Tuesday, February 8


Can I sue the Weather Channel..?! Coz I really really want to!!
This is just ridiculous!

I left home this morning, dressed up, for 22 deg. with 'Rain' as said by the Weather Channel (their slogan - Live by it! *yeah right!*) And now its noon, 12.30pm and guess what the weather is outside..... Still raining like crazy and 12deg. Is there is difference between 22 and 12? I learnt at school that there is a difference of 10!!! 10 degrees!!!
Woh to - I'm lucky. That my work wardrobe is business suit, so atleast I have a warm enough coat but its still bloody Arctic out there! Or should I say Antractic!!!

Last week was Melbourne's highest rainfall in 150 years. Floods everywhere! And temp then had dropped from 33 deg. to 13 deg. in 24 hours. It was my day off so I didn't complain. But today.....! *nodding head in anger*

Cheer up Nupur..Cheer up!!!

In a brighter note, its 6 days to Valentine's day. And persnally I reckon its easier for guys than it is for girls. What do we want?

  • Roses
  • Chocolates - Not too many please. Lite if possible!
  • Soft toys
  • Cards
  • And jo bhi aapki shradhha!

But boys... there is such a limited choice! Rather there is no choice at all. As all the others are given on birthday already. Wallet, Bracelet, Tie ....been there and done all that!

And I am left scratching my head...what should I buy for 'him'..?!! Its not fair, just not fair at all. Guys its high time you start indulging yourself with petty things like us females, things that are easier to find and thus easier to please.

People I need help here!! Boys what would you like for Valentine's? Ladies what are you buying for 'them'??

P.S. I shall advertise yet again! - Everyone I have a new 'Guestmap' which I added on this site yesterday, that I would love you all to stampede with you position pins. :D


Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

You virtually posted this article infront of me.

Just a trivia: Weather channel is the most-watched channel in Canada.

I have been watching your tempratures, infact as I told you already, I watched Melbourne rains the other day on TV. I guess, people are now seeing the effects of global warming, which they so carefully ignored for years.

Oh, is it Valentines day already...damn...(the most over-rated day according to me...)

Ok here is my list that you can choose for guys:
1.X-Box or PS2 "gory" game (My recommendation:Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas)
2.Car/Bike model (if he is into that)
3.Apple ipod (if he likes to rock or atleast listens to songs)
4.cuff licks (for those classy parties of yours)
5.Palm Pilot (to remember your birthday...lol)
6.Cool Sunglasses (assuming your summer won't be like today....ha ha)

Ab khush....
Ricky - The-gift-specialist

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Yaa...I could feel that you were around! :)
Global warming - I'm scared to even approach this topic. Not because its bad or its dosen't concern me. It does...it concerns everyone, but, we just go to cinemas and watch movies like "Day after Tomorrow", think 'Wow~!' and go to bed and sleep on it - forever!

Bahut Khush! Ur Valentine's list is surely very very comprehensive! I wouldn't have thought some of those things ...I swear! I like a few of them. Lets see...
Will let you know what I decide at the end. ;)

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

Yea, I could feel you stalking me too...ha ha. Yea, if only Mr. Bush gets some knowledge about the Global Warming it would be great. The damn guy is now passing a law to cut down National Forests in US...

Thank you for liking my list. We guys love a lots of things too but maybe they are not that visible ;) Will wait for your choice...:)) Anyways, aap jo bhi dogee, he will love it I am sure...:)


shub said...

mmmmmmmmmm....jus go out n enjoy the rains woman!! :D
n enjoyyy ur v-day too!

Anonymous said...


sup? things are getting my way.. after the exams went to my moms place and hang along. it was so cool. i get to enjoy nice meal (which was the only meal i enjoyed after going on my own :d LOL! )and feel refresh.

things are pretty easy nowadays.

anyway, V-days eh. my post is so timing i guess.. if you are single like me and slammed around your EX bf slurping with another girl, might consider my tips. ;) :D

hugs dear.


Parii said...

This reminds me of this sms I got:
To please a woman, you have to respect her, cherish her, take her to the movies and candle light dinner, flirt with her, buy her flowers and perfume, talk to her, listen to her, hold her hand, look into her eyes, tell her you love her and adore her and promise to be there with her for the rest of your life.

To please a man, you have to show up naked and bring beer.

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Oh please! Don't even get me started on Mr.Whoosh. :) *Manuscrypts nick!*

Yaa... for some reason, I always somehow get him something 'just perfect' on Valentine's and he sumhow always manages to mess my gift someway or the other! But he tries...tries very hard! and thats what matters.....

@Shub: :( I like rain but when its warm - not when its freeeeezing!!! And here is Melb. its always rains in winter.
What u buying on VDay?!

Nupur said...

@Angel: Glad to hear that you have found the 'silver lining' of your dark cloud!! ;) Mums always have a way of making you feel special..isn't it?! *Mummy...I miss you!!*
VDay and Vanishing act both begin with 'V' so there could be a hidden meaning...eh?!
Hugs to you too...take care.

@Aekta: Beer! Is that not the biggest challenge for today's girl!! God... if only the guy who invented it would own up, many gals would happily bury him alive!! :D
I'm lucky *touchwood* that 'he' does not drink. And he better not --- 'EVER'..!!!

shodZ said...

what matters most is how u spend the day with him

Prasad said...

what guys like!!!
oh we guys too like lots of things... ;)
may be u can try getting him a good shirt or something.. cos then he can wear that and say its a gift from my girlfriend.. he can also feel ur warmth in it ;)

Ad astra per aspera said...

I guess that explains the phrase " unpredictable as the weather." Yup, it's always difficult to choose gifts for the 'him'of our lives *scratch scratch..
Btw cooooool guest map.

