Friday, August 12

VBM Agenda...

Hmm......ok people. The countdown into the last 48 hours to the first ever Independence Day Eve - Virtual Blogger Meet has begun.

And most of us know what the VBM launch was about, what the VBM Info had detailed and who our lovely VBM Attendees are - so its time to figure out what the heck are we going to talk about in the VBM itself!!!!

Before I forget, a couple of quick things...
  • It appears that most of us VBM attendees have the latest Yahoo Beta - the one with PC to PC calling and I'm told that it does support Voice Conferencing very well. So lets all make sure that we are updated to Yahoo beta before the VBM begins. (I shall probably test it sometime on random.. chatting with whoever is online ;) )
  • All VBM attendees please make an effort to get urself a PC mic and headphones so we can yell out..and make ourselves heard!! (have no idea how I'm going to control a rowdy rowdy crowd as this one *sigh...* but I shall give it my best shot :P !!!!)
  • All late comers have been added to the Attendee list this afternoon. And any one later than today may not get added to the list any more. We will have to leave the intro's to the VBM itself and there the people can post their blog addresses and get other attendees to check out their blogs as we go. Please bear with me on this one...if I get the opportunity I will most definately add late comers here in the list.
OK...where was I ? The VBM agenda..ofcourse...okay!

VBM will begin at 2pm AUST sharp-
  • After the first 10 minutes or 'Hello's n 'Hi's all VBM Attendees at that point in time will sing the National Anthem - "Jana Gana Mana" , and officially start the meet.
  • All VBM attendees will go alphabetically - post their blog urls and give a brief intro on their microphones. *So you better not have a sore throat that day/night!*
  • Various topics to be discussed on the VBM are - What do you think about India's progress in the last 5 years? Why have you left India - study/work/play? OR Why do you want to leave India? Don't you think you have a moral responsibility towards your nation? How many truly think that they are satisfied with the way their life is right now?
  • Then we will take a 15 minute break by singing patriotic songs like - Vande Maatram, Nanha munna rahi etc.
  • More topics on India will continue like - What has a greater effect on the Indian youth - Bollywood OR Indian Politics? Do you think Aishwarya is ever going to commit to one guy? What is the inspiration behind Ekta Kapoor's serials? Will Big Brother series ever be run in India?
  • Then we will have a game of Antakshari - only patriotic songs allowed.
  • Then all bloggers outside India will beg for money - credit card and paypal accounts accepted - to collect funds to visit India.....

:D Ohhhoooo!!!

What we are going to talk about in the VBM - who cares..!!

;) All I know is that it will be great. The best part is that there are a lot of new faces *ahem* bloggers - among all the old familiar ones. And that just makes it all the more fun and exciting!!!!

So.... in short - BE THERE or BE ..........

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