Wednesday, April 27

garnish...from all directions.

I saw my little Shiru get his massage today at 1.30am on the webcam! :D The little chimp has started rolling on his back already!!


Just heard that Miss Rai was on Oprah. She seemed to look a bit better than she did on Letterman and she didn't embarass herself again this time either - though her giggles seemed to never stop! She gave Oprah a sari and thinking about how much money she makes, I really think that she could have got a sari bit better than that!!


My exam timetable is out. 2 exams on 7th June and 2 on 17th June!! So..exam from morning till evening both the day. I wish they had clashed on the same time or something so they could get changed sumhow!! *sulk!*


The biggest passenger plane, Airbus A380, took its maiden flight today. Oh! beautiful!! *Does that mean that once these huge monsters are in business Qantas will reduce the airfares or the smaller planes to let broke students like me visit home regularly??!* - I wish!!


And we have begun - preparations in the kitchen!!


dkjariwala said...

Gosh, You girls are just too picky about clothes!

BTW, I think it was okie to get Sari but was stupid to put that Sari on Oprah. When I saw it, I fell off my chair laughing!

Mr. Maverick said...

I think it is the way you wear the sari. If Hema Malini, Sridevi or Madhuri Dixit were in the same sari, you would have liked it :)

(If my comment seems stupidly wrong to you, then please excuse my misery of knowledge about clothes)