Thursday, February 17

As you like it!!

I had got myself to be regular and post a new post everyday for the last week or so. And it is rather nice I must admit... getting you all lovely readers here to comment day after day. And these last few days had been quite interesting as well, a new template, my experiment with my mobile camera then Valentine's etc. So there was something to write..everyday.

And then, yesterday I thought...okay I've replied everyone and so I should think of a new post quickly and put it up... and then... laziness came over me and she said,
"You are putting too much pressure on the lovely readers..expecting them to read your blog and comment in 24hrs! You should take a rest... don't blog today and see how you feel."

So, I packed the laptop and went to the kitchen to make sambhar and the first Dosa of my life! And honestly, I suck! I couldn't make one decent dosa. Its another thing that I gave up after two tries. :) And my dear little bro came to the rescue. He explained very scientifically why my dosas were a disaster. The gas was at a high and the batter was cooking too quickly to spread properly and form a decent circle. So I let him show me what he meant. And man what a dosa he made after cooling the tava with water was perfect really!!

Excited with his first attempt he exclaimed, "I really am doing a wrong degree! I should take up professional cookery or something!!" :)
"But you will have to chop dead animals", I teased.
"Yaa, I could never ever get myself to do that", he admitted.
He will never have to stay hungry thats for sure... (unlike other guys I know! ;)

Well people I ask you now, do you think its a good idea for me to post something everyday? (Read, Do you solemnly swear to come and comment everyday?! :D ) OR Its okay to follow what Lady Laziness commands and post whenever, wherever ???

I promise to comply, as you like it!


shub said...

LOL!!!! trust, we sail in the same boat...chk an old post of mine..
and of course we'd l;ove it if u blod everyday! :D great!!
but pls install haloscan or someother easy comment box na!

bablu said...

I swear to come and visit this blog and comment everyday !!!
Hey cooking needs a little patience and experimentaion.
Cheers !!!

shodZ said...

EveryDay i did say. dont u let laZyness cum over u, but if it is blogger burnout then one can have the patience

Gaurav said...

So maa'm..
Learning cooking!!

That is one of the most adventurous sport in the world!!

Prasad said...

ya, sure nupur.... i like to read some blogs which i visit regularly.. but, when laziness or work comes in between blogging, we can never win over those... esply the first one ;)
reg the dosa-making experience, all that I can say is try n try..
i'll tell u a secret.... all I know to cook is to make dosas (so, if atall u need any help in this... call the master...) and oh.. i forgot.... making noodles...
I'm very lazy in cooking or rather learning to cook :(

puneetworld said...

Well post everyday if you got time and can be regular …..

I cant post everyday I mean there weeks when I post only one post then days days when I keep posting…. On and on….

Depends well readers you’ll always have count me on… I do read blog daily.. even if I don’t blog myself but I do read….

Read even on the Move Thanks to orange GPRS … ;)

Sumit said...

I don't believe in posting for the sake of posting.. There are times when you just don't feel like writing.. or don't have words for the suff..

Anbu said...

One drawback of posting daily is visitors comment only the latest post...So,some of your nice posts may have lesser comments than they should have...Anyway,there will be some visitors viewing it daily...But as summet says,dont post for the sake of it only when you feel like posting...

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Well well, A post a day keeps the doctor away... oops.. er.. ohh.. what did I say? Grrr... bear with this rotten PJ 8-) But oye dare you even think of not posting regularly.. you'll be punished severely for the sin! :D You've got a choice to post regularly or to face lonngg borinng to death emails from me in punishment. Take your pick. :D

manuscrypts said...

for long term: blog when U fell like it :)

manuscrypts said...

oops, 'feel' is the

Archana said...

Why burn yourself out?? Blog whenever you feel like...dont force urself...

Do as you like it....


Anonymous said...

Now that i've started reading u'r blog everyday,u say that u dont want to this is not fair??
Keep writing....i really enjoy reading u'r blog:)
And yes....didnt know Suraj can cook....(sharm aatee hai apne upar!)

Nidhi said...

Ohhhh.....sorry i forgot to write my name....

