Thursday, February 24

Ironing out the creases.

* Phew! I hope it works. *

Oh Hi!
I was just playing with the comments for my blog. On Shub's suggestion, I have added the HaloScan comments to this blog for those that find it easier to use. Please find them by using the link - hcomment.
I have read all the rave reviews about the blogger comments and how they have improved it now. And I had those all this while and now have a good reason to continue with them. :) Please find them by using the link - bcomment. (copyright Surinder!)

I have changed the Bcomments to appear in a pop-up window. Do you guys reckon that's a good idea?!
Also, I have updated the Bcomments code to say '0 bcomment', '1 bcomment' and 'n bcomments'. You must be thinking what a crazy perfectionist I am... but what to do... I am ... and I like to be this way, particular about - even the smallest of details!! *ho! what a claim!!!* :)


Thanks to all those that took the challenge and posted their questions. I hope that my answers were satisfactory (or interesting enough!). The post with be open till this weekend (on Sanaja's request) for further questions.


Much talk - about the blog.

These last two days have been a little crazy.
My first week at uni..and being the lucky girl that I am, I have managed to squash my whole timetable into 2 days!! Yes, you read it right, 2 days!!!
So I shall be working on Mon, Tues, Fri and coming to uni on Wed, Thurs and have Saturday and Sunday off!!!!
Yahoooooo!!!!! Lucky...ain't I??

Oh! may be not so lucky. Because of the 2 day uni timetable, I will have awefully long 2 days every week. But I ain't complainin' coz I get enough breaks in between the classes to reboot my brain. (read...Blog!) *giggle*


Achha, apart from that, another thing that return to uni has brought is the inadvertant meeting with a 'friend' that is no longer a 'friend' any more! *or is she?!*
You know, those people that you part with, on a sour note ( a fight/rude email)...and then bump into all over again!!!

I shall keep the long story short...this is a friend that I used to share an aprtment with after Didi got married and went to US. We had met at uni and it was natural for us to move in together after Didi left, as she didn't have a flatmate either.
All was good for the first few months as we tried to hide our annoyance (due to each others bad habits) with a facade of friendlyness. We didn't want to be rude!

But we all know what that does...
One fine day...the volcano of anger burst out with its full force.
*Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!*
That followed with days, weeks and months of eerie silence....only broken by the seldom, "This week the rent is due!" OR "I have paid the electricity bill and I'll fix it in the balance".

Then when the one year of industry experience was to begin in 2004, she went back to India. (A lot of Indians do that as an easy way out from applying for jobs here - interviewing - working, and return with a phony work experience certificate!)
She sent me an email during the year apologising for her behavior etc. And I had replied that I was sorry too and that there were "No hard feelings!"

Anyways...she is back for the last semester of studies, and when I saw her yesterday, all those bad, bad, bad days came flooding back into my mind. I sat next to her in the first class, smiled at her jokes about the tutor and ignored her politely as she continued to talk while he was talking too. And when I finished my lab task early, I said 'Bye' and left.

I don't know if my behavior was rude and contrary to my own words "No hard feelings" ..?!
I don't know how to behave...its very awkward.

Can we be friends again??
I am sure it wont be the same........


bablu said...

Once U have the ill feelings about a person, U cant shake them off I guess. U cant become friends either,coz U never were in D 1st place. It was just that U both needed to stay together then for convenience. I went through very much D same thing myself. Now I dont want to even see D idiot's face.

shodZ said...

im not sure why u added halosKan comments. im thinkin on removing them frm my blog. also a popup window is a no-no. maybe u can add a direKt link to post a comment on the main page(blogger by default only provides a link to view the Komments; once u view them u Kan post them; which is a non-essential path. inFact against usablity design. if ya Kan do it with one klick, why go through 2 KlikS). atleast thats what im going to do on my blog

Anonymous said...

Well...I mean did she ever mean anything to you.....ahve you ever liked her.....if not..i don't see how you were rude to her.....I mean it sounds pretty polite girl!!

Prasad said...

hey nupur, things like this do happen... but the decision whether to go along with her in a friendly manner or not... its to be decided by u..
but, as the anonymous person who has commented above, its true.. if she ever meant to u... u could give her a chance and see...
hey, jus in case u miss... i've posted my set of questions.... do reply..
and do check my comments to the qn u posed in my blog.. :)

Sumit said...

It all depends on what you really want.. Makes no sense in carrying on something if its as good as dead.. I don't think anyone apart from urself can give you an honest advice in this regard..

Pallavi said...

Hcomment is totally invisible to me.. i dont know if it is just me or what ?? I can see the bcomments however thank god

as for the girl ? ignorance is bliss.. that is my strategy.. live and let live.. but scratch back when being scratched *evil smile*

now for your questions !!! I hope you do not mind that I have answered them here..

1. What all places has life taken you to? No I dont meant all the trips that you make.. but rather places due to marriage/work/study etc.

Shillong: where it all started
Bangalore: my karma
Mumbai : wooing my husband and getting wooed.. since we met on the net and he was in Mumbai
yeah those were the major ones besides the trips...

2. What do think is the most important lesson you have learnt in life till now?

lose everything but yourself... in any situation

you are the most important person for yourself ... never let yourself down in your eyes..

diplomacy works.. politics does not..

self respect is respected.. underconfidence is not..

wisdom and understanding cannot exist without each other...

one should know when to say NO
letting go of something does not mean it is the end of life..

change is the only constant in life..

