Friday, December 31

Thats a wrap up!!

Another year gone....

Love lost,
Love found.
Memories made,
Dreams broken.
Aspirations achieved,
Hindrances crossed.
Lives lost,
Friends gained.
Desires heightened,
Hopes continued.
Madness prevailed,
Abilities acquired.
Passions soared,
Affection gained.

........and....and after all this where is the breather? No breaks... no time outs... it just goes on and on. The mad circle..!!

The new year is but a few hours away.
Pessimists will say one year less of their lives, optimists will say another year to look forward to. And I am not sure which category I fall under.
Lost a year of my life but there was so much to gain as well...and then as I raise my head with doubt and uncertainty at what lays ahead -

Return to university for the last six months.
My first niece/nephew,
A (long overdue) trip to India.
(Possible) wedding..... :)
Entry into the Corporate world again.
Back in the rat race.
.....and so much more that will be unexpected!!

Someone once said, "Calenders are for careful people, not passionate ones!"

And so I shall wake up tomorrow.....a new day just like any other. And go about my business, for what is life if we knew what the next minute was going to bring to our doorstep!


Surinder said...

beutifully written :) ..

thats life .. a mad cirle .. and thats what makes living so intersting :) ...

Have a great new year :)

Parii said...

Whatever happens, make sure you have FUN! Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

And AMEN to that .
Wish you a rocking one Nupur!
Cynic in Wonderland

Nupur said...

@Surinder. have a great one too! Nice to see you here..take care.

@Wings...FUN...yes that I will have :D

Nupur said...

@Cynic... the Fireworks rocked! Now lets see how the picnic with friends goes. :) You have a blast! See ya.

Sumit said...

Nicely summed up....

Nupur said...

@Sumit :) u have a grt new year!