Wednesday, July 27

Independence Day VBM 2005

Thanks so much all of you who have sent their "Aye" for the Independence Day VBM!!! It will be great!!!

Below are the timings for the meet. I have taken the same time that we had on the first VBM that Kaush and Princess had organised as I thought that the time had suited many. So lets just leave it that way!

Just incase anyone is unable to view the image, the time for the meet is -
  • Sunday, 14th Aug -- 2pm AUST
  • Sunday, 14th Aug -- 9.30am IST
  • Saturday, 13th Aug -- 11pm CST

Things to do --
  • All VBM attendees, please email me your yahoo ids on nupur dot forblogs at gmail dot com. I will add all these ids to my buddy list so I am able to invite those who come online to the VBM conference that day.
  • All VBM attendees, please send your blog URL in the email as well so I can post it up on the blog. This way all others attending the VBM will take sometime to go thru your blog and will have an idea of who you are.
  • All VBM attendees must make a genuine effort to get a PC mic and headset. If you have a webcam then sure why not! but a mic is a MUST! *Remember we have to sing~! :D*
  • *hmmm... thats all I can think of abhi!*

Agenda -- shall be up next!


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