Saturday, April 23

excellent start to the weekend!

Just what I needed - a *bangin'* start to my weekend!!

This morning, round half past eight, when I was *deep* in my slumber (dreaming about my tutors laughing on my face as I struggle with my books and assignments!), the glass shade over my ceiling light slammed on the floor and shattered to pieces!! I woke up shocked, my first thought that the crazy tutors were throwing things around my room..! :O
Even the carpet on the floor couldn't stop the glass from breaking to bits and flying to every corner of the room - Thank God my bed is at the corner and not right under the light! *phew!*

I called my property manager - what if its saturday morning?! - and the girl said, "The light still works right?"
"So its not an emergency. Send us the details of the damage in writing and we'll send someone to fix it sometime next week." head under that light would have been an!


In other news-
-- Treating my right arm with loads of balm each night.. almost healed *I hope!*
-- The third toe still hurts...damn the cold! coz wounds hurt more in winters!!
-- I got through that day in that warm woollen tee - after quite a bit of embarrasment.... *Weather Channel - oh why did I forget you??!*
-- The test went brilliantly! I forgot my calci - not allowed to use mobile - and so struggled with my fingers counting 17+56 - so dumb that I actually began with 56 and went counting on my fingers till I reach the 17th square on my fingers! -- du'uh!!!

Honestly I have become soooo bad with numbers - its not funny! I rely so badly on calculators that I dont even trust my own calculations, I recheck it on the calculator - the digital numbers giving me confirmation!!

Now... weekend till Monday! But have to work on my Digital Imaging excercises - Photoshop, my idea of relaxation from the crazy programming and networking subjects.

Now more than ever I believe in the saying - This too, shall pass!! Years of labor and finally the bachelors is at its last 2 months..... almost there Nupur!! Almost there......

Hows ur weekend coming along? Any exciting plans??


Mr. Maverick said...

Lucky escape, thank god :).

Getting bad with numbers.. I believe its just a matter of practice. Practice again and you will get good at it :).

Anbu said...

Hmm...forgot your calci three or four times and you will be great with nos again....

Ad astra per aspera said...

Hey I suck at counting too. I am so bad at it that I goof up even with calci's. My clients help me when I am checking their accounts. :-(
Glad to see you were unhurt! Take care.

manuscrypts said...

would have told u the plans, but after all that, they would be kinda routine stuff..hehe