Tuesday, March 1

For feelings, thoughts and all those things!

Feelings that you feel,
that make this life so real.

Thoughts that you think,
that make long distance shrink.

Ideas you create,
that life may imitate.

Imaginations far and wide,
that make the days so bright.

Why do I say - 'I cant!'
when I haven't even tried.

Why do I tell a lie,
for my jury will decide.

You come and go this way,
and nothing I can say.

To tell you what I feel,
how this is just as real.

My feeling and my thoughts,
are bent towards that door.

And when you will walk in,
those ideas in within,

The imaginations running wild,
and cheers the inner child.

I will not say - 'I can't!'
For that will just not do.

I will not tell no lies,
cause I'm in love with you!

My first poem - dedicated to 'Him'!


Fun_Da_Mental said...

me first me first!! yaaaaaaaaay!!

Oh my my!! That was nice! :-) Gal, I think oyu might as well start writing a book which will have all your posts and poems... and I bet there will many like me who'd pay premium to buy that book! :-)

* "Thoughts that you think,
that make long distance shrink." *

This is the best part of the poem! Keep writing gal, a poetess in making! Uff uff... :D

Poonam said...

very sweet.. i bet he loved it. a very happy but belated birthday to him. wishing you two only the best things in life. :) may all of your dreams come true!

Nupur said...

@Fundamental: Writing a book?! :O You are just being nice. People paying to read my "*&%%^&*" - Don't know about that!!

Thanks though. I thought I should give it a try...see what comes out of it!

@Poonam: He hasn't read it yet. Dunno what he'll think of it.... Thanks for your wishes...very sweet of you! :)

arvindiyer said...

Ahhhhh ur poetry is WAYYYYYY different than Mine...Mine is more like a TRIP...a journey...heheheh!!
but good one though!

bablu said...

Oh my God !!! Thats wonderful ...
Miss Nupur. - Miss Poetess.
Hey man U lucky dude pal.
So much love .. so much emotion.

Nupur said...

@Arvind: I know!
Thats poetry... you can talk about anything and everything and Still it might be nothing!
:D thanks.

@Bablu: Thankyou Thankyou!
Please go and tell that to 'him'..!

Sir Rocks said...

Whoooo hooooo, waqh wah, taaliyan and the likes of it :) very very very sweet I say.

Pallavi said...

really cool !!! I am sure "he" was impressed :)

Prasad said...

hey nupur, what should I say after reading this poem...
OMG!!! I can only think of one thing.. ur "HIM" is really lucky to have u as "HIS" :)
Is this ur first poem?? me wondering!!!

Kaps said...


A Cynic in Wonderland said...

"Him" and "He"? Reminds me of those ole hindi flicks where the femmes didnt take their bitter halfs name " aji sunte ho", "chunnu munnu ke papaaaa", "inko yeh pasand hai" etc

divya said...

felings that you feel.....that makes this life so real.......
so real indeed!!
all the best to you and 'him'
u take care babes,

Ricky2Nupur said...

Ok, so now you write poems too. I am impressed!! (I am sure you wrote this just to impress me...;)

It was really good. Keep churning.

red said...

very touchy...

Nupur said...

@Sir Rocks: *blush!* Thankyou!!

@Pallavi: 'He' hasn't read it yet. I told him that I wrote a poem for him and he said, "Sunao!". and ofcourse I didn't remember it by heart....
My guy doesn't check my blog and dosen't even know what a blog is!! :D

Nupur said...

@Prasad: LOL! Yes, someone should really go and tell it to 'him'!! :)
Yes, it was my first attempt....

@Kapil: Whoosh?!
*scratching my head*

Nupur said...

@Cynic: What to do... me a Bharatiya kanya!! LOL!!!
And anyways... what is there in a name!

@Divya: Thanks gal!
Good to see here again.... you take care too.

Nupur said...

@Ricky: This poem was mostly a challenge for myself! To impress myself...and you all are impressed too. That was a bonus!!

@Red: Yeah... touchy and feely! :)

sanaja said...

choo chweett!!! awsome poem..u shuld write more...

Sangeeta said...

Agree with the others. This is a beautiful and intriguing poem. Great work Nupur, keep going!~

Nupur said...

@Sanaja: :D Thanks... I guess I should...huh?!
OK... you have asked forit..so don't complain later! *hahaha*

@Sangeeta: Thank you so much. And its great to see you here...!