Tuesday, April 5

Knife in one hand and Belan in another...

Fact 1 - I like cooking.
Fact 2 - I like my cooking.
Fact 3 - I am told that others like my cooking.
ok..ok.. Now that we have established that, lets move on shall we?

Fact 4 - I can only cook veg. dishes.
Fact 5 - I love sharing recipes.
Fact 6 - I like learning new dishes.
Fact 7 - I can make North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai...ummm that's all I can remember right now.

And NO! Fish is not vegetarian thanks.

So, finally to vent my "Masala Venom" I have decided to launch a new blog called "What's Cooking?". I will try n post pics and recipes of things that a student, overseas n away from Mommy's cooking, dares to conjure in her kitchen!!

Do peek in from time to time and say "Hey!"


Also, posting another pic of my cute Shiru on Kaush's request.

:D He looks quite naughty to me already.... the cutie is just over 3 months old!


shub said...

osssummmmmmmmmm!!!! i love food n cooking tooo, so shall be a waiting for new recipes! *drool drool* :D

red said...

sho cute:)

Nupur said...

@Shub: :) OK then, wont be too long. Hey... you need to contribute some of your Banglorian dishes too... *is that a word?! *

@Red: Thanks mate! Like others his family! ;)

sweety said...

he is so cute...:)

I like veg...juss 2 kno some recipes how 2 cook...:))learned frm my granny...!she is good cook...!

Densel Mayor said...

Fish rulzzzzzzz! unfortunately, I'm kinda allergic to seafood *sigh*.. how are you doing? :)

Rings said...

aw.. such a cute little one!! haha!!

I love to eat.. not cook.. but would love to know some recipes for special days.. ;)

*be back.. :p

Smartalec said...

yeah! get going with d recipes! i cud do with some cooking skills:D!

Smartalec said...

and d baby! choooo chuweeeeeet! a million dollar smile:D

Gaurav said...

even i did my last post on 5th April and then took a break...But maa'm..i have just posted a new one..so its time for u to follow the suit!!