Friday, February 18

113 Days..

....and counting!

Thats how many days young this blog is. Before that, I had no idea what blogging was about. Oh! the number reminds me of that Jackie Shroff movie '100 Days'. *where did that come from?*

Probably in my subconcious the movie still lingers on. Do you people remember that movie, where the heroine finds out that her newly wed husband had murdered his elder sister and buried her in the walls of her new home!!
Man, was I scared..!!
It was probably one of the first 'skeleton' movies of my life.. no wonder I never ventured towards my Biology lab at school by myself. It was very freaky. Although I got used to the phony skeleton eventually... but really... I still feel a shiver go down my spine when I think of that movie.

Ok, now that that's off my chest.. back to where we began. Why I mention the count today is because I think its worth noticing that though this blog is just over a hundred days old, it has found me sooo many great mates on the Blogosphere.
Good one indeed! Thank you dear Blog, you certainly ROCK!! :D


Today was a strange day. I received a mail from HR at work about job opportubities in Dubai. And the strange thing was the fact that I actually considered applying for it! I forwarded the mail to 'him' to see his reaction and he said, yaa go ahead and talk to them and ask for me too!

We both work in the same company, and so the same HR people look after us. So, I spoke to the lady down there and it turned out that the job did not suit my current situation partially and did not suit 'him' at all. The position that we work at, does not have vacancies in Dubai and the positions that are available, we don't have experience for!

So, we left it at that. *Made a mental note to look out for future opportunities.*

Then, heard that while I was off from work on Wed-Thurs, two friends from another department got retrenched! Just out of the blue!!! Honestly, the very first thing that came to my mind was, 'Were they sacked because they were surfing more and working less??!'
*See, probably my subconcious feels guilty about blogging when I have loads to do at work, hmmmm*

There I was, considering another job position thousand miles away and here right under my nose people are losing their jobs. One of them had worked in the company for more than 10 years!! Talk about Job Security.


Wanted to thank all of you who commented yesterday. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. And I shall try my level best to meet your expectations.
See, today *after I heard about retrenching, I went to work and worked the rest of the day*, I have come online at 9.30pm after dinner to post just coz I had stuff to post and I didn't want to forget it by tomorrow. (Ricky, I saw the moon on my weather-chick today!! )


Love you people!


Prasad said...

Hey, congrats on that 113 days ;)
hmm, i can see u've made quite a few blog friends.. rite..
me too happy that i started bloggin'..
hey, u talked abt laziness in ur last post, and its not leaving me ever since... :( so no new posts as of today on mine.. i'm planning one by EOD today...
talking of job security, i remember one thing.. i used to like the color pink, but after the term "giving pink slip" became sooo common, I almost started hating the color :)
i like blue now.. hope the term "blue slip" is not formed.... ;)

Pallavi said...

Sigh I do not even know how old my blog is... :) And well job security hassle is what i am also going through right now.. many were sacked.. have been asked to stay.. but then lets see.. decisions.. decisions.. :(

have a great weekend !! :) just finished posting :):)

Nidhi said...

hey congrats yaar for the 113 days....n i must say u've done a brilliant job!!
Job security....well i'm still a couple of months away from these tensions....right now the issue is, a decent job at a decent place!!

anjan said...

celebrate the completion of 100 days !! cogratts!
And talking about work and pressure ... you need to keep winning the rat race.

Anonymous said...

Hey nupur congrats !!
well as far as job goes .. its like that .. gone are those days when jobs were like shadows they remain with u no matter how much old u become. but now a days jobs are like rats .. u have to catch him and keep an eye on it so that he doesn't slip out of ur hands !! :) There is no thing left like "Job Security"


sanaja said...
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sanaja said...

Hmm...I need to find out how old my blog is..congrats on completing 113 days...
Ur right about this whole blogging experience...I'm making a whole new set of blogmates too..and ur one of the best I've met so keep blogging...:)

My 4th standard class was previously a lab, and they didn't take the old skelton out of it when they moved the lab to another location... So I had a skeleton in my class for the whole year...creepy..shudder..

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Congratulations on completing a "strangely-odd" number of days in

100 Days, I remember that movie. Now listen to my story. I was in Jhansi and me & my cousins decided to watch 100 Days in night. We say the whole skeleton thing and now I wanted to goto the washroom. Now their washroom was outside the house in the backyard. Pehle toh himmat nahin hui, then I took a cousin and told her to stand outside but then all of them came out an starting making noises, it was scary but funny...ha ha.

I hope Dubai thing works out for you guys in the future, it's a neat place. Plus there is no income-tax, so it's neater...ha ha

Thank You mentioning my name by the way and noticing the moon...:)


Sumit said...

"100 days"..watched that in the gud old VCR days.. may be a decade ago.. You sure remember creepy stuff!!

Puneet said...

Yeah Your Blog doing well…no doubt about it ;) I bought 2% shares of it…on blogshares . Lol… coudnt buy more…. Out of cash

job security hmmmm there still time left to think about that...for me…. But job security word reminds me of those .. “government Jobs “ heheheh

Nupur said...

@Prasad: Thanks ji.
Yes blogging has surely chenged my perspective of a lot of things in a lot of ways. :) slip...! Blue is a hot color, for sure.

@Pallavi: Yes, gone is the age when people used to spend 10-20 years at one company doing one job..right? You I'm sure will never have to worry too much about trimming, coz I'm sure you are a very valuable asset to ur workplace. :)

Nupur said...

@Nidhi: You are lucky.
But yeah, a good start to a good future is what will take you the long way.. yeah?! ;)

@Anjan: Rat race... oh true! I am just doing my level best to stay abreast of every one right now.. Soon when I learn the tricks of the trade then..I might win a few! ;)

Nupur said...

@Bhargav: Exactly! That is a word left in fool's dictionary now!
But hey... that is probably the fun of it all... fun only when you can use it to your advantage. To move up the corporate ladder!! :)

@Sanaja: Oh Thanks yaar. That is soo sweet of you.
And man what a tormented year you had!! I cant even imagine what it must have been like.!! :O
Brave girl..brave girl!!!

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Thankyou thankyou.
Hey... I said that Dubai is not for us. The jobs don't match, so we are not worrying about it anymore. And yes, NO tax was one of the things that attracted our attention in the first place too!!! *hehehe*

@Sumit: Thats what...I don't even know how it came to my mind. Hmmm... Well... it did and now I bet you are thinking about it too!! :D

Nupur said...

@Puneet: You bought my shares..??! :D *hahaha* Lets see how it works out.
Yeah... government jobs - but who wants those any ways?! I mean they do have a pretty bad repo..right?

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

Happy Budday to you!!!

Nupur said...

@Cynic: Cheers! Thanks. :)