Tuesday, December 21

Brothers.... cant live with 'em cant live without 'em.

After six months of "He's coming.", "He'll be here next week" etc. etc Finally Suraj is here!!!!!!!!

Yes..!! Suraj came on Saturday. And I was totally surprised!! Shocked really ... but happy shock! (if there is such a thing ;) )

The whole plan had been kept in wraps by Jeffrey and Suraj to give me a big surprise..! Even Mum and Papa would laugh on the phone..."Nupur, its a surprise."

I'm like, "What do you mean 'Its a surprise!' Will he stand at the airport and call me and say 'Hey! I'm here come and pick me up!!!'

Papa said, "No I was thinking more like... he would ring your door bell and say 'Hey I'm here!!'"
And everyone was just laughing as I was getting irritated!! Ridiculous isn't it ?!

Anyways, Jeff made quite an elaborate scheme to divert all of my suspicions. He even went all the way to his office on Saturday (an hour transit!) to mail from his work email that he was at work so I wouldn't think much of a tip about Suraj's arrival that I was got from Dad earlier in the week.

So when I was returning home... out of nowhere.. Suraj popped out of a car and yelled "Behen!!" :O I was shocked!!
We hugged...then we cried... we wiped each others tears.. and then I scolded him for the stupid surprise.... he just said "Good surprise...naa??"
A very dramatic scene in deed. (I have snaps to prove it!!)

Since then... all the rellies have been calling from India, "Suraj is in Australia", "How is Australia!" Its like... I was never here... or rather if I am, 'bid deal!' Now Suraj is there and he's getting all the calls, and everyone wants to know how he is doing..! And me??!

But then... my 'lil kid bro, first time so far away from family. Its his moment of glory. How he has come here against all odds. And I'm just so happy to see him. Pinched 'him' so many times on the weekend and said "Hey! You are really here! " *hehe

So as long as he helps me in the kitchen (washing dishes ofcourse!) and does his bed and keeps his stuff organised and my house tidy! We will get along pretty well....


sanaja said...

hey...thanx for visiting my blog...love the title of this post...you are absolutley right..i have two brothers...pain in the neck till I went to college..now i miss them sooo much...

have fun...

Nupur said...

My bro was pain the neck - then I missed him - now dunno if he's gonna become a pain in the neck again! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog though. See you around.
Take care