Flexibilty makes life easier.. rigidity builds a big ego...

humor is the greatest weapon to deal with all the maladies of life.. once you lost that you lost a big chunk of your personality...

3. What is the funniest joke you can think of, right now?
the menu list that I posted up.. rips me apart...

4. What is the sweetest thing your hubby has done for you?
oh there are lots of instances... will be a long list.. :)

5. What is your favourite dish and what dish can you make the best?!
fish fish fish !! i am with all things fishy.. love cooking it love eating it..

Fun_Da_Mental said...

bcomment and hcomment... err.. isn't it confusing? Or too laborious to check comments in two places? :-/ But well anyway now I have an option to post two comments on every post so I am not complaining. :D

Ah and btw guess we have one thing in common! It is next to impossible for me to generate *that* warmth for someone who ever breaches my trust or backstabs me... call me stone hearted but that's how I am! I don't know if this the ideal way to deal with it... may be it is being too harsh... but then what worth a friendship is without trust and warmth?

Phew... too much gyan I guess!!

manuscrypts said...

times change, people more so..

Puneet said...

I prefer blogger Comment but that haloscan one advantage it has track back incase if you want to enable track back on your blog

Its funny when u meet people who u fought with once upon a time… I mean I cant fight with someone … when ever I have after few days or time I land up laughing with that person recalling those things

And I do agree people change with time
thing with girls fighting and guy fighting are different things heheh most of time its tend to be verbal ... and not cat fight lol

divya said...

hey nupur,how r u?
came here through ricky's blog.good one,urs.
loved the questions and the answers.
u take care babes,
btw u were not rude.u cant like and get along with everyone else.sometimes u just have to say "bye,not interested" and thats not rude.

Khushee said...

I think it's hard to get over awkwardness, but you might end up working through it if you see her on a regular basis :)

Nupur said...

@Bablu: So true! I guess...I'm just too soft-hearted at times. Thats why I wrote in the email that I would forget it all.
And my nature is such can I can forget 'the person' but never 'forgive'!! Thats why her reappearance is bothering me. Can't do much though. Just a matter of 4 months.

@Shodz: Thanks mate! That was a great suggestion...about the 2 clicks. See I have fixed it now. The comments link brings the pop-up straight away.

And I choose to use pop-up as it does not move the focus away from the people can stay on the blog and just post in a seperate window!

What say u???

Nupur said...

@Anon: Hmmm.... yeah.. I guess. I did not say anything so I could not have been rude in that way!
We had some good times at uni.. but yeah.. there was lots abt each other that we ignored. But when we moved together it all became unbearable!!
I know what u mean....makes sense.

@Prasad: Hmm..I dunno if I will be able to give her another chance.
:) I posted your replies I hope you like 'em..and will go now and check ur post for my reply!!

Nupur said...

@Sumit: Short and succint!
Yes, I will have to make up my own mind. :|

@Pallavi: "ignorance is bliss", I shall remember that!! :)
And hey! you found ur hubby online too!! Isn't it amazing... what technology has done for people! WOW! Good on you!!!
Lots of lessons from life. I am thinking of keeping myself a printout ...for future refence know!! ;)

Nupur said...

@Fundamental: Yes, we are quite alike in that way..I guess. And I wouldn't want it any otehr way. I mean... "Once bitten - twice shy!"
And comments...what to do.. have to keep everyone happy!!! :)

@Manu: I just hope I'll change for the better! ;)

Nupur said...

@Puneet: I have setup trackback tho I'm not sure how to use it though!! :)
You are lucky my friend that you cant keep grudges for long. Its a huge burden to carry..I know from my past experiences.
Catfights!!! Meeeeoooowwww!!!

@Divya: Hey gurl!
Nice to see you here...and hope to see you around more often! ;)
"Not interested!", *haha* I should use that phrase more often..shouldn't I??!

Nupur said...

@Khushee: Yes, that is possible too. You are the first one to have put it all so simply!! :)
*may not be for me..but yeah.. you are right!*

Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

bcomment, hcomment...I see a geek inside you? Take it out girl, take it all out...ha ha.
How many classes did you stacked over one another in two days? I am taking three only and I think I will have atleast 4 half-days to fill out...*sigh*
You friend (or not so friend) story reminded me of my first roommate when I first moved here. Believe it or not but your and mine are very similar stories. Here goes mine...So, I was visiting my counsellor when I saw this shy desi-looking kid sitting outside. That was Mr. Harsh Thakkar (I give a damn if he reads his name here, anyways I don't think he has enough grey cells I was looking for a roomate and he was new here too, so it was very convienent that we share the apartment (bad idea). Long story short, we had a big fight and I threw him out of the apartment one fine evening. He also met me once in Gurudware and we shaked hands, tried to be nice but to be frank I don't give a crap. There are so many other people to share life with then to try mending with someone like him or her in your case.

Nupur said...

:D I love programming after all... so these naming conventions just stuck with me since!
Its better to have loads of classes after another than...days n days!! IMHO ofcourse.

Well said about havinf others in life, I think I dont need to feel guilty for anything when obviously its not my fault and I guess I deserve better friends than that!
Thanks dude.