Tuesday, February 15

Here and there...everywhere....

Hoping that the 14th of Feb has treated everyone well!

I for myself agreed with the opinion that the day is way too commercialized, but I could not get myself to not celebrate it!! Its another reason to show your loved ones that you love 'em and care for them! Right..??!

So my evening in short,
  • 'He' picked me up from work
  • We drove to the Pizza shop we used to visit as friends (ahem!)
  • Had a little picnic at the beach we used to visit as friends (ahem ahem!!)
  • He surprised me with red roses! (He had never given me roses out of fear/respect of my elder sis who was here previously.)
  • I surprised him with a handwritten card.
  • We walked on the beach bare feet in the sand with the waves at our feet.
  • 10pm. I'm home.


Enough about VDay, its gone and wont be mentioned for the next 300 days atleast.. you have my word.


Had another dream about India this morning. It happens when my sleep is broken and then I have visions of school, friends, relatives.... and the pattern is disturbing as surrounding are becoming stranger and stranger. I will forget my city in a few months....!! I get up and rush to see my friends picture set on the photo frame, the faces familiar.


My last semester of university is beginning next week. Another 4 months and then I shall graduate! And then....?? I am not sure. I know I don't want to do Masters not yet, not because I have nothing better to do. I would like to pursue a post graduate degree in future when I know what I want.... or when my employers pays for it!!! :D *chuckle*


I would like to have more expendable income. I mean more income to spend (or save!) So, what I am doing right now will not suffice.... should I go searching for opportunities or wait for opportunities to knock my door?? (or slam thru it! *I'd prefer that...hate to miss my chance!*)


I'm confused..... I'm tired.....


Nidhi said...

Oh yaar Nupur,
I can well understand u're confused state of mind right now..coz i'm going thru the same phase in my life too....What after 4 months??This is the question haunting my dreams these days!!!!
But dont worry....dont stress ureself....i think after ure uni,u should take some time off for ureself...to relax....n at the same time plan things out for future with a clear n fresh mind..
I'm sure u'll come out with flying colours as u've been doing so far!!

arvindiyer said...

Ahhhhh looks like someone had a nice VALENTINES day...no wonder u ran away so sooon y'day!! hehehe...while I was sittin in office from 8 in the mornin to bout 11:30.. Anyways...everyday is valentines day for me...MORNINS hereeeeeee....oh mornins here...sunshines here...ohyea!!!!!!

Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

I am so glad you had such a nice Valentine's Day. I think that's the way to celebrate it, going down memory lane. Very sweet of you both. Wish Happy Valentine's Day from my side to "him" too, will you? Best of Luck to you both..:)

India is haunting...isn't it? I just talked to my family, they all are having so much fun...*sigh*...(My dad again forgot V-day, so mom was acting like she is angry with him...lol..kids these days, I tell you..ha ha).

Slam through the oppurtunities girl...Kick ass...he he


bablu said...

Good to know U had a wonderful Valentine's. Nothing like being with the one U love. Cheers !!!

Archana said...

You have four months to think about what u do with your career and I have two years...but I have already started thinking.....Hmmmm...what am I going to do after graduation??!!...a trip to south of Greece maybe!!

Vishnu said...

I have always wondered why people maintain the same routine on feb 14th.ie the "meeting at some place,having coffee/dinner/lunch,going to some place private,exchange roses...".Why dont you guys do something different like watching WWF in TV or something?? :-)

puneetworld.indiablogs.org said...

Good to head you had a nice time on vday

My vday was with books…. Lol finally exam over now to start again next month never ending….. but still..… what a relief

The same question keep haunting me too… whats after 4 months.,…. But one thing for sure… I do want to pursue my master….hey didn’t get what u meant by

“Nupur” I don't want to do Masters not yet, not because I have nothing better to do.

Do u mean to say.. people who not nothing better to do do masters lol… ? I disagree then but I feel people who do Phd and then Post doc… got nothing better to do…. For fure… hehehhe :-p

Last month I had meet one scientist he has spend all the life studying a fly … it depends on what one wants from like… for some it may seem insanity for some it may be something very great

Coming back to spend able income… yeah all want spend able income for sure.. coz…. Its with me too before I decide to buy some thing…even before I have bought there another thing already in my mind which next on the list to buy… never ending list

Khushee said...

Well, you have a lovely Valentines Day! It's hard to not get caught up in all the lovey dovey things happening around you!

