Saturday, December 18

A letter to a boy written by a girl, the only one of it's kind!

Dear highly intellectual opinionated boy with killer hair and awesome eyes,

I need to lay my feelings out on a table for you and let you choose what you want to do with them. My heart is yours for the taking. Just beware it has been bruised and broken over the years and I just finally put all the pieces back together again. My lips are yours to kiss and my soul is yours to explore.

The girl you have seen on a daily basis for over a year is not the true girl that I am. Over the past 3 years I have tried keeping guys at bay so as to not be hurt again. To me men were the enemy but within you I see the sweet intellectual man I have been looking for. I feel as though you are someone who does not judge harshly and would have an incredible listening heart. I feel as though your shoulder would be a resting place for my tears and they'd quickly disappear with you. I feel as though your ears will listen to what I have to say and your eyes would tell me all will be alright. Your words would be sweet and gentle and truthful.

Even if I can not have you as my own I am still glad I have met a man like you so I know they exist. You are the first man in 3 years that I have truly fallen for on all these different levels. Your soul shines something special about you and I would love to explore your soul more and have longer talks with you.

If you really took the time to look you would see a different girl inside of me.

You would find a girl who had her innocence stolen and has dealt with it for 3 years with help from only few people. You would find a girl fighting hard to become the girl she once was and is slowly becomming that girl again. You would find a trooper who does not let anyone keep her down. You would find the dreamer in me that sees a world of harmony possible. You would see I am a girl who doesn't give up on something only because it may be hard to pertain. When I want something and I think it is worth fighting for I will go after it.

You should feel special that after 3 years of fighting myself and the inner deamons my heart is truly set on you. I believe you are a person who could set me free again.

I have had a lot of milestone accomplishments lately. The girl you knew last year was not me at all.

I think you need to take a jump with me and see where we land.

Sincerely Me

Found it on the net and thought its worth publishing.
What do you reckon?!


Kaps said...

why is it first of its kind?

Kaps said...

i mean one of its kind

Vishnu said...

Food for thought......

Nupur said...

I think its one of its kind because there aren't many who are able to tell what they feel...especially to the person they love or have a crush on.
I am like that. (I took me 3-4 yrs to tell the person I had a crush on ages ago! I had grown out of it by then. But I told 'em anyways.)

Kaps said...

ppl do not express coz they fear the pain they wud feel out of rejection. Its best to express. You never know!. and even if its a rejection it will make you strong. My personal opinion. There is never a right time. Its about how soon you tell the person.

btw Nupur whooz he? I know?

Nupur said...

Yes you might know him. But this time its my turn to say.. 'How does it matter now?' Coz it was a while ago... its history now.

Kaps said...

hmm...think I know him very well..:)..hmm....aisa tha kya! thinking smthing...hmmm...:D

Nupur said...

Did he tell you anything... or you are just guessing who it is?

Kaps said...

ha ha!..come on :)..nothing wud have been easier to guess..just thot abt it a bit..I know its not Bha*** has to be him then..who else.??..:)..

Nupur said...

:) yaa... whatever. Its gone with the wind now..