Monday, April 18

at random!

Some things that caught my eye -

  • Padmasree Warrior has become the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the $31-billion Motorola Inc.
-- Some one making it big and earning so much respect + $$ is surely a source of inspiration!!
  • Pakistani fans got crappy treatment at the Green Park in Kanpur during the weekend match....bad seats, bad view, no food/drink stalls near by.
-- What happened to my home town? We are famous for our Kanpuriya hospitality. I am dissapointed to read that. What if it was the Pakistanis?!


While writing the above two points I had this flash - that this has happened before! This same screen, my typing this post, this bottle of water next to the monitor right there, the phone ringing, the sticky post-its on the screen even the thought that this has happened before!!

And I'm sure many of us have had that, often in our day to day life, when a scene seems like action replay!!
I wonder what the scientific fact behind it is.
Can I see the future? Did I dream it? OR you are just saying "What the...."!


For some unknown reason I have that stupid song from the movie 'Page 3' in my head.
"Kua maan doob jaaungi!" - "(I'm) Going to drown in the well!"

*I wonder - if that's my future!*

Ridiculous - I know!!!! Pathetic isn't it??!
"Nupur, get a life!"


dkjariwala said...

Often, I have the same 'deja vu' feeling.

Wikipedia has short little article.


Mr. Maverick said...

I have these deja vu feelings too... but never bothered why it happens.

Pakistan got a crappy treatment is sad. Indian cricketers should have got this isntead.

Did you hear that song in the morning? Thats when it keeps repeating in your mind.

Nupur said...

@JD: Thanks for that article, its very interesting. 70% is a large number of people!! Wow... I wish we could really see the future *sumtimes*! ;)

Nupur said...

@Mr.Mediocre: In the morning!! LOL!!
Yaa... how did you know??

shub said...

yeah deja vu...happens all teh time!!
and FIRL....that song from PAGE 3...has been running in my head this morn!! n i come n see this post!!

Colors said...

Hi Nupur :-) I thought I had already posted a comment...but now I cant find it...whats this phenomenon called????

Khushee said...

The deja-vu feeling? Hasn't happened to me in a while. It's kind of freaky though, isn't it? :)

w00t? said...

deja-vu use to happen in those happy days. But I am generally right about guessing the caller, without looking at the number.

Ever experienced Telepathy?

I used to have it every other freakin minute w/ my close friends.