Tuesday, August 16

The VBM that was......

record breaking,
timezones spanning,
highly entertaining
and best of all so much fun!!!

A very big Thank You to all my dear fellow Bloggers who were able to make it to the Independence Day VBM that I hosted this weekend! My thanks to all those that came even after I left.....hours after I left!

The VBM went on for over 14 hours!! And that is definately a record in itself....plus the number of bloggers that came from a number of countries in the 3 continents! The whole outcome was just massive to say the least. And I could not have asked for more.

When I had thought of the ID VBM - having a meet where bloggers could meet, no matter what country they were in and what time zone they fell under - I had not even in my dreams imagined that the VBM would literally "follow the sun"!

Just amazing how bloggers came and went, cooked food, had meals, did their work, chores around the house, took naps, even some who were up all night and continued the VBM on!!

It was just simply soooo convenient and so much more than I had expected it to be!

We definately have to do it again. A long weekend maybe...*oh that'll be a tough one!* where more than 70% of blogger-mates are able to make it.
And we can call it the 24 Hour VBM!! Who is up for it???!!!! :D *evil grin*

I wish I could thank individually each and every one who came.... but I don't have the full comprehensive VBM script just yet!
But I'd like to give my special Thanks to -
-- Ricky my co-host who did make it to the meet on time. :)
-- Kapil and Invincible for staying up all night.
-- DJ, Amit L and Anubha who kept the whole meet going for hours.

Love you ALL!!!

Until next time............

*my Oscar-style speech is over!* :D


@mit said...

sorry could not make it


Nupur said...

@mit: Ohh! Thats okay. you don't have to say 'Sorry'! :)
There's always a next time!!