Tuesday, July 26

Watch out!!

Update: My apologies people, for the slight confusion! It will NOT be the sunday night, because many who are not in India have to go to work/uni on Monday, 15th August.

It will be -
Sunday afternoon - AUST
Sunday morning - IST
Saturday late night - GMT
Saturday night - CST

So it will cover from 13th August to 14th August around the globe. And then those lucky ones in India can have the long weekend till Monday! :P

Also for those new to VBM - yes it is a Virtual Bloggers Meet - courtesy Yahoo Messenger!


The Blogsville has been a hive of activity this month!!

Blockbuster stories - Touching poems - Emotional experiences - Hilarious anecdotes - Memorable Travelogues - The Grand Awards "Bloggeratti" -- and soo much more!

It is amazing...and utterly infectious.

So I thought now that our National holiday is just around the corner, let it be a time to catch up with all the mates. To share a few stories and jokes and just about anything at all. We can even sing, "Jana gana mana", "Vande Maataram" and many such patriotic songs into the night!! :D

So here I organising my first VBM ever! To let everyone know - it will be on the 15th August weekend *obviously*!

In the next post are coming the details of the meet and the 'Agenda'! :D
So all of you who are available that weekend please register your "Aye" in the comment box below!
Jai Hind!!


Vishal Sharma said...

Aye, i will come and i will spread to other indian bloggers as well in melbourne.
I'm sure this is in melbourne isnt it.

I have been trying to do this for a while, but happy that u are doing this as well.


Nupur said...

Vishal, this is not in Melbourne as its a 'Virtual' Bloggers Meet. And yes your blogger mates here in Melbourne are welcome if they'd like to join. Please go thru the blogs of other attendees in advance when I post the links so you know them and they u.