And you last semester at Uni? I wish I still had one more semester to go. I finished last year, and my graduation ceremony should be sometime in April/May. Am confused as to what to do now.. work, or study? Am looking for a job.. but I guess if I don't find one then I might go do something more at Uni.

Have a nice day!

Pallavi said...

you had a great time so... chilll... LOLOL !!! how is your week going babe !! and you said it.. i definitely need more expendable income... to build on my dreams.. SIGH

Megha said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog! Nice place you've got here. I haven't seen your old design, but the new one looks pretty!

Looks like you a had a wonderful Valentine's! Glad to see your day was so happy. And hope opportunities shower upon you!

Happy blogging! Do visit again! :)

Megha said...
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Nupur said...

@Nidhi: Hey! This question has not reached my dreams yet..as I have 'other' recurring dreams at the moment. But really... we all go thru it and we all complain abt it.
Yaa, I guess I need a break soon. Just wanna go to India at my first opportunity!

@Arvind: There has to be Good reason why you were in the office so long on 14th Feb!! *scratch my head* ;)

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Thanks. :) I will let 'him' know! And you never know if you Dad actually forgot VDay. (with all the hype...you cant miss it!) May be he just likes to get ur Mom angry so he can then, "pyaar se manaao-fy" her!!
(oh..my Hinglish!!) ;)

@Bablu: quite precise! Nothing beats that. :)

Nupur said...

@Archana: Our plans are not too different! I plan to visit Europe myself after my graduation. Its gonna be awesome. *now I need money...to save for the trip!*

Money.... who made it??!!! @#$!%&*

@Vishnu: WWF is our routine for Sunday evening!!! ;)
And thats overdoze for me already!

Guys and their WWF!! *nodding head in despair*

Nupur said...

@Puneet: VDay with book?! Any one in particular? ;)
PJ..I know! And when I said I dont't wanna Masters, I really don't wanna do it. Why would you wanna keep studying and get over qualified..?! Better to get the experience and then decide for yourself what the Masters will be in.

I know the Indian mentality is to keep studying ...keep studying... till - girls get married or job (these days!) OR - guys ...oh I dunno what guys do after they do their masters..??!!!

I think after coming here and seeing people in their late 30's doing Masters, people wo are Managers or Directors of companies, that makes more sense to me. Study when you know what if required of you from you job and from the current work environment/industry. And you cant know that till you dont get a real job and don't see the work place!!
Thats IMHO ofcourse.

@Khushee: Hey...I hope you find what you are looking for.
So whats it like now? No studies etc..?! More stress? Or Less Stress?? Family nudging you to get married yet?
What will you do at uni if you go back?

Nupur said...

@Pallavi: The week is going ok yaar. I'm definately enjoying being being parttime. But that reinforces the fact that have to go to uni from next week. :(
Money... *sigh* sure makes the world go round...huh?

@Megha: Thanks so much! Yes... I'm waiting for opportunities. And they better come soon otherwise I'll have go out hunting for them!

anjan said...

U have had an ideal valentines day:) .... about job and pay ... i read companies recruiting more more and more in india( the global hub of BPO) ... tension nahi leneka

Prasad said...

hey nupur.. so, u settled for roses and cards... thats nice.
cos the best gift for each other is jus being together... right?
what else does one need....

Nihar said...

So were u funny on the 14th? or was it the same old :P?

Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

You are very welcome.

You will be surprised what kinda things my dad forgets. I can tell you so many things that will put knots in your belly...ha ha.

By the way, I have no intention to hear about romantic-renedvouz of my parents.


Anonymous said...

mmm Valentine's day is a very special day and offcourse it is always celebrated diffrently by different people. :)
well i was in my office the whole day than in the evening drove home, cooked food, ate and went to sleep. happy valentine's day :)

btw u have got a very good blog.


Nupur said...

@Anjan: I guess..! I try not to take it, but 'Tension' has a knack of finding me!!! What to do.?!
:) Thanks for dropping by.

@Prasad: Exactly! I mean... we give each other gifts at other times of the year already! So VDay just nice and simple.

Nupur said...

@Nihar: I was grumpy actually!!! Only until I got my roses. After that I was smiley, funny and rather sweet..I think!

@Ricky: :D Good... you've gone on your dad then..?!

@Bhargav: LOL! You know the first time I read you comment I read, 'Valentine's day is a very special day and ofcourse I always celebrate differently with different people.'..!!!!
I thought...wah! We have a Casanova here!!! :p
Thanks for coming...hope to see you around. TC.