Friday, April 15


Where on earth have you been girl?! What have you been upto??!

I could say that I'm taking a breather... but the truth is that even after cutting time out from my online schedule like everything else... there still isn't enough time to breathe!
Gosh!! There are are only so many hours in a day and there is soooooo much that's got to be done.

To make the long story short - I have been churning in the hours. Work for uni + work + personal life and still... it doesn't seem enough. I still end up thinking, if only I could do this more, if only I could do that better.... if only!!!
And then one day you come online to blog and find, OMG! so many days have passed and now all the stuff that I wanted to rant about... has all, but lost its sting! *sigh* *long deep sigh*

Synopsis -
  • 2 assigments due last week.
  • 3 assignments due this week.
  • 1 test next week.
  • Trip to Canberra last weekend.
  • Trip to the beauty parlor (first one in months!) ;)
  • Visit from friends that I hadn't invited since I moved to this place! *yikes*
  • New system launch at work - setup + training + deployment.
  • One person less in an already busy department - therefore, overtiming almost everyday.

*sigh* and it will be just as crazy in the coming weeks.


My dear people, pupils of the Kit*chen*blog, I apologise for the delay in publishing my post. But worry you not, it will be here.


Do you guys believe in superstitions? Because I have been loosing a lot of hair lately - yes, unusually 'lots', so much so that I fear washing them as hands full come in my hands!!! And someone here suggested its because I posted my piccie on the blog with my hair down and could be that people have gone, "Hai!!" !!! makes sense to you?? Yes? No..? May be...?!
I may just chuck my pic one of these days... because you never know!

Ow... a penny! *I better pick it up!*


Puneet said...

Hey nupur hi.. been busy huh.. !

Yeah I came imagine when u say… trying hard to beat time.. and fitting so many thing in the given 24 hr.. and wondering again and again why there only 24 hrs…

Hey with regards to kitchen blog,, I did a logo for ya… ;) incase if you need coz I had ample amount of time to kill…lol…would upload on my blog later …

With regards to Superstition hmmm I don’t believe.. but there little stupid thing I landup doing.. many a times..just to convince myself…when i am not in positive mood.. its just foolish….. coz people indulce in superstition when they aren’t positive .. or low…that’s what supesition feeds on.. :-p

But this hairfall..:O whoever told ya its highly stupid….

Khushee said...

I remember what it feels like to be that busy. My last semester at Uni last year was so full-on with stuff due nearly ever week till the end of term. I was so tired by the end of it all.

And losing hair? Maybe there is a vitamin deficiency or something. I wouldn't know though. Have it checked out by the Doc, can't hurt :) And nope, I don't believe in superstitions :)

Nupur said...

@Puneet: Thanks for the logo mate. It is really good. I wanted to thank you on ur blog but the commenting system just wont take my comment!!! @%@#$%@%!!!

I am thinking of redoing the Kit*chen*blog design soon and that logo surely will come in good use! :)

Hairfall - like snowfall! :D yess... they are falling at an alarming rate. And I'm running out of ideas!!

Nupur said...

@Khushee: Cant wait till July when I get the uni over and done with. I surely cant see myself doing Masters, atleast not in the near future!!!

Vitam-deficiancy - hmm... could be, as I have lost a bit of weight too. Yes... I should find out. Thanks!