Monday, December 27

The movies, the copy-cat and then the sequel.

Movies are strange... you watch one and love it. Then watch it again a few days later and think..What??! But then there are others that you like no matter how many times you have seen them.

I got 'Meet the Parents' and 'Anger Management' for Suraj. Both I still think are great movies.. make you laugh no matter how many times you watch 'em!

But then we saw 'Mujhse shaadi karogi'!! And I was yelling 'copycats'!!! It is so frustrating. That you spend 3 hours and they give you a movie with Indian actors... gaana bajaana and all the same scenes and even same dialogues!! Disgusting!!!
What do they think... these movie writers and producers. That Indian people dont watch any Hollywood movies.. that they are stupid and that these fools can get away with stupid copied plots and scenes. I reckon that some one should do something about them. Like don't watch copycats movies.. let them flop! Then they will get the message.

But anyways.. We went to see Swades on the 25th. But due to Christmas the cinemas where they have it were closed. So we went to Crown which was open and saw Meet the Fockers. Its the sequel to 'Meet the Parents'. And unlike so many sequels... this one is good. Actually funny.. quite seperate from the 1st movie.. and good.

Looks like Hollywood people know what they are doing!

6 comments: said...

"meet the parents " was good it really funny... i havent seen "Anger Management"...

aaare its not that they don’t know the makers of movie fully aware ... that the audience knows its just they try to add the bollywood stuff init gana bajan etc …. And see if it work or not that’s it… its easier way out for them rather then thinking out origional storyline

Swades was good I liked it its different movie not typical bollywood style movie
there a review on my blog can check that

Anonymous said...

Hi MsNupur

Anger Management is good and of its kind
But I donno kno i liked Mujhse shaadi karogi equally, except for that exaggerated end sequence with paji n all. OnanOn the movie is hilarious, donno why u didnt like it, original or copied the purpose is served what say
Safal Here, got ur link from Vish's blog.

Nupur said...

@Puneet - Good to see you again. Yes, Swades is nice. I just came back from it. Swades has that element in it that movies like Yuva lack. I may sound a bit defensive, but I just cant stand movies where people riducule those who have left India. I mean... what is wrong with finding your 'own place' your 'own home'...may be in India or outside India. I am proud of being an Indian (most of the time!) and just because I am overseas does not make me any less of an Indian than the person walking past my house on my street in India right now!!

@Safal - Alright... Salmaan and Akshay did a good job, and yes, their comedy was good. I did laugh at times.. but Bollywood movies are so predictable as it is.. on top of that if they continue to copy plots.. I mean .. whats the point of watching the movie for the 1st time and still knowing what the next dialogue is going to be!!
Thanks for popping by my blog though. Hope to catch you around.

Kaps said...

Meet The Parents is great..I like Ben Stiller..reminds me of There is Something Abt Mary everytime I watch him...Meet The Fockers is 'must see' for me..

and abt Mujhse Shaadi Karogi..

Its a time pass movie..and meant strictly for is one of those movies when u dont expect anything..just time pass

Swades is exactly the opp..when u sit in the Audi..u expect that u will come out with smthing in ur head.that will keep u occupied for days n nites.

Swades did that to many.Personally, I thot abt it for a day :)

and very well said.."Swades has smthing which Yuva does not!"

and finally...
@nupur: u can always write me a personal mail with all the details abt the sweet buddy of urs ;)

Vishnu said...

Swades had a different theme.But IMHO,they concentrated too much on the "love" part.

Nupur said...

Kapsi, yes you should take time out to see MTF. And when you get the opportunity to go abroad and see the world... you go and do that. And at the end of it all if your heart (and head) tells you to return to India then you do that too... just dont feel obligated to do anything or be anywhere. Thats what I reckon.

Vishnu, your opinion is correct to an extent. But if it wasn't for the 'love' part the hero would not have stayed long enough to realise the condition of that village...haina?

And Thanks to both for popping by. :)