Tuesday, August 2

RSI scare.....again.

The weekend that was......

  1. Sat/Sun was painful. Right wrist in a lot of pain.
  2. Friends who came to dinner on Sat saw me cry for the first time!
  3. Could not make chapattis (due to pain) so they had rice only with aloo dum and paneer butter masala.
  4. Doc says inflammation of the joints in the wrist.
  5. Monday off from work to rest.
  6. Back to work today.
  7. Staying away from kbd/mouse as much as possible.
  8. Surprised how much more work I can get done by point no. 7.
  9. Emails for VBM are pouring in. - Thanks for all the support!!
  10. VBM attendees list will be up soon with blog urls for all to check out.
  11. I am still around people.... coming to your blogs.... slowly...slowly......

See yo'all laters!


@mit said...

Take care and do not stress yourself

Nupur said...

@mit: Thanks! :)

Khushee said...


And you should not be sitting in front of the computer and typing missy! You need some rest!

Colors said...

Wassup Nupur..hows ur wrist now? Hope u r taking care and its better now. I second Khushee's thots...u better not reply to this comment :-)...ok on 2nd thot pls do reply..else I will feel terrible that u didnt read my comment!! But do type real slow :-)

Shrutz said...

How're you doing, sweetie? :)