Tuesday, August 23

Of Beauty, Health and Diet!

All of you boys who after reading the title have gone...."Oh! A girlie post again!" read on. As I think there will be stuff that even you will find useful. ;)

This weekend that just passed - I finally gathered courage and decided to put eggs on my hair! And considering the fact that I'm not such a huge fan of eggs and their smell used to make me nauseous for years...it definately was a big feat for me to undertake!

And all that for what? - for silky, shiny after effects!!

While making my mind about the whole egg-thing...I struck a conversation with a punjabi friend. He used to be a sardar till about 2 years ago. And I thought if anyone would know about hair - he would!
So, I told him my plans and he said, "Hey! I'll tell you what, use Beer!!!"
I was like :O "You gotta be kidding me!"
But he was very serious. He said that he had used it many a time and his locks would turn out absolutely great. And he'd recommend it to anyone who was willing to try!

Yet another girlfriend told me - "Use black Tea!"
Then she went on to explain that hair rinsed with black tea that has been cooled down (to prevent burns!) gives instant shine to hair! An excellent trick for last moment bling to your tresses!

Wah!! I havent tried the beer and the black tea trick yet - but all those who have known about it or better still who have tried it -Please concur!! :)

The above two incidents gave me an idea! I thought that with sooooo many blogger-mates that I know in blogsville, surely some might have awesome tips n tricks like these. For Beauty - Health and Diet!

So I Call Upon Thee,
O wise Blog-mate of mine.
Write down for me,
Three tips that'll make me shine!

:D So, your choice - Give one, two or all three kind of tips if you know any or have been imparted the wisdom by your Granny!!

Mine -
Beauty: Use Vitamin E (in capsule or serum) on your face to get smooth skin and lighten acne/cut marks etc.
Health: Leave work during your lunch break - put on your running shoes and have a jog around the block everyday.
Diet: Make sure to have atleast 2 serves of fruit per day!



shodZ said...

i kan definitely konkur on the beer thinggie. one of my friend(non-sardar, but long hair) is a regular, n i plan on tryin out the same

manuscrypts said...

i'll prefer an omelette use of an egg... and btw, beer is a known conditioner... 'park avenue' even has a beer shampoo..:)

Nupur said...

Shodz: :) Goody!! So I guess...I'll have to try it very soon.

Manu: Beer Shampoo - seems like a teetotaler liek me is totally out of touch with alcoholic shampoos as well! LOL!

Pallavi said...

Low stress and head massage .. once in a while... and some walking ... yeah washing hair with beer does make it shine... :)