Tuesday, March 29

b l a n k

Been thinking of something smart to write......all day.
But c'mon who am I kidding?! First day back to work after 7 days and I'll get time to blog/post? No way??!
*ehem! Don't count this... I'm kinda staying back after work to finish some imp. stuff + posting! :D*

BTW - I didn't go to any Holi function.... *boooo - I know!* There is always some excuses or the other and so I have stopped making any excuses. If only I had a car - hey! wait a minute I do have a car, but I'm still on Leaner's and thus I cant drive without a resposible adult, with a Full License, next to me. My driver's text was weeks ago.. but I have been postponing it like forever! (Just dont get the time to practise!)
....see more excuses - when will I stop!!!

It was a relaxing weekend -
  • 4 hours drive to Great Ocean Road
  • Picnic at the beach with friends
  • Slept a lot!!
  • Had 1 Chocolate Easter egg! - *couldn't resist coz it was Chocolatier* :P
  • Called home - got a scolding from Mommy for calling after 3 weeks!!
But today at work has be HECTIC - so busy..its mad!
I just want to go home.....!!!!!
But no!! When I get home, I'll have to make dinner..... :( *why?! Please God why???*

My head is B L A N K.

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