Day, but I still feel, it's overhyped thanks emdia and marketing strategies..

Nice blog BTW said...

Analogy or Anomaly ?!"

And everytime u mention *him* the word which comes to my mind is one more.. A anonomous… lol thatz coz not read your all the blog post so is this *him* bf / or fiancĂ©

All the Best for Life ahead :-)

Hey with regards to… valentine day … got two views first… its over hyped.. like … those card manufacturing people just hyped it too much… could be for commercialization … but then whats the harm if it lets one have a good time… on that particular day… at same time … think… one doesn’t need to wait till valentine to express ones love

Hey about Black would watch wit hopefully… day after tomorrow.. got conflicting views on in from friends some say its very emotional and draining.. and some day its nice something different kinda movie…

hey also btw nice template

Nupur said...

@Manu: LOL! Confused ya!!

@Bablu: Thanks so much...

@Sathya: So sorry, coz I don't remember. :(
My brother's name is Suraj btw. I'll check out your new blog and hopefully my memory bulb will light up!!

Nupur said...

@AJ: Hey! Very good points indeed... VDay is the perfect reason for it all ..isn't it?

@Nidhi: I think I need to write a long mail to you instead of a reply to your comment! :D

Thanks a lot...I didn't know that you write diaries?! Since when.?? Now I'm curious whats in it that 'we' (ur gf's from SMC) don't know.
And about 'him', we have seen lots of horrible days too.. and somehow always come thru...*touchwood*

The tomboy of school is long gone, and in its place is this starry eyed girl, who you may/may not recognise when you see in front of you!

I shall look forward to your comments, girlfriend!

@Fundamental: :D LOL. why minus the gifts..?! Isn't that the whole point?
Thank you...

Nupur said...

@Sanaja: ;) yaa! How lucky would that be..!!
I agree with you, sometimes all one needs is a reason to celebrate - Celebrate life, celebrate love!!

@Ricky: Mockery of singles..?! Hoo!! Why would you say that?
And my cooking - well I can only make veggie dishes and I think I make them well. Rest you can only tell when you come and have 'em!

@TwistedFate: No never! But I get the drift... any reason why?

Nupur said...

@Maverick: :) Its never to late to find the one to make all the comparisons with...huh?
And yes, actually, I had written it last week, then saved it as draft as I couldn't collect my thoughts that day!!

@Sageeta: Thanks for popping by. I agree that many make a living out of this day!! But don't we all....?!

@Puneet: Hmm... well, havent been to India in years.. otherwise if my Mom had her way then the knot would have been tied with 'him' by now.
True... VDay is no harm to anyone. So why fight it when you can enjoy it?!!

Khushee said...

You have a nice blog!

And Valentines Day - I think it's just like Mother's Day or Father's Day. It's just a day to show love. It's sweet, but I don't believe in just one day for showing love! :D I want flowers everyday! Lol.

Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

I am "sorry", I should'nt have used those words. Main toh kuch bhi bolta rehta hoon, don't mind.

Only veggie dishes...*sigh*, yea kabhi kabhi veggie is also good..(not really!!)...Ab matlab aapke haath ka khana khane ke liye Australia aana padega...hmmm...toh kab ki ticket book karvayn main??

Nupur said...

@Khushee: Thanks.
Flowers everyday..! Wish that was possible. *sigh*

And because everyday is not possible all the time for everyone, thats why there are these 'days'!

@Ricky: See, now you have an excuse too, to come to Oz. You can come - jab bhi mann kare!!

Prasad said...

what a cool comparison....
u both seem to be made for each other... :)
all the best for ur future life as a married couple..

Nupur said...

@Prasad: Thanks a lot! We are working at it. :)

chutki said...

Hey Nupur!

Happened 2 chain on to ur blog when I was replying to Fun-da-Mental's comments on my blog.U have a very sweet n simple way of organizing ur thots, lady.Good going.By the way, Iam waiting with bated breath n all that to hear ur "knot"ty tale soon.....Feb 11th to April 22nd is too long a hiatus.Revert n post something sooooooooon :)

chutki said...

oooooops sorry for the blatant 'stuck in anachronism' syndrome in my previous comment....i hadn't gone thru the posts after this one :)

chutki said...

oooooops Im sorry about mentioning a non-existant hiatus in my previous comment.I hadn't seen the posts u had made after Feb 11th...some people get stuck in anachronism u c :)