Anonymous said...

heheheh .. hey check my post.. its waaaaay.. old.. what i believe is u should post when u feel like coz if u post everyday it doesn't come from ur heart but comes from ur brain.. which is not natural :)


Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

Atlast I am here, your biggest fan-ever...;) Let's start with dosa first. It has been two years since I ate a decent dosa. There are not many south-indians in west coast, so getting a decent dosa is a challenge. Last dosa I had was when mom was here to visit. She makes so yummy dosas and idli. Back in India, Sunday used to be our "south-indian" day with upma, dosa, idli with nariyal ki chutney. I can write atleast 30-40 lines just on dosa but it's time to move on...*sigh*

I, Ricky Singh, solemnly swear that I will visit your blog everyday and write crappy comments. I will read every word you write, every word you doddle and even check the your weather (or the weather girl...*wink*).


Nupur said...

@EVERYONE: Thanks so much for the fab feedback!! :D
I shall surely more of you all in the coming future......

Nupur said...

@Shub: That was quite a hilarious incident yaar! And well.. I'm looking into Haloscan right now. I'll put it up soon so you have a choice to use Blogspot/Halo!

@Bablu: Thanks ;)
I am usually quite patient with my cooking, just at times when hunger strikes and I in my great wisdom choose the trickiest of dishes to make, that's when the trouble begins!

@Shodz: OK Sir!
I shall keep Lady LaZiness at bay!! :D

Nupur said...

@Maverick: Not 'Learning Cooking', actually 'Learning Making Dosas'!!! Had never tried it before for fear of dissapointment and well.. though I was dissapointed with my attempt, I still got to eat nice dosas anyways! :)

@Prasad: See you agree naa that its very hard to win over Lady Laziness! :)
You a Dosa-Master??!! Then why don't you put up some tips of making excellent dosas and stuffing on your blog for unfortunate souls like me?

@Puneet: Oh Thanks man!
And it is a good practise, one a week / one every 2 hours, all depends on the mood!
Are you a regular Blog-junkie or what??! ;)

Nupur said...

@Sumit: So very true!
Rather than doing something just for sakes, one might as well not do it at all!!

@Anbu: Comments...hmmm..
But thats was "Previous Posts" section is for. I do know what you mean though....does make sense.

"Hai! Kaise dharam sankat mei daal diya hai mujhko!!!" :D

@Fundamental: Who said that?! Then how come I have cold today? *fake cough* ;)
Hey! Thats not a very fair choice. If you wanna tempt, then tempt properly yaar!!

Nupur said...

@Manu: "blog when U feel like it", thats the trouble, 'When even I don't know!' no pun intended!!

@Archana: "Burn out" - didn't think like that... yeah.. I guess I shouldn't be forcing myself to post. Right?!

@Nidhi: LOL! Sharam to aane hi chaahiye!
Where do you eat then? Are Hyd cafes so good that you eat out everyday??

Nupur said...

@Bhargav: Dil se!!
Thats what blogging is all about...huh?! :)
Shall keep that in 'mind'!

@Ricky: My biggest fan!!!
Wah! Thats a huge compliment Mr.Ricky. I didn't realise that I could becomes "fa-n-mous" by blogging!!
I cant make - Upma, Dosa.
I can make delicious - Sambhar, Idli, Coconut Chutney.

You solemn swear has been recorded and will be used(if a situation arises) in future!!!

Nihar said...

Nah the story isnt real, its just fiction.

Colors said...

Hey Nupur...thnx for ur visit. Since I am here for the 1st time, I would now like to read u often...daily would be great!

Nupur said...

@Nihar: OK! Was good... keep it up! :)

@Colors: Thanks thats very sweet of you. I shall look forward to your visits. :D

Prasad said...

arre nupurji, me and dosa-master!!! longgggggggg way...i was jus kiddin'.... :)
for lazybones like me, kitchen is jus a place where I'd go and eat some snacks or bug my mother :)

Nupur said...

@Prasad: You lied to me..??!!!!
I shall never forgive you for this.

Nupur said...

@Prasad: LOL!!! Kidding re!
Hmm... just when I thought I had found my very own South-Indian Sanjeev Kapoor in the Blogosphere, you broke my 'culinary' dreams.

Prasad said...

Oh... am sorry to disappoint u nupur.... :(

anumita said...

Blog when you feel like.
By the way, I have just mastered the art of making dosas without breaking them. And they taste good!

Pallavi said...

Aww Nupur.. I guess its personal.. do it when you like it as you like it :)

Nupur said...

@Anumita: Oh! you are surely the blessed one! LOL..coz its definately gonna take me a looong long time to 'master' dosas!! ;)

@Pallavi: So, I'm told.
Yesss, well I'll try my best not to write for sakes! :)