Wednesday, December 29

Just made it!!!

Today I bumped into a blog by Anita Bora and found this interesting post about the end of year and hence the time for introspection!

The questions were thought provoking so I could not help myself -
Here are the questions: My answers
  1. Your ‘high’ moment of the year. - It will have to be the news that I was going to be 'Maasi'. My sis is having her 1st baby and it is due any day now.
  2. Your ‘low’ moment of the year. - Thats the day I cancelled my tickets for my trip to USA and India.
  3. Faux pas/greatest regret. - Don't think so!
  4. Something that got you 'almost famous' and nearly catapulted you into the Hall of Fame. - My 'jewellery designing' hobby! I have made many earrings, bracelets and chockers for my gf's at work this month. And many wore them for the 'End of Year' party.
  5. The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and did! - Showing my creative side to the world (most of my world!) with jewellery designing, Growing my hair till my waist...(almost!), Moved into a bigger apartment so I can get my own room and my own cupboard!!! (silly?! oh no!!)
  6. The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and couldn’t/didn’t! - Didn't visit India, Didn't visit USA, Didn't get married! :D
  7. Number of resolutions you made for 2004. And how many you actually stuck to. - I don't think I made any coz I never keep to them!
  8. The list of cities/ places/ countries you visited in 2004. - Great Ocean Road - VIC, Sydney - NSW
  9. Your movie of the year award goes to... - Lord of the Rings Trilogy ??!
  10. A friend lost? A friend found? A friend made? - Found = few old school friends on orkut, a friend here in Aus. I had a catfight with! Made = many since I started orkutting and blogging.
  11. You will remember 2004 as the year of … - "FrenCo" = Friendship n Communications
  12. The 3 things you really want to do in 2005. - Make my 1st trip to the Dentist (of my life! yes!!), Learn swimming and scooba dive in the Great Barrier Reef - QLD, Learn skiing and ski in the slopes of Mt.Ruapehu - New Zealand.
  13. A set of 13 words that will be your keywords for 2005! - I can, I will, I must, He can, He will, They will, Om!

Too Easy!!

OK... now those to pass by ... do take a few moments (if you can!) and answer these too. Leave a link to your blog (if you do fill the questionaire!) in the comments...I would love to know you have to say.


Vishnu said...

I had been to Anitha's blog earlier...and had seen this post too.But i dont wanna recollect things yet again!!!!!!

Nupur said...

@Vishnu - If you have replied to the questions - it would be interesting to read your answers!

Kaps said...

Wow!..gud job:)..and nice questions, I must say.
6th one is interesting.hope u get to do all three in 2005.

Nupur said...

Kapil... isn't it abt time I got married?? :)

Sumit said...

Interesting questions.. guess i will also post something on similar lines...

Nupur said...

Nice answers Sumit. Thanks for dropping by. See you around.

shub said...

nice one :) mine's posted now!