Tuesday, August 30

I am too young....

...to be suffering from backaches.

*That is what I keep telling myself!* But ofcourse none of us are exempt from it. Especially stupid, bad posture holding people like me.

Caution- This post has been identified as 99.5% on the Rant-o-meter.

So many of you sent your wishes...and I rested. I swear I did... only came online a bit when I was bored out of my senses. But yesterday back at work and back came the back ache. (3 backs in one sentence!) So have an appointment with the physio today. Hopefully she will find out whats ailing me and rub the pain away!

If discomfort was not enough, this Sunday that just went by, saw me miss my first Mid Year Party at my workplace that I was supposed to lead. I was voted the President of the Employee Social Club at work about 3 months ago (youngest President, if I may add). And I had been working hard to get my first social club party as president a great success. But as God would have it: Backache + Cold/fever = No Party!! :((((((((
Now I will just have to content myself with the pictures of the party...... which I hear turned out to be one of the best ever!

I don't know....if its some kind of lesson God is trying to teach me or what!! What have I done?! God please tell me!!

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhh* :|

Please all - No pity.
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Pallavi said...

I hope you are feeling better now .. :)