Monday, April 4

It can be miles.....

Nothing beats Mommy's hug and Papa's firm handshake.....
Nothing beats the soft touch of Shiru's blankets with him wrapped in my arms.....
Nothing beats the time spent in the kitchen while Didi demonstrates all the new dishes she has recently learnt/discovered......
Nothing beats the laughter of my sweet girlfriends as we share the cuppa n giggle away at glory.....

Nothing beats it all......

and I know it, and so I kept myself at bay from the luxury of a webcam, coz it just does not seem personal enough, not close enough......

Didi was online last night.. just before midnight. I am hardly ever online for chats but she called and asked me to come.

It was her Sunday morning, jiju was home too, making the 'Sunday Lunch'. Didi said, "Nupur, put on your webcam."
"Didi, I dont have one!"
"Yes, you do, remember the one that ur Jiju had brought when he had visited Oz, I know its still around in my stuff there sumwhere..."

After finding the little thing wrapped in cords and other junk in the deep old forgotten drawer of the closet.
"Oh... but I dont have the drivers, so I cant install it."
"Fine, look for it this week and make sure that I see you on the weekend...I really really want to see you! Well, can you see us? ", didi asked.

And their image appeared.
Shiru had just got up.. and he was cooing and opening his eyes slowly.
Though they were wide open and sort of surprised, *if babies three months old know what being surprised means*, when he was thrust towards the lens of the webcam so that I could get a clear view of his face!

Then didi took him in her arms and kissed him from my side. She looked up and smiled as if saying, "He kisses you back!"

*DAMN!! I need to be there... I wanted to hold that little bundle, the little coochicoo soo bad! I want to twist his ears and I want to pinch his cheeks till they turn red/till he cries - which ever happens first!!*

That just inspired me..and I started googling for the cam drivers. Took to me 3-4 attempts till I found the right one, coz the cam was a little old and its drivers had to find...
But at 2am in the morning, I finally got it up n running!

Man!! I couldn't stop smiling. Part of it was because I looked cute on the screen but also coz I looked quite ok in the middle of the night... *buhhahaha*
And Didi was just as ecstatic as I was, ofcourse the first thing she said was, "Nupur, you look chubby like u've gained some weight!"
"Yeah!! Just a little." ;)


The distance between us may be miles n miles, but for a few moments last night, I was --this-- close to Didi, Jiju and Shiru!

Now we will meet every weekend!


I know you must think... its a webcam - old technology - whats the fuss about?!

*sigh* but for sumone who hasn't used her 3G video phone for video calls at all in the 2 years that she has owned it - hunting for drivers + installing a webcam + using it - is a big feat indeed!!


shub said...

you go, girl!! :)

manuscrypts said...

the geek in u...:)

Sangeeta said...

Makes u feel like an astro scientist..doesn't it?

Nupur said...

@Shub: A lot of places....!

@Manu: 8) oh yeah!!

@Sangeeta: *confused* - how??!