Friday, April 1


April Fool's Day is here again, and the good thing about being here down-under is that I dont have cousins and friends making a big April Fool out of me!!
Because no matter how hard I try, I could not get a single person fooled *may be I tried too hard and planned too much that it became obvious!* and I would get fooled easily. They would say, "Who's the first one that fooled you this April Fools'?"
And so it went.....
I am a self-confessed FOOL!!


Read about the arranged marriage setup thing at Sanaja's blog, and I remembered an incident I heard a while ago.

That there was this chic who was getting arranged with a guy, and the Boy's family came to her place for the initial interview . And before anything else, the first question they asked was,
"Do you follow any of Ekta Kapoor's serials?"
*where did that cum from I dunno!*

The girl after overcoming her initial surprise nodded, "No! I 'm sorry I don't."

And there was a big grin on the faces of all the prospective groom's family memebers. And then one ventured to explain, "Actually we hate her shows and would have not considered much of you if you followed them. There is so much crap in them that we cant stand it at all and would hate to have a daughter-in-law who watches them religously!"

Fair enough??


Well...... another very crazy week has come to an end.
*sigh* Time to go home........


Is this what it feels when one goes thru Blogger-Burntout?! Or may be my case is more Work-brunout? Or Uni-burnout?
I better do some workout to counter this burnout!!


manuscrypts said...

during burnouts just chill :)

Vishnu said...

There is this inside story going on that its Ekta Kapoor who saved india from another of those impending economic crashes.Dont ask me how.

Nupur said...

@Manu: ice ice baby!! :)

@Vishnu: hoo??! :O

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

I'd not be surprised if I ask a similar question sometime :) This saaas bahu serials are a pain.... i really get irritated with these... full of all crap !!!

Nupur said...

@Prashant: yaa... I'm sure you will.

But hey! If ladies like them there, then y do u say they're crap! U just dont watch'em! :D