Ad astra per aspera said...

*nods her head and agrres with Aekta.

Gaurav said...

Plssss grow beyond soft toys!!!

Pallavi said...

I hope it has stopped raining there now !! :)

teddY said...

Hi there! I'm teddY here. Well, the weather in Singapore isn't that good also. Somedays it will be as hot that the sky is cloudless and the ground is baking (while we poor poeple are having Physical Education outdoors *argh*), and somedays it was so cold in the morning (20 degree Celcius - VERY cold to tropical Singapore) that I have to wear the thick sweater to shcool.

Watched the movie The Day After Tomorrow? Whoah, the movie looks very real to me and there is a high possibility that it would happen. Anyway, wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

*Tap tap*

*Any flowers for me? juz kiddin'*

manuscrypts said...

uh, those meterological guys usually say "+ or - 10 degrees" under their breath ...:)

Fun_Da_Mental said...

* And jo bhi aapki shradhha! *

Ab ye Shraddha kaun hai :-? (ok ok I know this was a rotten PJ. Now stop frowning at me :D)

V day gifts! Uff.. oh.. err.. *rolling eyes* *scratching head* no clue, no idea... not my cup of tea for sure! :O) Duh...!!

And btw that guestmap thing is awesome!! :)

Ricky said...

Hey Nupur,

I am guessing that Mr.Whoosh is your nickname for Mr. Bush...

Also, give the guy (I mean your fiance) some slack...will you?? Yea, trying is all that matter...*phew*...girls...;)

Waise bhi since he is a punjabi so you know where my sympathsies lie...ha ha...just kidding...

Ricky----The-typical-guy *sigh*

Khushee said...

Yes, they get the weather so wrong at times! Yesterday it was meant to be 31 degrees here in Sydney, but it ended up being 38 degrees. It was SO hot! I know Melb gets hot as well.. I was there at the beginning of the year, but you are lucky that at the moment you are getting rain and what not. Hot weather is no good!

Nihar said...

You know what a guy would like? He'd want the girl to be funny :) And if that's out of a girl's league, then a DVD of some famous comedian's performance.

Nupur said...

@Shodz: Oh ya! definately!!
And I have my guesses to where we will be going... pakka a beach or something. *wink*

@Prasad: Shirt...hmmm... I was thinking around those lines too.. but feel my warmth!! Didn't think of that!! :D
Do boys also make much out of a thing as little as a 'shirt'??!

@AAPA: Weather... dunno whether its the weather thats more unpredictable or us chicks! ;)
And thanks for pinning the map for me!!! Its neat..huh?!

Nupur said...

@AAPA: 'Beer' is ur challenger too..?! ;)

@Maverick: 'beyond soft toys' - How about you guys grow beyong your silly cars!!
....silly cars... *hahaha*

@Pallavi: Yaa... thankfully it has. But still chilly for my liking. I'm home tho' so time for some tea and pakoras!! :D

Nupur said...

@Teddy: It is a conspiracy against us...I know. That on days when you have classes outdoors the weather turns nasty, and when you wanna stay indoor its beautiful outside!!! isn't it?!

'Day after Tomorrow' was very Americanised IMHO ... but ya, I agree, its very much likely that it could happen - one day!!

Happy VDay to u too mate! ne plans..?!! ;)

@Manu: :D I guess... coz I never hear that!
I should pack up an umbrella, jumper/jacket and ofcourse sunscreen at all times...huh?!

@Fundamental: Didn't you know..?!
"Shraddha" - is the nickname for the diamond ring I have had my eyes on!! :D *hahaha*

See...if you boys don't know what you want...how can you expect us gals to give it to you.??!

"Hi konnichiwa! genki? hajimemashite." - Japanese.
Hi Good Day! How are you? Nice to meet you." - English.
Thats a start, now you continue..ok?! :)

Nupur said...

@Ricky: See... men! Cant see a fellow being criticised.
Anyways...I'm still here with him, so does that not mean I've been slack enough??! *bolo-bolo!* Kidding...!
You punjabis are all the same...!!!!

@Khushee: yeah... should not be too hot and not too cold. Why cant it just be 25 deg. all year round..?! *scratch...*
Made my first trip to Sydney last year at my b'day. Its nice...a bit crazy n crowded IMHO.. but gr8 if ur a tourist! ..isn't it?!

@Nihar: See...now thats a good idea! Funny ...!! Ofcourse..he loves comedies.
Good on you man... I think I have made my decision!
Good to have u here..see you around.

Ricky said...

Hi Nupur,

I don't care about fellow-men but he is our "Punjabi-puttar" yaar. Apne jitne marzi taarif kara lo ladkiyon se...

By the way, remember this and atleast repeat it twice a day: Punjabis Rule!!!!!!


Vishnu said...

[cribbing mode]

Rains make me feel good.Infact any cold weather will.All of a sudden,the world slows down and life flashes infront of you in slow motion.

[/cribbing mode]

As with the V-day,why dont you buy a white tshirt,paint something on it yourselves and gift it as a "made-by-myselves" present?? :-)

Nupur said...

@Ricky: Oye Punjabi Puttar!
Thaand rakh thaand!! :D

Fine, you like to hear good stuff about yourself then okay, "Punjabis Rule!"
Will have to say later...so I guess I could start early...eh?!

Nupur said...

@Vishnu: I can have cold weather - when I'm prepared for it. I love snuggling in warm trench coats and wolly scarfs, but in the middle of summer for God sakes!!

And you have an excellent idea my friend. Make myself gift!! Wow! See when have put on our thinking caps now!! :D