Thursday, December 2

Land Down Under!!

My fifth year in Australia.. it was about time I went to see Sydney (atleast!).
Yes, Thats what I said.. fifth year..can you imagine! Anyways, last week was my birthday and I thought the weekend following it was just a good time as any. So I packed my bags and flew to the Harbour city for two days.

{my cake.jpg}:)

~~My weekend escape!~~
It was beautiful, the weather was not too warm and not too chilly. No rain.. (thank God) just mellow and nice for the two days... Well.. all in all your typical big city where I did all the "touristy stuff" like I took snaps of the Opera house from probably every angle possible!!!!


@#@#$!@$%# I have tried for half an hour and I can't figure out this Bloggerbot thing to get my pictures up!!!! $%$#$@



Kaps said...

oi..i think the pics are on orkut now?..:)

Nupur said...

@Kapil - Yes.... there was no other way out! Have you used the "Hello" app from Picasa for Blogs..? Coz I just can not get thru!!!

Poonam said...

my birthday is also in december (15th to be exact)..what year were you born in? pata toh chale bada kaun hai.. ;-)