Thursday, August 25

No Health, No Beauty, No Diet!

Gardish mein hain taare!
*my stars are in ...gardish? ummm... a bad time!* Best I could do in this dazed state.

Yesterday morning at work - got a shot of pain in the lower back while running up the stairs - rushed to doc - strained muscle - told to go home n rest - whole day in severe pain ad grogged with pain killers.
Today - second visit to doc - pain a little less but continuous n very uncomfortable - advised to take rest of the week off from work.
At home - caught the cold from my bro - even sneezing makes the backache terrible!

Now eating medicine for back n cold/flu!

Lets not even talk about it....I look terrible!!!

Feeling so sick that don't feel like eating anything. Only have a little something before my medicine.

Been laying in bed all day to rest. Sooo bored... so here to eat ur heads!

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shub said...

owwww...take care girl! *hugs*