Tuesday, December 14

Kris Kringle...!!

This is my 5th year at the Hyatt. And like a lot of amazing/wierd/sometimes spooky stuff that goes around in the work place, one custom that I always looked forward to in the festive season is "Kris Kringle".

Also known as Secret Santa by many... its a nutty process of giving gifts to work mates without them knowing who the "Secret Santa" is!! Names are randomly drawn out of a box and you bring a gift for the name in the slip you draw...as simple as that. And to be fair... (on the pocket).. there's usually a price limit, like $10 or $15.
I always thought it was pretty amazing...rather sweet actually that people would take pains to find what (affordable) thing their work mates like and then surprise them with it..on the staff party..etc.

Unfortunately...I never got involved in Kris Kringle for the last 4 years.. as I was in Banquets.. and because the department is huge with almost 70 staff at any given time, it was very hard to get so many people to pick names and absolutely impossible chase each of them down to bring the gifts.

So this year is my first official 'Kris Kringle'. Which I am very much looking forward to.

And while I get excited as each day brings the party day closer, I cant help but think about other unfortunate/homeless people who will never know what its like to enjoy the festive season.. the excitement of parties and gifts..etc. For them there's no Christmas, no New Year, no Diwali, no Id. :(
So this year.. apart from the secret Kris Kringle gift, I thought I should also donate something to the needy. And I have thus decided to donate a gift in a parcel which we are collecting at work (as well) to be given out to homeless children living in shelters on Christmas eve. Just a little something for someone. It is hopefully going to be a big parcel and we will have enough gifts for all the children.
God Bless!!


Vishnu said...

'Kris Kringle' sounds fun :-)

We had a similar thing in our college during Valentines Day.The horrible ratio of guys-to-girls always ensured that guys got some other guys as their valentine :-p

Nupur said...

@ Vishnu
Ouch! Valentine... didn't know abt that one.
Thanks to you too for stopping by.

I got a 'Mind and Body Revitalising Spa Pack' - with the oil n bath bomb etc. Very thoughful of my Secret Santa indeed!! :)

Vishnu said...

Wow!Thats so good.

Nupur said...

Yes... the whole concept I reckon is quite thoughful.. and so we should have something like this everywhere. You know... lots of secret gifts from Secret Santas!!! :)
(Wow..I love the thought of getting gifts! *hehe)