Friday, December 10

They want it... I have it!

I have always envied girls who can wear just about any thing and everything in their ears because I could not. I am one of those unfortunate ones who have to stick to gold or else... bandage cuts and bruises and sore ear lobes for days!!

Not fair!!!!

That is why when I was coming to Oz I had a huge discussion with my mum about safe keeping of valuables before she let me come with my favourite 'stud'! And again unfortunate for me... because its fairly expensive I could not be careless with it.
So, I found myself 4 years later, still wearing that exact same stud!! Every where.... movies, dinners, parties, bbqs.... every where!

Once I wailed to one of my friends here is Oz ...about my sheer bad luck. She said, "Hey you can wear the dangly hanging stuff cant you?!"
I said, "I dont know."
She said, "Yeah, because it hardly touches the lobes so no infection".
I was grinning from ear to ear.
The next day I spent 3hrs. at 'Accesorize' touching and feeling all the gorgeous ear rings etc.

Since then I have taken classes to learn how to make my own jewellery, and have designed many chandelier earings! With crystals, beads, pearls etc. Late into the nights -- To my hearts content!!
Got many compliments, and the friend who had told me that I could wear earrings even suggested that I should probably start a little side business for myself.
(She didn't know what a chicken I can be when it comes to things like that!)

Seven months later..and I still keep all my tools and my little cystal kits under my bed, only to pride at it on lazy evenings.

Then! Day before yesterday! Out of the blue! A (Nepalese) friend at work caught me in the corridors and told me that she was exhibiting things that her fiance sold in his shop. All beaded jewellery etc. from India and Nepal. She had seen me wear my stuff and she forced me to bring some things to display in her booth.

Believe me...I complained much about how my work wasn't that great and how it was only a personal hobby and was not a business thing. But then I brought my things and they were displayed. Only one earring was sold!!
You cannot imagine my dissapointment. I knew I had not expected them all to clear out.. but ONE!

An hour before I was to go home, I went to the canteen for a drink and these 2 girls from Sales and Marketing caught me. They had loved one of my designs but wished it were available in a different color to match their dress for the Christmas Staff Party next week.
I said, "Oh why not! I can make then for you, any color you like!!"

Oh! Unbeleivable... before I went home I had 15 orders!! From girls from all departments, Front Office, HR, Sales etc.
Amazing isn't it?!

My luck!
This weekend I am headed to the Beads and Buttons Galore to buy all the raw materials to fulfil the orders....I am surely going to be busy making those now.. till late.. way way late into the night.


Kaps said...

whoosh!!..thats so fantastic..all the best:)..and ya..start thinkin of ur jewel firm's name..i mean u will need it, rite?..

Nupur said...

you tell... I'm open for suggestions. :))
Put on your thinking hat please and let me know!!

Anonymous said...

I am one of those girls just like you it ISN'T fair!!

Nupur said...

@the unknown unfortunate

You should try the hanging hook ones... they are great. Love'em.