Monday, August 8

Independence Day VBM is almost here....

Thank you so much to all of you who have sent their wishes, support, "Aye's" and emails to attend the very first Independence Day Virtual Blogger's Meet on Blogsville ever!!

For those who want to know what is going on - check the VBM launch and the VBM Info page. Coming in a day or two is the VBM Agenda. *God knows what's gonna be in it* :)

Last minute things to do -

* All VBM attendees - Please check out the blogs of as many attendees as possible before the meet so we all know who the others are.

* All Indian Bloggers (VBM Attendees and non-Attendees) - Please check out the following link - A very very comprehensive list on Indian Bloggers around the planet. It must have taken Mukundan and Magnus ages to do this thing. And I reckon they deserve a pat on the back for their efforts! :)

Independence Day VBM Attendees - Include emailed, commented, and tentative Aye's.

Amit L - Dubai

Anubha aka Anz - Delhi,India

Ashutosh aka Cliched Elk - Washington D.C.,USA

Colors - New York,USA *late addition*

Deepak aka DJ - Nepal

Divya - India

Fun-da-mental - Japan/Mumbai

Invincible - Palau

Kapil - Chicago,USA

Krishna - Banglore,India *latest addition*

Meenakshi - Toronta,Canada

Navneet - India

Neetie - Delhi,India *late addition*

Neha - Mumbai,India

Nirenjan - Chennai,India *latest addition*

Nitty - New Jersey,USA

Poonam/Neeraj - USA/India

Prabhu - Chennai,India

Prakash - SriLanka/UK

Prasad - Banglore,India

Princess - New York,USA

Puneet - Mumbai,India and here

Rajjan - Conneticut, USA *late addition*

Ricky - Canada

Sameer - Mumbai,India

Sanaja - Tempe,USA

Sree G - India

Sumit - India *late addition*

Vab - New Delhi,India

Vicky - India

Vishal - Melbourne,Australia

This list is still growing.

I am soooo excited and utterly nervous as well. I was thinking on the weekend - what if Yahoo dies? Or what if my internet gets disconnected?! Or What if no one comes? Or What if I forget to make it? :O *haha* Thats'll be ;)

Any more takers please email me at nupur dot forblogs at gmail dot com ASAP so that I can add you on the list above so that all attendees may check out you blog before the VBM.


sathish said...

hey, i would be participating.. tell me what shld be done & do include my name also...

Nupur said...

Sathish: As written in the post - Mail me your YM id right away! :)