Thursday, December 16

Just incase --- If you loved Ocean's Eleven....

and are looking forward to seeing Ocean's twelve.......

Don't - you will be dissapointed!!!!
(I was!)


Vishnu said...


Thanks for coming by my blog.

This looks good too....reading it right now..

Chal ciou,catch you some time later.

Nupur said...

Thanks Vishnu.

Vishnu said...

I know i will get flammed BIG TIME if i say i saw Oceans 11 only now!!!And iam an instant fan.Cant remember how many times i have seen it in the past few days!!

And i heard 12 is not living up to the reputation.But thats the power of a sequel.You will go and see it irrespective of the public opinion.

l like to be in Pitt's shoe though.Cool customer.